Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ABC Adoption Event

If you haven't gotten an email or seen it on the ABC Facebook page or the ABC Website, we are about to embark on a HUGE endeavor. With the help of Daphneyland Basset Rescue in California 20 bassets will be hopping a flight to New York on December 2nd. ABC has organized the LARGEST adoption event in the history of the rescue on December 7th with dogs from CA, TX and the bassets we currently have in foster homes. I wanted to share with everyone my experiences at an ABC adoption event.

In January of 2012, John (my husband) and I made our way to an ABC adoption event. This event, I found out later, was a result of having too many adopters for the 5 dogs that ABC rescued from TX. I had seen the article in the news about the TX dogs and thought "we should try to adopt one of these bassets". I've always loved the basset hound and after showing John the cutest basset puppy pictures I could find...he was convinced. We made the arrangements to get our adoption application approved and took the time to head to the event.

ABC sent us information on each dog that would be available at the adoption event before we got to the event. We took a couple of days and picked out several of the dogs that we liked. We thought each of the dogs would be perfect for our home from the information they provided. It was a "first come, first serve" type of event and we wanted to be prepared in advance. What we didn't realize when we got to the event is that Cooper would pick us.
Cooper the day we adopted him

We entered the Camp Bow Wow in Tonawanda where the event was taking place. The moment we walked in we noticed that there were adopters and volunteers and dogs and a lot of organized chaos. We noticed a couple of kids were walking Cooper around the big reception area when we walked to the center of the room. All of the adopters were waiting on the start time for the event and for the volunteers to bring out ALL of the bassets for everyone to meet. I loved the looks of Cooper and I went right up to him as the kids were pulling him around on his leash. John walked by Cooper and he followed John (this is funny to us now since Cooper will bark at all males that enter our house). I bent down and petted his head. He instantly sat on my foot. I gave John "the look", the smile and the head shaking to confirm that he was the one. I think we were both sold instantly. He was so handsome and sweet.

Now, the kids that were walking Cooper around the event really wanted to adopt him. Their mother wasn't all that fond of the idea. Se was looking for a basset who had behavioral issues and she could put some time into training for the dog. John talked with her and realized that she wanted one of the other bassets up for adoption that day. She was looking for a basset who had behavioral issues and she could put some time into training for the dog. I was very excited to hear that and a little sad that the kids were going to lose out on Cooper. When the event started, John found the adoption coordinator immediately and asked if Cooper was spoken for. He was not and before any of the volunteers even had paperwork ready, we were adopting Cooper. He was the first dog to leave the event with a forever home.

Our friends and other ABC volunteers joke with us that we "stole Cooper from some kids" and we probably really did. Honestly, I don't feel all that guilty about it now though. They adopted another great basset hound and we found an amazing dog in Cooper. I wouldn't change any of it!!! 

Cooper today….our silly boy!! 
So, if you are one of ABC's approved adopters or you have been thinking about adopting another amazing basset hound…now is the time for action!!! You could find the Perfect basset hound at the adoption event in December or a basset could just as easily pick you; like Cooper picked us!!! Trust me it is worth the trip.

The adoption event is December 7th, 2013 at the Fetch and Catch in Bowmansville, NY from 1:00-5:00 pm. ABC has secured a special rate at the Sleep Inn Airport for adopters who are traveling into town the night before the event. It is $79 for a king or double for the night and that rate includes hi speed internet and a full hot breakfast. Call 716-626-4000 to book your room now. 

More information and/or to submit your adoption application go to the ABC website at www.nybasset.org. Please contact Chris Brothers our adoption coordinator with any questions and/or to let her know that you're interested in joining us for the event. I hope to see some of you there!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A successful online auction

ABC has just completed their 2013 online auction.

All items have been put in the mail to the respective winners. I would like to share with everyone that the success of this year's online auction has not been matched. There were a total of 430 items that were bid on during the 10 day auction. 213 bidders participated in the auction bidding on basset items, handmade items from all over the country, jewelry, gift cards and donations for future care of the basset hounds that come into the rescue. We raised an amazing $18,500 total. 

Shelly and her hounds with all of the boxes being shipped out for the auction and the best postal worker ever taking all of the packages away in her truck (not Duke of course!!).


Thank you to all people who bid on items, won items and took the time to keep tabs on the online auction. A special thank you to Melody Wolfe, Dana Hryco, Shelly Gordon and Theresa Morrison for all the work they did to make this year's auction possible. 

If you haven't seen it yet, there is a second chance auction being run on Melody Wolfe's Facebook page from November 18th through November 25th. If you missed the online auction, get in on the Home sweet home auction!! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flight of the bassets

From time to time ABC is able to help rescue basset hounds from all over the country, but sometimes we do not have the capabilities to get to the dogs in a timely fashion. When this happens we call upon the help from Pilots 'n Paws to get bassets in need to New York. This was the case when ABC's intake coordinator, John Morrison, got a call about three basset babies that needed some help from all the way down in the Florida Panhandle.

At the end of August, John got a call about three 1 1/2 year old female bassets (Bama, Julep and Georgia) that needed some help. Their humans parents had broken up and the the bassets ended up at a relatives house. They were kept in an outdoor kennel far away from the house. They had a small beat up doghouse for shelter and only got attention when they were fed. There was no love. There were no treats. There was no petting. There were no baths. There were no belly rubs. They hadn't been to the vet in over a year. They needed all of their shots updated and to be spayed. The relatives who were feeding them decided that they wanted to get rid of them and put them up for sale as breeding dogs.

Candy knew that this wasn't the best situation for these three young girls and convinced the relatives to sell her all three of these bassets. She drove through a flood in her area to pick them up and found them in the small kennel (as shown above). She knew she couldn't keep all three dogs and wanted to make sure they got into a good rescue. She started making phone calls and contacting rescues. This is when she was referred to ABC. When John found out about them and their story...he couldn't say no. So, he started trying to make plans to transport them up to New York.

With alot of planning, last weekend Bama, Georgia and Julep made their two day journey to New York. John worked with Leslie at Pilots 'n Paws to make all of the arrangements. Pilot Jeremy  flew them on their first leg on Saturday with Pilot Susan picking up the second leg that got them into North Carolina. 

They stayed overnight in a wonderful temporary foster home with Dana. She picked them up at the airport, kept them overnight and delivered them back to the airport on Sunday for their next day of flying. On Sunday they took three more flights to get up to their permanent foster home. 

Pilot Christophe, Michele & Cheri and Madhavan & Sergei all took turns flying them in. They made it safe and to their ABC foster home Sunday afternoon.

"The Florida girls" as I've been calling them will now get the vet care that they need and will also each have spayed surgery. I'm told that they are shy, but excited to see people. They come when you call them and will sit down with you. It is thought that they have just been neglected for so long that it takes a little while to trust people. They love each other and haven't known much of each other for awhile. I can assure you that Bama, Georgia and Julep will find the best forever homes that ABC can find. 

It amazes me that so many people were able to pull together to make sure that these basset girls made it to New York safely. It was alot of time and work for everyone involved. I know that I speak for everyone at ABC and "The Florida girls" when I say "Thank you" to the long list of volunteers who helped along the way (I hope that I mentioned everyone above; if not I apologize). A special "Thank you" to Candy who took it upon herself to rescue these special bassets and do all the work to find them a safe place.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lemonade for Homeless Basset Hounds

Meet ABC's two newest (and youngest) supporters...Jamie (age 7) and Mikey (age 4).

Earlier this summer, Jamie saw his friend raise money for the polar bears at the Buffalo Zoo through a lemonade stand. Jamie wanted to do the same thing, but he wanted to help homeless animals. Jamie and Mikey have had bassets all their lives-Macy & Gisele. Their beloved Gisele passed away in February at the age of 12, so Jamie decided he wanted to help homeless basset hounds. 


Late June, Jamie set up a lemonade stand on their street during the Roycroft Festival in East Aurora. Jamie's mom, Lori, said that he made a sign for his stand and it read "Lemonade $.25. My dog just died." So, his mom said "let's make another one." Their dad, Andy, offered extra incentive for their sales. He said he would match the profit they made that day. 

$.25 sales of lemonade and $.75 bottles of water were flying off the table. People choosing lemonade over the water giving Jamie $1 and telling him to keep the change. Being smart in math like he is, Jamie would then offer people "take a bottle of water too then, it's only $.75". After a few hours of sales, and lots of lemonade later. The boys raked up $72.80 in sales! Their dad, Andy, gave them another $37.20 to total $110.00!! 

On July 7th, the boys, their parents and their basset hound, Macy, dropped off their lemonade earnings to ABC Basset Hound Rescue President, Shelly Gordon & Secretary Dana Hrycko. The boys couldn't believe there were 6 bassets in one yard! 

I asked Jamie if he would do it again next year. He shook his head with excitement and said "YES!" I told him that ABC would come with a tent, banners, the ABC van and some bassets. And then Jamie said, "Even Duke can come next year." 

When Jamie handed me the money, he told me specifically what he wanted the money to go for..."I want the money to help a sick dog get better." Rest assured, Jamie & Mikey, your money will help a now homeless basset hound get healthy and we will find him or her the perfect forever family.

These 2 boys spent their weekend raising money for homeless basset hounds, let's continue their effort and show these boys that their weekend was time well spent! Please consider donating in Gisele's memory for Jamie & Mikey.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Winston's Story

I really do not enjoy sharing bad news about any of our dogs here on the ABC blog, but I have been inspired to share this story.

Winston came into ABC as an owner relinquish. His owner didn't want him to live outside by himself after his sister had passed away. He had lived outside since he was 11 months old. Now I know that a dog living outside isn't a big deal in some states where the weather doesn't get bad, but in New York this is not the ideal living situation for any dog. There is rain and wind and cold and snow here in NY. 

ABC took Winston in and immediately there was a buzz on the Facebook page when pictures of him from his transport were posted. Our follows lovingly called him "a watermelon with batteries for legs" and "low rider". He is certainly a handsome hound and nobody can deny him that!!

Winston needed ALOT of vet care as he had not been to the vet in years. All of his vaccinations needed to be updated, he needed to be neutered and he had a small tumor on his back that needed to be removed. All of this was going to cost ABC almost $1200, but in order to get Winston adopted out and make sure he was a healthy boy...this all had to be taken care of.

Laura Johnson, one of ABC's amazing volunteers, saw the pictures of Winston on Facebook and knew that he was the hound for her and her home. I believe her exact comment was "omg, omg, omg, omg". Laura, as do I, loves the big, wrinkly type of basset hound (Yes, there are different types of basset hounds out there and until you get to know the breed you really can't appreciate all the different sizes and shapes of the hound). Soon after he arrived to his foster home, he took the trip to live with Laura and the rest of the Johnson Family. Laura told me soon after he arrived the following "I am so happy and so in love with him and his dinner plate sized feet. He is the quintessential basset hound. And such a sweet and gentle squishy boy. And he's all mine!!!!" Needless to say, he was meant to be with The Johnson Family.

Today we found out that Winston was only going to be with us and The Johnson Family for a short time. He developed enlarged lymph nodes in his neck. Laura had thought it might be a residual infection from his teeth, ears and cysts, since he had only been off of his meds a couple of weeks ago. Her vet did all of the testing and discovered that Winston has stage 4 lymphoma, which is inoperable and systemic. Laura will only have him for 2-6 months more. Laura has made a promise to make him as comfortable as she can when he starts to feel any pain, she will spoil him as much as she possibly can and will make the tough decision to let him go when the time comes.

If you are anything like me, you are wiping tears from your face right now and all you can think about is hugging your own doggies as tight as possible (no matter how crazy they may look at you!!). Some of us have gone through similar situations with our bassets and know what Laura is going through right now. Some of us have only had a short time with our four-legged children and some of us have been lucky to have much more time. No matter how short or long it may be, we have given these hounds something that they may never have had if ABC wasn't around to rescue them and if there wasn't someone around to adopt them, someplace safe and warm to lay their head where they are truly loved...a forever home.

I feel so badly for what Laura and her family and Winston are going through right now, but in all of this Laura has inspired me with the message that she (and I as well) want everyone to hear. I would like to finish this piece with her exact words, since I couldn't have said any of it better.

To all my fellow Basset lovers: 

I am Winston's adoptive mother, and repeat volunteer for ABC. I got Winston a couple of months ago, after falling in love with him. He spent all 9 years of his life suffering, being neglected. ABC took him in when he was going to be put down for no other reason than he was not wanted anymore.

I was over the moon to have him, and be his Mommy. 

Today, I found out he has stage 4 lymphoma. It is inoperable, and systemic. I may have him for another 2-6 months according to the doctor. 

I am heartbroken. I wanted to spend his remaining years making up the love he SHOULD have gotten all along. But it seems my time with him will be shortened. So I have lots of work to do for him, spoiling him and loving him until he leaves me. 
Many people would say that this is so unfair and so sad. Many people don't get involved in rescues for this reason because "I'd want to keep them all" or "I just couldn't take seeing the suffering" and many other excuses along those lines. 
I am going to tell you right now, I think that is a cop out. If you ever needed an excuse to help, to be a foster home, this is why. I may have Winston for only a few more months, but those months are going to be the best of his life. He is going to be able to leave this world KNOWING I loved him. I will make him feel like the prince he is until he takes his last breath. 

Until the human race stops abusing animals, it is the DUTY of those that love them to make it right. It is heartbreaking, it is sad but the triumphs of success make it worth it. Even though this is a sad thing that is happening, I feel it is a total win. Winston got the chance to be loved, appreciated and spoiled. He was offered to opportunity to sleep on a couch, eat when he wanted as much as he wanted, be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and to be free of fleas and other parasites. As his Mom, that is my job. 
So the next time you find yourself looking away or making excuses, don't. Foster a dog, do some transporting, buy basset crap from the Slobber Shoppe, or make a donation. Get involved and help stop the rising tide of animal abuse and neglect. Do it for Winston, and all the dogs like him so that they might have the chance to sleep on a couch and know love. So many don't get that chance. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have some spoiling to do. 
Thank you ABC, for giving me my boy. Laura

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Basset Blast 2013

The Spring Basset Blast was a great success again this year. We had over 250 attendees and 180 dogs all off leash running around the Staples building in Rochester, NY.

The day was packed with a few great vendors, games and activities for hounds and humans alike. The Slobber Shoppe was there in full effect and sold alot of great Basset items; including the new Basset Hound Sweatshirt made exclusively for ABC (if you haven't gotten yours yet you can find it here http://theslobbershoppe.com/bhhoodies.aspx). 

We had almost 90 Chinese Auction baskets that were raffled off and a ton of silent auction items; which included lots of handmade basset/dog related items. All to benefit homeless Basset Hounds!!!

Our Money raffle ended the day of the Blast and all of our winners were chosen. Here are the winners...

Winners of our Sweepstakes Raffle:
Grand Prize Christina Newman $1,000
1ST Prize Peter Vinci $500
2ND Prize Phil Bronstein $200
3rdPrize Bernie Vincent $125
4thPrize Tammy Smith $75
5thPrize Marie & Tom Hegeman $50

We also gave out special benefits during the blast for our VIP members (Our VIP program is a monthly donation program). These benefits included early entry into the blast, a cookie reception, 2 for 1 raffle tickets for all raffles and free beverages for the entire event. We also had several attendees sign up for the VIP program during the Blast. Thank you to Elise Odea Geneseo, NY. Karen & Roger Meinzer, Lancaster, NY.Jeff & Lori Ross, Canandaigua, NY. Tom & Kandy Van Skiver, Rochester, NY. Annabelle & Julianne Guercio, Williamsville, NY. Lauren Barrows, Rochester, NY and our Foster Care Director Michele Lamare of Quaker St, NY. If you are interested in our monthly donation program you can find more information at www.liveloverescue.org.

We had several ABC supporters raise funds via First Giving pages during the months leading up to the event. The top 5 donors this year were Shelly Gordon, Melinda Capers, John & Theresa Morrison, Sommer Slavin, & Lisa Lucas. They were given special recognition during the event for all of their hard work in fundraising. 

Our royal court for this year was chosen from dozen's of applicants. 

Our Duke: Comet
Our Dutchess: Phoebe
Our Prince: Teddy
Our Princess: Princess
Our King: Theo (aka Norman)
Our Queen: Holly 

You can see some of the pictures from the event below. Thank you to John Elliott for taking all of these great photos for us!!

We would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers who helped to make the Spring Basset Blast happen this year...from planning to set-up to help during the event and to all who stayed for tear-down. If it wasn't for our volunteers we couldn't put any of this together and we couldn't continue to help all of the hounds that we do. Thank you so very much!!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this year's event!! Thank you for your continued support of ABC. We hope that you all had an amazing time. We hope to see you all next year back at The Dome!!!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Available Dogs

This is Arthur. He is an 8 year old, male Basset Hound.

Arthur is a real gem. He is a laid back, super nice basset hound. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and going for rides in the truck. He also likes long walks in the park. He is crate trained. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash and comes when called. He is well behaved and loves adults, but should not be in a home with children. He has some resource guarding issues of his bed/crate with other dogs. We think he would do best being the only dog in the house.

This is Jasper. He is a 1 year old, male.

If you are looking for a dog with an old soul, then Jasper is your boy! Jasper is about 1 year old and what we call a "bagel" which is a beagle and basset mix. He is a gentle, sweet and empathetic boy. He gives his very energetic foster sister a serious run for her money. He is all play outside, but inside he is all gentle man. He is crate trained, house trained and aside from the occasional sniff to the table...he stays low. He learned what cats are and now avoids them, so he doesn't get swatted again. He loves kids and plays with them gently. He has some trust issues however but once you show that you are not going to hurt him, and possibly are going to rub his belly, he is yours forever. If you are looking for a hound that loves everyone and only wants your love in return then Jasper is the fellow for you!! He would do best in a home with another dog to play with.

This is Bongo. He is a 5 year old male.

Bongo is well behaved and adjusted to his foster home and blended with his foster family quickly. He is house trained and gets on well with the dogs and cats. He really enjoys having another dog around. Bongo is uncomfortable around children and would do best in a calmer environment with no children. We were told that he has some food aggression with other dogs, but his foster mom has seen no aggression of any kind. He loves and bonds with his adult humans. He loves to be pampered and loves to have his ears massaged. Bongo dreams of being the king of his couch. He is never far from his Teddy bear.

This is Mickey. He is a 7 years old male Basset.

Mickey came to ABC from a shelter in Alabama. He had to have surgery on his foot to remove a lump and wore a cone on his trip up to NY. He has healed very well since then. He loves other dogs and even likes cats. He has impeccable manners and is great with young kids. He is very mellow and will make a wonderful companion to a very lucky family.

This is Lacey. She is a 10 year old female basset.

Lacey is a lovely senior who would prefer a quiet home. It may take her longer to adapt to a new environment. She is not a fan of children. She likes other dogs, but has shown some food aggression with her foster's bassets. She is fine with her adult humans. Lacey has loved being on the couch or her bed and is really a gentle soul; even after all she has been through. She seems to be house broken and has shown no real interest in cats, either. Even at her age she is a counter surfer and likes to see what’s going on up there. If you are looking for a senior in every sense of the word…Lacey may be the basset for you!!

This is Daisy. She is a 8 year old female basset.

Daisy is a wonderful girl. She loves people and other dogs. She doesn’t mind cats, but can not be in a house with kittens (or other small animals). She is housebroken and will tell you she has to go out; if no doggie door is available. She will steal food and does not enjoy giving it back once she stolen it. She can go upstairs but needs encouragement and/or help going back down. She is good on a leash and likes walks. Daisy does excellent on car rides. Her favorite place to sleep is any place soft and cozy. Belly rubs are her prime amusement. She is good getting her nails trimmed and ears cleaned. If you’re looking for a great dog, Daisy may be the one for you!!

This is Siphera. She is a 6 year old female basset mix. 

Siphera is a basset/boxer mix who comes to ABC from North Carolina. She made a grand enterence arriving in New York on an airplane with Pilots and Paws. Siphera is a very young 6 year old and has plenty of energy to play and/or go for walks, but also loves to lounge around “Basset Style”. She is great with other dogs and loves to run and play with her foster brothers and sisters. Her favorite toy are empty pop bottles. She doesn’t seem to mind cats very much. She is good with all people and loves to give as many kisses as she can. She will need to put on some weight as she is underweight right now, but the vet says she is a healthy dog. Even though she is only half basset, we think this is a good mix for someone looking for another family member.