Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet the Available Bassets!

Sixteen hounds will be up for adoption this Saturday, December 4, from 1-3pm at Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington, NY just off NYS Thruway Exit 44. Curious about those dogs? Read about them before you meet them:

Sammy Jo
Sammy Jo has been nicknamed the queen ever since she arrived at Boom Towne. She is a 6 year old from a Missouri puppy mill who is ready to give and get some lovin! She talks, she waddles, and will follow you wherever you go! She gets along with people and dogs, but can get a bit jealous if another dog interrupts her belly rubs.

Lady is a 6 year old female who is loving and easy going.

Daisy is a 2 year cuddle machine. She wants to be on your lap, but will settle for next to you as long as there she is getting some love.

Patsy is a bossy 2 year old basset. She is a lover who is always looking for attention but is dominant over other females. She currently is on antibiotics for a UTI. She would do best in a home where she can be the boss of the dogs.

Hattie is a 6 year old mommy to Conway, Olivia, Madison, Abraham, Bradley, Dolly, Ruby, and Hazel from Iowa. She is very easy going, but doesn't like to play rough with other dogs and will let them know it.

Sawyer is the 4 year old daddy to Conway, Olivia, Madison, Abraham, Bradley, Dolly, Ruby, and Hazel from Iowa. He gets along well with all the ladies and comes running for attention. He is a very big boy full of love.

Conway is a 2 year boy who loves attention from dogs and people. You can't sneak by without waking this guy up, and once he is up he is ready to play.

Olivia and Madison
Olivia and Madison are one year old littermates. When they first arrived they were very shy and nervous around people. Within a few days they have really opened up. Olivia loves playing with other dogs and Madison loves ear and neck rubs. These dogs will need some adjustment time in a home until their full personalities come out.

Ruby and Hazel
Ruby and Hazel are 6 month old littermaters who were very scared upon arrival, but have quickly turned into loving, playful puppies who are having tons of fun with each other and people! Hazel is pushy - she is the boss between the two of them - and loves to climb all over you. Ruby loves to cuddle up next to you for neck and belly rubs.

Note about the above puppy mill dogs: These dogs have never lived inside a house before. Though they are mostly not soiling their kennels, none of them are house trained. Crate training will be the easiest way to house train these dogs.

Some of the dogs up for adoption this weekend did not come from the midwest and have been staying in foster homes. Here they are:

Cesar is a three year old male with a big heart. His favorite activity is to curl on the couch and sleep, so long walks are out of picture for this lovable guy. Cesar can get a little upset when he thinks he is not the one getting all of the attention, so he would do best in a house without other dogs. Please won't you consider providing a forever home to this adorable guy?


Hi, I'm Thelma and I'm 4 years old. I'm a cuddle bug and a lover. I am somewhat shy at first but warm up to people and other animals quickly. My house training is a question mark for now but, give me a chance and you'll see I'm well worth it!


Hi, My name is Peanut. November 4th was supposed to be the last day of my life, but it turned out to be the best day of my life. You see, I was found as a stray in Ohio and I was in a "kill shelter" there. While there, some nice volunteers emailed a picture of me around New York to see if any rescue group would save my life. The people at ABC Basset Hound Rescue made the call and gave me a death row pardon. I was pulled that morning, taken to the vet, then driven up to Buffalo where I am in foster care. Was my foster mom shocked to see that I was not really a full basset! But, they describe me as 5% basset, 95% sweetheart. I'm between the age of 1-2 and I only weigh 21 lbs. Even though I am not a full basset, I would make a wonderful addition to your family. Would you please consider adopting me so I have a home for Christmas?

The following basset hounds did are from our first batch of rescued puppy mill dogs, but they won't be ready for adoption on Saturday. They will be available within the next week or so.

Annabelle is a lovely seven year old lady from Missouri. She is easy going and relaxed, but at the moment is a bit under the weather, likely with a UTI. She will not be adopted out until she is feeling better, but will make a great pet for just about anyone!

Chet is 5 year old lazy boy who loves to sleep and loves neck rubs. He is still a bit skittish and nervous around people, but is coming around. He will be going into a foster home for a week so he can get used to people before he is adopted out. Hey gets along well with other dogs.

Bradley and Abraham
Bradley and Abraham are adorable 1 year old littermates to Olivia and Madison. They are just about the saddest two bassets we've ever seen, but they've made their way into our hearts. They are both extremely nervous around people and can run circles around you if you approach them the wrong way. Bradley is very accepting of petting if you approach him cautiously and gently - he will just fall asleep while you are rubbing him. Abraham is more skittish if you approach him but is more interested in coming up to smell you than Bradley. They will need at least a week in a foster home before they are adopted, but will make great dogs once they come out of their shells.

Dolly is a 6 month old littermate to Ruby and Hazel. Ruby and Hazel quickly adjusted to life outside the puppy mill and are enjoying play time and belly rubs. Dolly is still extremely nervous and will be spending a few weeks in a foster home before she will be adopted out.

Sasha is a four year old sweet girl from the Missouri batch of dogs. She was the only one who tested positive for heartworm, so she is staying at the vets office until her treatment is done. She will be up for adoption after she is free and clear of heartworm.


  1. The event you hosted yesterday was absolutely wonderful opportunity for these loveable dogs! Thank you so much for caring the bassets. They are angels.

  2. what an amazing event yesterday...I can't wait to hear who was adopted. Please post it soon.

  3. I am anxious to hear how yesterday went. I had to work so I couldn't be there. I have been following daily on any news of these adorable pups.
    I certainly hope them the best in their new homes.

  4. I saw the event on YNN this morning, and submitted an application for adoption. We loved our Basset Hound Winston, but he got sick with Cancer in May. You've done a wonderful thing for these dog. Keep up the great work.

    Sandra P.