Monday, December 31, 2012

One Year Later

One Year Later....by  Theresa Morrison

“The Texas Five” sounds like a gang right out of an old time western movie, but for ABC Basset Rescue it means something entirely different. One year ago today, five basset hounds from Texas arrived in Buffalo, NY. A large “breeder” in Texas had gotten ill and 31 basset hounds needed new homes immediately. ABC took on the task of getting five of these dogs from Texas to New York.

It was a long trip to be made by volunteers during a busy holiday season, but Amarilla, Abilene, Dallas, Houston and Austin (plus, Jolly who bummed a ride from Ohio) arrived safe and sound at Camp Bow Wow in Tonawanda, NY. The Buffalo News and Channel 4 ran stories of these dogs journey and arrival. Everyone in ABC and people from all over the country were watching and waiting for these five bassets to arrive safe and sound.

All five dogs were under weight, skiddish, flea infested and just out of spay/neuter surgeries (not to mention eye surgery for Austin).  These hounds had never left their cages and it was unlikely that they had ever been inside an actual house. We tend to not think about the basics in life for ourselves…those things we take for granted, but I believe it is the same for our dogs. Every single thing was a new experience for these guys: car rides, stairs, going outside to go to the bathroom, a couch to sleep on, a human around to take care of them all the time, a healthy/consistent diet, treats, toys, walking on a leash, room to roam, cold WNY weather and most importantly trust.

The stories of each of these hounds are so amazing that I want to share them with as many people as possible. The common thread is each story is patience, love and the most devotion I have ever seen in any situation.
Abbie and her brother, Bodi (another ABC rescue), enjoying her favorite pastime…sitting in the window sunning herself.

Abilene is such a formal name, so it seems everyone just calls her Abbie these day. Her mom, Dee, told me that the first month was the most challenging. Abbie would sit on the futon all day while Dee was at work and would just wait. She wouldn’t interact with the 3 other bassets in the house either. She wouldn’t eat, drink or go out to the bathroom without coaxing. After that first month Abbie’s new sister, Gracie, pulled her out of her shell little by little every day. Gracie taught her to eat but only if their bowls were next to each other. That evolved into Abbie eating with the rest of her siblings and gaining some much needed weight (up to 45 lbs as of now). She has learned to use a doggie door, chases outside with Gracie and tug of war inside. Abbie has made friends with Dee’s neighbor and runs outside when she gets home for her treats. She has come a long way since last year, but is still taking baby steps to accept men in her life and to socialize with other dogs and people outside of her immediate family.

Today, Abbie gets to sleep in a warm bed with her mommy, follow her all around the house and play with her siblings. Nothing could be better!!


Dallas…skinny, scared but happy to be adopted.

Dallas under the tree…the best gift a family could ever get!!

Although, Dallas could be assumed to be a boys name this Dallas is defiantly a lady. Over the last year, Dallas has become very attached to her human siblings. Her mom, Ashley, has told me that she is best friends with their 4 year old daughter. She also follows her mom around like a shadow. She also seems to be doing fine with the most recent snowfall. Of course, she has help from her brothers who go out into the snow and make a path for her.

A quote from Houston's mom: "Merry Christmas, Houston...you have given us more joy this year than we could ever repay."


Amarilla (Fiona) and her BFF Cozzie enjoying a comfy bed. 

Well, Amarilla has had a name change to Fiona, since her mom Karen felt like she was calling her an armadillo when she called for her. After the terrifying ride home to Staten Island, Fiona, found that she had 3 doggies siblings (Ethel, Pumper and Cozzie) and a couple of kitty friends. She took to them all right away and found her bff in Cozzie, who Karen had just rescued from Mexico. She learned the doggie door by following the other bassets and Cozzie out into the yard. She loves to play outside. Her favorite thing is to sleep with her head on Karen’s pillow while she sleeps…and she snores really loudly. She will bark while Karen is fixing the food as to say “Hurry up”. Fiona still has alot issues with men and is scared of her dad. She will pee if he goes near her and will run and hide from him if she can. They are continuing to work on those issues going into the new year.

Karen says “She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. This little girl has filled our lives with joy!! We are so thankful to ABC Basset Rescue for rescuing her and allowing us to have her!!”

Austin enjoying a toy on “his” couch.

Of the five hounds that arrived from Texas, it seems that Austin had the roughest time adjusting to his new life. He was terrified of his new family and surroundings. His mom, Tracey, told me that he wouldn’t sleep if they were around and when they tried to approach him he would lose bowel and bladder control. They had to pick him up and carry him everywhere. Going out to the bathroom was a challenge….getting him to go out and then back in was just too much for poor Austin. Not to mention eating his dog food on a regular basis. Tracey has made homemade soup to mix with his food, so that he has gained 10 lbs over the last 7 months. Only after he got out of his collar one day and was chased down, did things start to change for Austin and his new family. He started to play with his basset sister, Caley, even if the humans were in the room. Then he started to play with them too. He barked for the first time even. Then in August, after the family moved, he learned that the couch was the place for him. He jumps up to greet his mom and even howls when the family leaves. He has learned that tummy rubs are free and will flip over to get them.

Austin has come a very long way since last year, but still needs time to not be terrified of strangers and be able to go out into the world without fear. 

Every day we read news articles about horrific things happening in the world around us. Today, I was very pleased and excited to share a happy story with you. Five basset hounds, find five happy homes and are way better off then when they entered this world.

A lot went into rescuing “The Texas Five”, as does rescuing every basset that ABC takes in and finds a forever home for. Volunteers are a precious few. They are amazing people who give up their time, their homes and a lot of their energy for these hounds. ABC couldn’t survive without a group of people who want to help…no matter what. Becoming a volunteer is easy and what you get in return are stories like this one…pictures of happy, healthy hounds in homes that cherish them.

ABC Basset Rescue would not be able to do the things they do without donations. A transport, vet visit and other things to help these dogs find homes are not free. We are a non-for-profit organization, so donations are the only thing that keeps us doing these amazing things. In the last couple of weeks, ABC rolled out its VIP program and a monthly donation to help the hounds only has to be a small amount out of your pocket. It’s even tax deductible.

Personally, without seeing the Buffalo news article on “The Texas Five”, I would never have found my Cooper at the adoption event that was held a couple of weeks later. I also would never have decided to foster and become a volunteer for ABC. Since January, John and I have adopted three bassets and fostered six hounds. John even jumped in the ring as ABC’s new intake coordinator. All because of five homeless hounds and an organization who does what ever it takes to find good homes for homeless bassets.

It is funny to think that one event last January could change so many lives, but in my world, basset hounds make interesting things happen every day.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

ABC's 2012 Rescued Alumni

Daisy's 1st Christmas in NY!  She had a howling good time.
2012 was a wonderful year for the homeless hounds that ABC took in.  Sommer Slavin and Andrea Beabes worked tirelessly as ABC's intake and foster coordinators to rescue 116 hounds into foster homes and ABC held five very successful adoption events.  Sommer is now stepping down from this position and we would just like to say congratulations to both ladies on a job well done!  We all know how challenging this job is and how hard they both worked.  Coordinating all those out of state transports was a huge endeavor and very successful.  Sommer put together this great album of dogs rescued in 2012 Sommer Slavin's 2012 Rescued Photo Album.  This album is truly a testament to the commitment and passion of ABC's volunteers and the special dogs ABC has rescued, hard work in such a tough economic year.  The hounds, along with all of us, thank you.

We would like to welcome our new Intake Coordinator, John Morrison.  John acted as DJ at Drool Fest in Albany in October.  John's wife, Theresa, is ABC's Volunteer Coordinator.  Thank you John for taking over this important position and we wish you great success in 2013!

Many thanks also to everyone that worked so hard to help ABC transport, place, and adopt out these wonderful dogs!  These lucky Bassets will truly have a wonderful New Year due to all of your hard work.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Lucky says, "Wow, these are all for me and Daisy!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Spanky

Spanky is sending warmest wishes for a wonderful Holiday to all of his friends and family at ABC.  Thanks to ABC's rescue and support he is happy and, finally, well adjusted to his insulin regime.  It is truly a blessing to see him doing well and enjoying every single day.

Spanky visited with Santa Paws and asked him to bring all of the homeless hounds and kitties a home for Christmas, and, just a small request for himself...a rib roast!
Spanky asks that you consider an end of year donation to ABCBHR to help homeless Bassets like him.  We need your support to help pay the approx $35,000 in vet bills we accrue annually to care for these Bassets.  Your support will give these dogs another chance to be loved.  Spanky is so greatful that ABC angels were there to rescue him from a shelter and almost certain death and then to find him the perfect forever home where he has a loving new Mom and Dad and many new friends.

You can support ABC through a donation or by becoming a virtual foster home or Angel for ABC.  Shop the Slobber Shoppe for wonderful and unique gifts and hound related items where all proceeds go to rehome homeless Bassets.  Dogs like Spanky are forever grateful for your generous support!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Howlidays are Coming!

The Howlidays are almost here!
Looking for that perfect gift for those special hound lovers?  Avoid the crowds and do all your holiday shopping at
The Slobber Shoppe!
View all items at Shop the Slobber Shoppe

The Slobber Shoppe has 350+ basset hound items, many are exclusive to ABC, so you will NOT find them anywhere else!
Spanky loves to see Slobber Shoppe gourmet biscuits under the Christmas tree!

ALL proceeds from The Slobber Shoppe go to helping New York's unwanted and homeless basset hounds.
All orders are shipped within 48 hours to ensure holiday delivery. Items are shipped USPS or Fed Ex Ground.
Shop for your basset's Mom, Dad, Grandparents, your basset friend, vet, groomer, co-worker, and mail carrier.  There is something for everyone...even the bassets!  Order a gift for yourself - you deserve it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Stormin' Norman's Amazing Transformation into Theodore

'Stormin' Norman's After Picture - what a handsome guy he is now!
In June of this year, ABC Basset Hound Rescue was notified about 6 Basset Hounds at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek in Tool, Texas. Four of them were found running loose and the other 2 were  turned over to the police department by the owners. These were obvious breeding dogs and all were  in bad shape, horribly underweight, suffering from flea dermatitis and worms, dental problems, and most were heartworm positive.  Still, they were very happy for human contact and attention, and greeted everyone with smiles and wagging tails.  (You just have to love Basset Hounds!)

Norman at the E-Vet with Shelly Gordon
Norman's journey was perhaps harder than most - he had an infected neuter site and was rushed into emergency surgery at 2AM on the night of his arrival in NY.   Surgery was risky due to the fact that Norman was heartworm positive and severely malnourished. Shelly Gordon accompanied poor Norman to the ABC E-vets who removed his infected scrotum, cleaned and scraped his teeth, gave him a bath and deworming medicines.  He did well through surgery and thanks to the awesome work of ABC and a wonderful foster home and Mom, Misty, he is now fully recovered. 

'Stormin' Norman rides into a bright new future!
As the perfect 'happy ending' to Norman's transformation he was adopted into the wonderful forever home of Toni Caiazzo and her family.  Congratulations and thanks for giving Norman a home of his own.  Toni posted on FB that they had changed his name to Theodore.  Toni posted, "His name when we adopted him was Norman...but my very first basset was named Norman, and we wanted him to have his own unique identity in my basset clan. So we named him Theodore...Theo for short! He is my sweet boy...we just love him!!! Thank you ABC Basset Hound Rescue of NY - you are angels on this earth!!!" 

The name Theodore seems to suit him perfectly and it's fitting he has a beautiful new name for a wonderful new life.  Way to go Theo!  Congratulations and take good care of your folks!

Thank you to Toni for sharing these wonderful pics of how beautiful Theo looks now.  He is such a handsome boy and it sounds like he has grown into a wonderful family member and companion.

Norman's Before Picture

Shelly with Norman during his recovery
From Toni Caiazzo, Theo's new forever Mom:
"I wanted to let you know that Norman aka Theo is up to 61.8 pounds! And he steals hearts wherever he goes - the photographer loved him, and the vet just adored him! He is such a talker too - really funny! He's da bomb - please let the group know for me, thanks!"

Theo Now!
Thanks to Erinn O' Donnell-Aloi at A Fresh Focus Photography for Theo's wonderful Now pictures - very beautiful photos!
As Laura Johnson noted we've all heard the 'rescue critics' ask why rescue?  There are so many pets that go unaided - you will never change the overall picture.  Well, here's the answer - Norman, and his fellow rescues' lives are changed and saved.  And, of course, the love and companionship they give to their families is simply priceless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ABC Basset Rescue December Lottery

ABC Basset Rescue is selling raffle tickets for $5 and it is for the entire month of December. Winning numbers are chosen by NYS daily lottery drawing and you receive $50 if yours is the winning number. We have numbers ranging from 000-999. Get your birthday, badge number, dog's anniversary, etc!

Hundreds of numbers are left! Tickets are $5 and checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 272
Buffalo, NY 14225

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Drool Fest Success!

Droolfest at Saratoga Springs
Drool Fest was a wonderful success in spite of the somewhat cool and soggy weather.  There was a ball with musical hoops, costume contest, our own DJ John, and a whole lot of bassets.  Five bassets found their new homes and two more found their way into rescue looking for their forever home.  This is why we do what we do.  Thanks to everyone who came to support the rescue as well as the Drool Fest committee and volunteers that worked hard since August planning this great event!  Here is a link to Drool Fest's fabulous photos taken by ABC's outstanding photographer John Elliot who does such a wonderful job capturing ABC's events NY 2012 Droolfest, DF Fun and Games, Droolfest Memories.

Mary's favorite photo captioned 'A New Way to Clean your Glasses'
Congratulations to all the lucky families who adopted five bassets into loving homes!

Buddy and his new forever family - so content to finally be home!

Ramona and her new family!
Sweet Stella Sue and her new Dad, already home!
Maverick excited to meet his forever family!
Sophie, aka Saddle Bags, and her new Mom & Pop!
Eight year old love bug Bubba also found his forever home at a meet and greet with his new sister Pumpkin last week.  Thanks to his wonderful new family for taking in such a sweet senior and congratulations to Bubba!
Bubba is home!  Bet he loves shrimp!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carol Ann Finds the Perfect Forever Home!

Carol Ann has finally found the perfect Mom and Dad!
Carol Ann was a homeless 3 year old who came to ABC in January of this year all the way from TX.  She was adopted out at ABC's Adopt-A-Thon but was returned soon after, as it just wasn't the right home for her.   She is a very special lady who has searched long and hard for the perfect forever home.  She won the hearts of her very special foster parents, Justin & Andrea, who decided she would become a permanent member of their family.  Justin transported Carol Ann on the January transport from TN - looks like she knew all along who she wanted to adopt!  Congratulations to Justin, Andrea and Carol Ann on the foster fail! 

Carol Ann with Justin at the January Adopt-A-Thon

ABC Awarded BHCA Grant

ABC Team Receiving BHCA's generous donation!
ABC is very grateful for the wonderful donation received from The Basset Hound Club America Foundation.  BHCA donated a $2,500 grant to ABC for the Texas bassets we took in earlier this year. This money will help us pay for the many vet expenses we incurred when taking in these dogs! Thank you BHCA Foundation!!

ABC Blog listed on vorts.com Basset Hounds

Vorts.com is a wonderful Blog index which has sections on all dog breeds.  They have invited ABC to add our Blog link to their index - check them out at vorts.com - Basset Hounds.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ABC's Drool Fest 2012

Saturday, October 6th

11am - 3pm

Warming Hut Pavilion

Saratoga State Park
Join ABC and the Basset Hounds at the beautiful Saratoga State Park for Drool Fest.

Drool Fest will include raffles, a silent auction, memorial balloon launch, games, music by DJ John Morrison, and the largest selection of Slobber Shoppe merchandise ever!

Registration is $20 per car load if registered by October 5, $25 per car load at the door!
Pre-Register for the event here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forever Home Dreams Come True at ABC Adoption Event

Tenielle & Bentley
Eleven homeless Bassets found their forever homes and families at ABC's Adoption Event on August 12 at Camp Bow Wow, Rochester, NY.  Many were Southern rescues transported to NY by wonderful ABC road warriors.  It is heart warming to read the many Southern foster home comments on FaceBook following their fosters progress as they journeyed North and were adopted.  These loving Basset folk provided warm, safe havens for these homeless hounds while they searched for their forever families.

Following is the hit parade of adopted Bassets with more adoptions to come.  Currently there are about a dozen wonderful hounds still available for adoption.  Check them out on the Available Bassets tab of the ABC website.  If your family is searching for the perfect addition to bring joy and love to your home fill out an ABC Adoption Application.

Sweet Seymour and his new family!
Congratulations to sweet Seymour and his new family of humans and two Basset siblings!  Two year old Seymour was one of the TX 6 that arrived on the June 16 transport from a neglectful backyard breeder in TX.  He was malnourished and in rough shape but has flourished in his loving foster home.  Thanks to his new family for having room in their hearts and home for one more Basset - you can never have too many!  We wish you many happy, joyful years with sweet Seymour!

Handsome Roane and his handsome forever Dad!

Five year old Roane was sprung from a TN kill shelter in the nick of time by Southern rescue. Thank goodness they found him and pulled him. He is such a sweet boy in the prime of life and his foster Mom just fell in love with him. Congratulations to Roane and his new family - we wish you many joyful years with this sweet boy!

Flash and his new forever family!

It's just so wonderful to see Flash adopted into a loving family - we fell in love with him on his transport and wanted to bring him home!  He is a wonderful personality and very smart.  We are so glad to hear he is no longer homeless.  Many thanks to ABC for taking him in and to his wonderful foster family. 

Congratulations to Flash and his new family - we wish you many happy years with this devoted, handsome boy.

Vixen is a four year old beautiful girl who was originally a Las Vegas rescue! Somehow she found her way into Southern Rescue and travelled all the way North with ABC to find Sean, her new forever Dad and a new sibling! Congratulations to Vixen and Sean - we wish you many wonderful times ahead!

Vixen and her Dad and pal!
Beautiful Cleo and her new forever family!
Cleo and her brother Coy are beautiful four year olds that were turned into a shelter.  Carolinas Basset Rescue sprung them and sent them North to ABC.  Congratulations to Cleo and her new family - enjoy this beautiful Basset girl!

Bentley and his new family - picture perfect!
Bentley is a wonderful, fun loving 9 month old Bassador - hard to believe someone would try to dump such a sweet boy.  Congratulations to Bentley, his new Mom and Dad, youngsters and sibling!  Looks like a match made in heaven!

Puppy Power Gump and his new folks!
Gump is a sweet eight month old puppy who was fostered by the wonderful Morrisons.  They said he is a typical puppy who loves to strew laundry around the yard and loves to shred paper but most of all he loves hugs.  Congratulations to Gump and his new family - we wish you loads of joy with this handsome, sweet boy!

Congratulations to Maggie and her new family!
Maggie is a beautiful six year old who came in to ABC as an owner relinquish.  Congratulations to Maggie and her new family - another match made in heaven by ABC!  We wish you many happy years together.

Beautiful Maggie

Cherry and her new forever Dad!
Cherry and Wynne are five year old puppy mill rescues.  Cherry is affectionate and sweet and beautiful.  It takes some very special homes to take in puppy mill dogs as they are usually very timid and unfamiliar with family life.  It takes a ton of patience and perseverance to socialize them to living with humans.  ABC's wonderful foster families have worked with these two sisters for a long time and they have blossomed into beautiful companion dogs.  Congratulations to Cherry and her new family - we wish you many years of joyful affection together!
Congratulations to Flannery and her wonderful new Family!

Flannery Adopted!
Beautiful seven year old Flannery was found as a stray in TN and travelled all the way to ABC to find her forever home.  Congratulations to Flannery and her new family - we wish you many healthy and happy years with this beautiful girl!

Maximilian The Great and his ABC Parents - Bev & Paul!
Max is a two year old Basset-Beagle mix who was rescued one day before his 'to be destroyed' date! Hard to believe someone could euthanize such a happy, healthy pup!  Many thanks to the TN rescue that pulled him and to ABC for bringing him North to the perfect forever home.  Bev and Paul are ABC rescuers extraordinaire who recently lost their beloved rescue Brutus to cancer.  Although heartbroken they felt that Brutus would want them to share their loving home with a homeless hound so they brought Max home - forever.  Bev posted on FB - ''Don't hold the love that you have within yourself.  Give it to another like me and then I will live forever.  For love never really dies." - A Dog.  Congratulations to Bev, Paul and Bella on their new addition and we wish you many, happy, healthy, joyful years with your new 'addition'.  Keep us posted on Max' progress and with pictures of the handsome boy and we'll continue his story on the blog.

Congratulations to Max on finding the perfect forever home!
Keep us posted with pictures and stories of your adopted hounds!  Send pictures and stories to bellaroo@optonline.net!