Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UPDATE: Available Hounds

We have had great success this howliday season adopting the 30+ puppy mill dogs to there forever homes and over 100 hounds this year! But we still have plenty of dogs available for adoption. Here they are:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Success is the best present

Over the past week, nearly all of the Missouri dogs that were staying at Boom Towne have been adopted out. Those that haven't are currently in foster homes until they are clear of some health issues. Getting as many of the 30+ bassets adopted out in time for the holidays was the best present all of us with ABC could wish for. ABC would like to thank everyone involved with this successful undertaking of rescuing these dogs including: the ABC board, all of the coordinators and volunteers who put in many many hours with the dogs, our adopters who are taking over the lovely task of taking care of these dogs, everyone who donated to the cause, and everyone readings this blog. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet the Available Basset Hounds

Below are the currently available basset hounds at Boom Towne and a little bit about them. Don't ask who named them or why, just look at the adorable faces. They are all females and mostly outgoing, very good natured dogs. They will all need major potty-training work.

For everyone interested in adoption, please fill out the adoption application and wait for our adoption coordinator to contact you. Please do not visit Boom Towne on your own - you will not be allowed to meet the basset hounds until one of our adoption volunteers has made an appointment for you to come in and meet the dogs while an adoption volunteer is present.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 30+ of the dogs we are bringing Home for the Howlidays! Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The girls have arrived!

On Friday night, the 14 girls around safe, sound, and full of energy. Here are the first pictures of the group, hanging out in Boom Towne's indoor daycare facility. All 14 get along very well together - no fighting over treats. Just lots of running around, exploring, playing, and peeing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


All of the dogs and Boom Towne volunteers arrived safely around 3am. The group of girls are very friendly and were definitely happy to be out of their crates. Thanks to all the volunteers who stayed up late to help - we all deserve some shut eye!


The van is about an hour away, so tune into the Boom Towne web cam around 2:00 am to see the arrival!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Trip to New York: UPDATE

As of 4:45, a van full of bassets left Dayton, Ohio heading for Boom Towne! ETA is around midnight right now, but road conditions may push that back. Keep checking here for updates as the night progresses and start checking the Boom Towne web cam around midnight to see the bassets arrive!

UPDATE: First Pictures of the Girls!

Below are the first pictures of the girls that will be arriving Friday night at Boom Towne. Right now the estimated time of arrival is somewhere around midnight, but keep checking the blog for up to date reports as the bassets make their way from Missouri to New York through some nasty weather. You will once again be able to watch it live on the Boom Towne web cam.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. Our volunteers are overwhelmed with potential adopters right now, so be patient and you will receive a call back with adoption information. We are constantly bringing in dogs from all over the country and always need adopters.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 30+ of the dogs we are bringing Home for the Howlidays! Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UPDATE: Second group of dogs set to arrive Friday

This morning, the temporary foster home of the first batch of Missouri dogs was making her way to the breeder in Missouri to pick up the 13 dogs. They have all been spayed, brought up to date on shots, and will be treated for all of their ailments, including fleas and worms at a different vet.

Boom Towne has once again been incredibly generous and has volunteered their staff and van to drive to Ohio to pick up the next batch of dogs. Two additional puppies, Holly and Noelle (tis the season!), will be joining for the trip to New York, bringing the total back up to 15! They are all set to arrive Friday night. You will once again be able to watch it live on the Boom Towne web cam.

Check back here for updates on arrival time, pictures of the dogs, and information on our second adoption event!

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. Our volunteers are overwhelmed with potential adopters right now, so be patient and you will receive a call back with adoption information. We are constantly bringing in dogs from all over the country and always need adopters.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 30+ of the dogs we are bringing Home for the Howlidays! Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday, December 5th, ABC held their first ever adoption event at Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington, NY. A total of 15 bassets were available yesterday and 11 went straight to their forever homes. Though we were sad to see some of our favorites go, we are more happy that they are going to the best homes there are! The few that were not adopted on Saturday have all gone to foster homes, but many not for long. Patsy, Cesar, Conway, and Sammy Jo all have people very interested in them so they will be going home for the Howlidays and we do expect a few foster failures! We are sure Saturday marked the first day of the best part of all of these dogs lives and wish the dogs and owners all the happiness in the world!

In addition to the wide success of the adoptions, we also raised over $300 for the second batch of puppy mill bassets, set to arrive this Friday, December 11. Expect the next adoption event the following weekend, just before Christmas! We also sold plenty of merchandise from the Slobber Shoppe and had quite a few people sign up to be new volunteers and foster homes!

Everyone at ABC wants to thank everyone who made yesterday possible, including Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue, Hounds Haven Basset Rescue, Boom Towne Canine Campus and all employees, the volunteers who visited the hounds every day, the volunteers who helped out at the adoption event and especially our adopters!

Check back soon for pictures of the adoption event and next weekend for the new batch of hounds!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet the Available Bassets!

Sixteen hounds will be up for adoption this Saturday, December 4, from 1-3pm at Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington, NY just off NYS Thruway Exit 44. Curious about those dogs? Read about them before you meet them:

UPDATE: Fifteen Southern Gals

News about the second batch of Missouri dogs has arrived!

Over the past week, a few at a time they have been taken to the vet to be spayed, vaccinated, and checked out. Unfortunately, two of the dogs passed away during surgery, so only 13 will be coming to New York to find their forever homes. Currently, they are set to depart next Friday, December 11th for Boom Towne in Farmington, NY. The good news is that most of these dogs are very well socialized and should transition well into their forever homes! The girls ages range from 3 to 9. They will all be ready to go home for the howlidays, so consider taking one of these lovely ladies home!

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. These dogs will not be available on December 4th for adoption, but please come to our adoption event from 1-3pm at Boom Towne off NYS Thruway Exit 44. You will be able to talk with past adopters, current volunteers and foster homes, and learn about how you can help ABC help these and other basset hounds in need.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 30+ of the dogs we are bringing Home for the Howlidays! Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

UPDATE: Bassets make Progress

The 17 hounds have been at Boom Towne for 4 days now and they are doing great! Many of the dogs are outgoing, friendly, playful and are ready to go to forever homes. Just a few of the dogs will need some more time getting used to people before they are ready to be adopted. Hopefully they will all be in forever homes for the howlidays!

The next group of 15 females should be making their way to New York within the next week or so. They are all currently being spayed and vetted before taking the trip to Boom Towne.

Don't forget our adoption event this Saturday, Dec 5th from 1 to 3pm at Boom Towne in Farmington, NY just off Exit 44 of the NYS Thruway. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. Pre-approved adopters may be able to take a dog home with them on Saturday. If you aren't approved, but are still interested in adopting one of these loving hounds, please come by on Saturday. You can see the dogs, fill out an adoption application, and learn about ABC and all of the things we do.

Interested in becoming a volunteer or a foster home for ABC? You should also come to the adoption event on Saturday. We will have volunteers and foster homes on hand to talk to you about the many ways you can help ABC and basset hounds. If you can't make it to Boom Towne on Saturday, visit our website for more information on becoming a foster home or a volunteer.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 33 of these dogs. Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Here are a few of the dogs currently at Boom Towne that will be available for adoption on Saturday.

The Queen, Sammy Jo in front. She is a happy dog, all love and belly rubs. Chet is in the back. He is a bit shy, but is opening up quickly. He loves playing with his younger siblings.
Sammy Jo

Hazel in the front, Ruby in the back. They are both 5 month old, very playful puppies.
Ruby and Hazel

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bassets in the news!

These bassets are all over the news! Check out the videos from Cedar Rapids, IA CBS and Rochester, NY News 10 NBC

2am Update

All of the dogs have arrived safely at Boom Towne. After their long journey, they were all eager to get out and explore. After everyone (volunteers and dogs) get a good nights sleep, tomorrow we will be evaluating the dogs and begin to get them used to people. Some are already lovers, wagging their tails and loving the rubbing. Others don't even know to pick up a cookie and wont even come near you. It will be a long road ahead for some of these dogs, but hopefully they will all have happy homes for the Howlidays! Here is a sneak peak at the dogs. Keep checking the blog for more updates and pictures!

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 14

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 15

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 22

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 23

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 36

Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/28 PM Update

The bassets have passed Cleveland and are expected to be at Boom Towne at 11:30-midnight! Rochester Channel 10 will be there tomorrow, after some much needed beauty sleep for these guys.

Be sure to watch Boom Towne's webcam tonight or check back tomorrow for pictures!

November 28 Update

The bassets are coming! The bassets are coming!

As of 10:00 am Central Time, 17 of the puppy mill bassets are on their way to NY! They got off to a slow start because of the news cameras that were there to see them off!

As of 1:00 pm Eastern Time when I spoke to the drivers, Barb & David Crandell, the van was 85 miles east of Chicago. You couldn't even tell there were 17 bassets and 2 aussie mixes in there, they were so quiet! As per David & Barb, everyone was settled in their crates and enjoying the ride.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Puppy Mill Update: 11/23

The Missouri 7 are now done at the vets office, free of fleas, and getting used to the comfortable life in a foster home. They were welcomed happily into the home of 6 other bassets with wagging tails. And they were learning very quickly how good life can be, with doggie doors, dog beds, and couches. The foster mom even had to move all of the dog beds together, because the Missouri 7 wanted to sleep together like one big happy family.

Here are what the Missouri 7 gang look like after plenty of flea baths and plenty of rest in the dog beds.





Sammy Jo


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puppy Mill Update: 11/19

The good news: 19 dogs have been pulled so far from 2 breeders. From a breeder in Iowa, 11 dogs. From another in Missouri, 8 dogs.

The Iowa 11 were taken to the vet a few days ago, have all gotten their shots and are in the process of being neutered/spayed. This group has Hattie and Sawyer, the parents of the other 9 dogs: Chet (5), Conway (2), Olivia (1), Madison (1), Bradley (1), Abraham (1), and the puppies: Ruby, Dolly and Hazel. These dogs are well on their way to a happy life.

The Missouri 8 were picked up Tuesday night from the breeder and brought directly to the vet. This is a group with one male and 7 females: Ricky - male (8), Daisy (2), Sasha (4), Lizzy (4), Annabelle (7), Lady (6), Sammy Jo (6), and Patsy (2). They were rescued just in the nick of time for most of these dogs and just a little too late for one of them.

These dogs were living in a barn with no light or windows. The ground was covered in straw and the dogs were huddled together in wire pens. If the dogs were let out of the barn at all during the day, the conditions wouldn't have been much better as the property was practically a junkyard. All of these dogs were in horrible condition. They are either extremely over or underweight and covered in so many fleas the vet couldn't start fixing any of the dogs until the fleas were under control.

While Sammy Jo was being spayed, the vet found a mass attached to a major blood vessel. It is not serious, so it will be removed by a vet once she arrives in New York so she does not make the long trip so soon after surgery. Only one of the Missouri 8, Sasha, was heartworm positive. She will still be making her way to New York, but along with the second transport of dogs.

But the rescue team was too late for one of the dogs, Ricky. After being neutered, the vets returned to find Ricky had died, probably from a heart attack. Ricky was 20 pounds underweight; his chest was filled with blood, he was flea infested, anemic, and filled with worms. But we will not be leaving Ricky behind. He will be cremated and sent up to New York with the rest of his hound family and laid to final rest here.

Please consider helping these homeless and unhealthy hounds by visiting our Firstgiving page and donating to this rescue mission.

More information on the individual dogs will be available in the coming weeks. Please keep reading the blog and keep checking nybasset.org. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. We will have an adoption event at Boom Towne Canine Center in early December where pre-approved adopters may be able to bring home their new hounds.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ABC to the Rescue!

Coming soon to New York: 34 hounds waiting for a new home.

Recently, ABC was contacted by Hounds Haven Basset Rescue in Iowa. One puppy miller in Iowa is being busted and has 11 bassets to save in the process. A breeder in Missouri is giving up breeding and has 8 dogs to surrender. Hounds Haven can't handle those numbers in their foster homes, but they called ABC, the basset rescue who can! On November 28th, most of these dogs will be making their way to New York.

At the same time, ABC was also contacted by Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue who needed help. Another breeder in Missouri is giving up her 15 female basset hounds. ABC has also agreed to help OMBR with these dogs, who will be making their way to New York in early December.

Within the next week, all 34 of these dogs will be spayed/neutered and fully vetted before they make their way up to New York. Because 34 foster homes are hard to come by, ABC has made a deal with a local kennel, Boom Towne Canine Center in Farmington, NY, to house and feed the dogs at a significantly reduced rate. But all of this still costs money. This is the BIGGEST rescue ABC has ever done and we need your help! Please visit our new Firstgiving page to help ABC bring all these dogs Home for the Howlidays!

More information on the individual dogs will be available in the coming weeks. Please keep reading the blog and keep checking nybasset.org. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. We will have an adoption event at Boom Towne Canine Center once all of the dogs have settled in where pre-approved adopters may be able to bring home their new hounds.

For now, here is a little sneak peak of the new arrivals. Before turning over her dogs, this Iowa breeder tried to sell three puppies, but couldn't find any buyers. Instead, they were put in a pen and treated like livestock, without any human interaction. These 3 puppies, along with 8 other dogs (ages 1-5 years) are in the pictures below. These 11 have already been removed from this situation and brought to a vet for complete health care where they will be spoiled by vet techs, doctors, and Hounds Haven volunteers before making their way to New York.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bucks For Bassets Auction is open!

The Third Annual "Bucks for Ba$$ets" on-line auction will be held October 9-25, 2009. Items range from unique basset hound items, to jewelry, clothing, gift cards, and vacations. Many items have a basset or animal theme to them!

To see the items up for auction and to make a bid, please click here.

This auction has been very successful for ABC in the past and we are asking our friends, supporters and past adopters to help again this year. Please consider donating an item/gift card or bidding on one of our many items. If you are interested in donating an item for the auction, please contact Shelly Gordon at merchandise@nybasset.org

The Second Annual Buffalo Basset Blast was a success!

A few weeks ago, bassets and basset hound lovers from all over New York gathered in Buffalo to have a blast! Among the attendants were 141 hound lovers and 84 dogs. One hound made their way to a forever home and a few hounds up for adoption made their appearance to the crowd.

The new blow-up Basset made its debut appearance, catching the attention of many passerby's who just had to know what was going on!

Mark made a repeat appearance selling Basset Bombers (meatball subs)

Our second place winner of the low-rider competition was exhausted after winning.

This year, we raised a lot of money for ABC. But a lot of it has to do with who was selling the raffle tickets. Who could resist this face!

While celebrating the success of the Blast, we also celebrated the birthday of our very own Shelly! What better way to celebrate than with a (delicious) cake featuring ABC's new logo! Duke also thought cake was a great way to celebrate.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Buffalo Basset Blast!


Join ABC for a fun-filled day at the Second Annual Buffalo Basset Blast!

Sunday, September 13
11am - 3pm
Firemans Park
1000 Losson Road
Cheektowaga, NY

Last year we had over 100 dogs and 100 people come out to enjoy the pretty park, the meatball subs, the Slobber Shoppe, the fun, games, and of course THE HOUNDS!

Cram as many people and hounds into a car as you can: the entry fee is $15 per car. RSVP HERE

View Larger Map

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ABC makes Rochester News

Less than two weeks ago, Gary Penny, ABC's President, and Bethany Baller, an ABC adopter and volunteer, were interviewed on WHEC Rochester, News10 NBC by Morning News Anchor Rebecca Leclair. This interview really helped get ABC's name out to the Rochester area and will hopefully get the group some new volunteers and adopters!

Monday, August 17, 2009

When a hound is adopted, it makes room for more!

Recently, we told you about a bunch of bassets that ABC brought in from a variety of places. Here is a little update about where they are.

Molly and Henry were ABC alumni who's owners could no longer take care of them. They are a bonded pair and needed to stay together: but its always difficult to find a home for two. The good news is they've been adopted and can stay together!

Tom and Gary met some volunteers from the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia in order to bring a group of Basset hounds to NY to find homes. A few of these hounds went straight into forever homes, while some, like Flint, spent a few weeks in a foster home. He played with dogs, went on [short] walks, and had a ball! This guy with the gorgeous hazel eyes has found his forever home!

Molly and Henry, the Georgia gang, and other ABC hounds have been recently adopted to make room for... the Joplin 5. This group of male bassets came from Joplin, MO with the help of Hounds Haven Basset Rescue. The Joplin 5 were left outside of a boarding facility in the middle of the night and were turned in the next morning to the animal shelter and scheduled for a trip to the gas chamber. Hounds Haven stepped in to take all of the dogs and contacted ABC for help. They had the group fixed, brought up to date with all of their medical needs and sent them on their way to New York. Here is the gang with some of their transporters during a break.

What is a break without a belly rub?

You can see more pictures with the Joplin 5 at ABC's flickr page. Are you interested in bringing one of these handsome fella's into your home? If so, click here.

A special adoptable girl

June 6th was a great day for ABC. You all know that was the day of our Waddle, which had a great turnout! But it was also special for another reason.

A few weeks earlier, Crinkles was turned into ABC because her owners were getting a divorce...and because she was pregnant! The day of the Waddle, Crinkles gave birth to a beautiful litter of 8 pure bred hounds. Here they are at dinner time, just a few days old.

This is Crinkle's first born, a beautiful female lemon.

Here are two of the boys. Who can resist the brown brows above the eyes on these two?

The 8 pups have all made it to there forever homes in the past couple of weeks, but 7 year old Crinkles is still looking for her forever home. Could you welcome her into her home for a bit relaxation? After 8 puppies, she needs a LONG vacation. If you are interested, click here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A slew of Bassets arrive from Georgia

This week a group from the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia drove to Kentucky with a van full of bassets destined for New York. Here they are loading up the van.

Here are Roger and Josh ready to hit the road to meet Tom and Gary in Kentucky.
ABC volunteers met them to pick up the gang and start dropping them off at the adoptive and foster homes across New York.

Flint was destined for New York, while Buttermilk is hitching a ride north to House of Puddles, the famous Basset Retirement home!

Here are the other hounds all ready to hit the road to happiness!

The cuteypie Flint (2 years old) and his crooked leg were destined for a weekend getaway at my house.
He seems to be settling in just fine. He loves to play, get belly rubs and neck scratches, and is housetrained! I know he'll make some family very happy.

If you are interest in Flint, another Georgia Hound, or rescue in general, go to the ABC Website. Keep reading the blog for more on the hounds from Georgia!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Molly & Henry Need a Home....Together

Two years ago, ABC took in a basset named Molly. Molly lived with her basset brother Henry since she was a little girl. The owners kept Henry....but it was only a matter of time before Henry was turned in too. Molly and Henry were in separate foster homes and a wonderful family offered to adopt BOTH Molly and Henry so they would be together again. The reunion was amazing! Henry's tail was moving so fast when he saw his sister! When Molly went into the van, Henry followed and jumped in, never wanting to be separated from his sis again.

Two years later, this family who reunited them, now are giving them up.

Molly and Henry are very sweet and loving members of the family. They are a bonded pair that act somewhat like a married couple. They are housebroken.

Henry is a cuddly little man who is aproximately 10 years old. He enjoys cuddling up with his human members of the family and telling you all about his day when you come home. He is very laid back and loves his bed.

Molly is a very sweet girl who just turned 9. She loves to give kisses and is a bit of a velcro hound. Molly would do best with older, calm children as fast movements and loud noises scare her.

Both Molly and Henry are playful, although Henry has slowed down a bit. They love all the petting and the cuddles they can get. They do get along with other dogs, but Henry does not want to be bothered by very young dogs or puppies. Molly's right ear requires frequent cleaning and perscription drops and is a very good girl about her ear care. The vet said her ear looked good at her last check up. Henry requires a little extra fiber in his diet and gets metamucil. He does have some fatty tumors along his ribs, they don't bother him or cause him pain.

Would you open your heart and home to a pair of bonded seniors who want to live out their remaining years together?

If you are interested or want more information, please contact adoption coordinator, Tom Rodwell at trodwell@clearwire.net

Monday, June 29, 2009

$3 Shipping Sale at The Slobber Shoppe

It only happens twice a year... ABC's Semi-Annual Shipping Sale! From now until July 8, 2009, your entire purchase shipped within the Continental US will ship for a flat rate of $3!

Start your holiday shopping early, stock up on greeting cards, or buy yourself something nice!

We have over 300 items available, items you won't find anywhere else!

Let the shopping begin....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More waddle highlights!

Congratulations to Mary Elliott, our relinquish coordinator, who was named "Volunteer of the Year"! Mary acquired the golden basset statue for the year. Thanks to Mary for all of her hard work and dedication.

Our top prize winner for the "Lucky 7" Raffle was Joe Kula. Joe and his wife, Kathy, have adopted 2 bassets from ABC and bought their winning ticket at Buffalo's "Breakfast with Bassets" last month. Kathy has already promised part of her winnings back to ABC! Congratulations Joe & Kathy!

Foster homes were reunited with their past fosters, tears of joy were shed when we saw Maggie meeting her new mom for the first time. Tears of sadness when we watched 15 people whose dogs have passed away get a paw pin and rainbow bridge print.

ABC would like to thank everyone who attended the waddle, sponsored our waddlers, donated to the auction, bought shirts and bought and sold raffle tickets. Without this support, we could not continue our mission of saving homeless basset hounds!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Waddle Recap

June 6th was ABC's 2009 "There's No Place Like a Forever Home" Waddle and it was a success! Over 200 people and 220 basset hounds came to waddle down Main St, Chittenango. The weather was perfect, 3 bassets were adopted, several new foster homes came on board, and we raised a ton of money to continue helping homeless hounds!

The Royal Court was crowned. Congratulations to Princess Maggie Mae Burlew a former BHRG basset, Prince Potsie of the Happy Days Crew, Queen Eeyore Gordon and King Barney McGivern one of the Arkansas 11 puppy mill dogs!

Of all the howlers present, best howl went to Duke Gordon!

Quite a few hounds were in costume, but the best were Benny the Scarecrow, Sophie as Dorothy, and Leo as the Yellow Brick Road.

Record breaking sales at the Slobber Shoppe!

And of course, hundreds of bassets marching in a parade.

Including a few that barely finished the race!

And three hounds found their Forever Homes at the waddle!

Check out more pictures here:

SAVE THE DATE: The 2010 There's No Place Like a Forever Home Waddle will be on June 5th.