Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carol Ann Finds the Perfect Forever Home!

Carol Ann has finally found the perfect Mom and Dad!
Carol Ann was a homeless 3 year old who came to ABC in January of this year all the way from TX.  She was adopted out at ABC's Adopt-A-Thon but was returned soon after, as it just wasn't the right home for her.   She is a very special lady who has searched long and hard for the perfect forever home.  She won the hearts of her very special foster parents, Justin & Andrea, who decided she would become a permanent member of their family.  Justin transported Carol Ann on the January transport from TN - looks like she knew all along who she wanted to adopt!  Congratulations to Justin, Andrea and Carol Ann on the foster fail! 

Carol Ann with Justin at the January Adopt-A-Thon

ABC Awarded BHCA Grant

ABC Team Receiving BHCA's generous donation!
ABC is very grateful for the wonderful donation received from The Basset Hound Club America Foundation.  BHCA donated a $2,500 grant to ABC for the Texas bassets we took in earlier this year. This money will help us pay for the many vet expenses we incurred when taking in these dogs! Thank you BHCA Foundation!!

ABC Blog listed on vorts.com Basset Hounds

Vorts.com is a wonderful Blog index which has sections on all dog breeds.  They have invited ABC to add our Blog link to their index - check them out at vorts.com - Basset Hounds.