Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Road Warriors Rescue Southern Bassets

Loaded up and ready to head North to ABC
ABC's wonderful road warrior, Bob Richardson, is meeting up with several transports in TN to escort nine homeless Basset Hounds to find their forever homes in Buffalo, NY.  Braving the ice and snow and cold temperatures in the Northeast Bob will be driving these beautiful boys and girls due to arrive on Saturday.

From the warm Southland to warm fires and hearts of new forever homes!
18 month old Beau will meet his new family today!
Beau is a handsome houndie who will be meeting his new forever family today!  His original owners took him to the vet to have him put down for just being a puppy. They didn't want to deal with his "puppy power" anymore.   The rescue folks in Texas let ABC know about the sad situation this gorgeous pup was in and ABC swooped in to save the day. The vet took the money the owners gave to put him down and ABC kicked in the rest to update his shots and neuter him. Everyone at the vet says he’s very sweet, but a little drooly......what Basset isn't??

John Otis saying goodbye to his foster folks in Texarkana

John Otis is a handsome boy with a waggedy tail
John Otis is a five year old who was scheduled to be euthanized today.  Instead he hitched a ride with Bob and caught a ride on the transport coming North. Talk about a change of fortune!!   Instead of the end of his life today will mark his new life with a new forever home.  John Otis is little guy with a big heart.   He has lots of love to give his new lucky home.
Daisy, a beautiful 8 yr old with a blue eye
Daisy is a beautiful eight year old that was an owner relinquish from Texas. Daisy was described by her owner as an Alpha dog that loves belly rubs. She knows how to sit and roll over and loves to chew on rawhide bones. Who wants to give this sweet girl a new home?? 
A very handsome Dudley
Dudley is a 10 month old male. You are probably thinking he doesn't look like a traditional basset, and you're right.  Dudley is more of a "field basset".   He has long legs that will keep his belly from dragging in the snow.  Dudley has lots of puppy energy, but knows also enjoys his nap time.

These are just some of the beautiful hounds up for adoption at ABC.  Go to ABC Basset Hound Rescue to see the complete list of available hounds and to make out an application to adopt.

Thanks to ABC and all the drivers who are traversing many miles to get these sweet guys to their Northern forever homes.  And congratulations to the lucky families who will taking home some of these wonderful Bassets today!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mike and Molly's Amazing Tale

Sweet Mike and Molly in their new forever home!
Mike and Molly were turned into animal control when their owner passed away.  They almost didn't get a second chance at life because their time in the shelter was up.  Fortunately, ABCHR heard of their plight and stepped up at the last minute to take them in.  Bonded pairs are hard to place and older bonded pairs are even harder.  It is a very good thing for Mike and Molly that there was an organization like ABC that committed to help them or their tale could have had a tragic ending.

When Mike and Molly first came in to ABC, they were scared and didn't interact with their foster parents much.  In the loving home of their foster Mom and Dad, Teal and Jay Boerenko, their true, sweet natures blossomed.  They became affectionate with their foster parents and would nudge them with their noses for attention.

Their foster Mom describes a strong and unique bond between Mike and Molly.  "They are ALWAYS near each other. They do EVERYTHING together...Molly, at least once or twice a day, just licks Mike's face, and he loves it. It's rare that one is sleeping and the other is walking around. When that happens, the other usually follows. They are VERY friendly, and love everyone they've met. They share a crate at night and when left alone."  It would truly have been heartbreaking to have to separate them at this point in their lives.
Recently Mike had to undergo two emergency surgeries for bloat.  For a few days he had everyone very worried that he might not pull through.  ABC remained steadfast in their commitment to Mike and supported him through both surgeries.  With all that love and support Mike did pull through and the pair was ready for adoption when Mike recovered.

Their final miracle happened when a wonderful, loving couple, Tom and Rose, adopted them.  Their foster Mom described it as a hard day when she had to send them on, but she was overjoyed and grateful to see them going together into the perfect home.  Teal said, "Thank you to everybody involved in getting them to the right home and for all the support when we had them and the help when Mike was sick...thank you for not giving up on Mike and doing the surgery to save him."

Another amazing success story for ABC who rescued Mike and Molly from death, transported them, supported them in a loving foster home and throughout Mike's surgeries and kept them together to be adopted into a loving home.  Thanks to all for sharing this truly amazing rescue tale that is an inspiration to rescuers everywhere.  Special thanks to Teal and Jay for fostering them and for giving them such extraodinary loving care through Mike's medical crisis.  You guys made their miracle possible.  Finally, thank you to Tom and Rose for loving Mike and Molly and giving them a home...together.  May you have many happy, healthy years to enjoy.

Mike and Molly and their new Dad, Tom

Exploring their new backyard

Mike and Molly are home!

Monday, January 14, 2013

ABC Celebrates Adoption #800 - Flash!

To ABC on Adoption 800!

Such a gorgeous boy!  Flash is Adopted!
Flash was estimated to be about 3 years old when he was found out in the country wandering on his own.  He was most likely dumped to fend for himself.  Theresa and John Morrison took Flash into their home - the upteenth foster to be adopted from their foster home!  They said he was in need of a good cleaning and he seemed to know it because he never moved for his bath and body massage.  They describe Flash as having a wonderful temperament with his tail always wagging.  He loves people and attention and is a very affectionate (and handsome) hound.

Looking forward to his new home
Flash was adopted into the wonderful home of Eric Domalewicz and Rebecca Walsh Domalewicz and has a new beautiful sister - Aven.  We are sure that John and Theresa will miss this handsome hound but they were thrilled to deliver him into the waiting arms of his new forever home.

Aven howling Welcome to Flash!
Flash is adoption #800 for ABC!  Congratulations ABC on helping so many homeless hounds into loving forever homes.   Now what does Flash and his new forever home win!!?? 

Perfect New Family Greeting
Eric, Flash's new Dad, posted the following comment when they got settled at home, "Flash is getting groomed and Aven went with him. You would think the two have been together forever. Flash is already in training with Dad. We walked to the car off leash and we have almost mastered waiting for treats. I told you I'm the dog whisper! Lol Becki said I missed my calling."  (Umm...Eric, can you give us tips on this waiting for treats business...pleaseeee!)

Flash is Home!
Thanks so much to Eric and Becki for opening their hearts and home to Flash - he looks like he's always been with you all.  Congratulations to Flash and his new family and to all of ABC's wonderful volunteers for being such angels to these beautiful hounds!

Friday, January 11, 2013

ABC Gives Clara a New Lease on Life

Clara's Intake Photo
This past week ABC blessed us with a beautiful foster child, the most wonderful Basset angel we have ever met.  Clara is just turning ten years old on January 10.  She was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is partially blind.  She was relinquished by the only family she has ever known due to their 'moving and not being able to take her with them'.

It's funny how sometimes the lessons we learn from the nightmares we experience can illuminate new paths.  Before we adopted Spanky we probably would not have considered fostering a diabetic, blind dog.  It's not that we would have been afraid of the task itself of giving shots or of having to guide a blind dog, but rather, I don't think we would have felt capable of managing the disease or being the best people to help a dog like Clara.  But since we went through that with Spanky and, although we are often at a loss as to what to do and sometimes Spanky's disease gets ahead of us, he is doing remarkably well and we see every day the difference in his step and the cock of his head and how beautiful he looks now.  He now wakes up looking at us with an expression of pure glee, "What new, exciting things are we gonna do today?"  And we know we have made a real difference in his life as he has in ours.  After the heartbreak over the loss of our three senior Basset kids, Spanky has provided comfort and blessing to our lives we never would have imagined.  So because of the horrible experience of his illness we felt prepared to help a dog like Clara and we said 'yes' to fostering her.

Clara's 1st night after a grueling 10 hour transport
We never imagined some family would actually relinquish an angel.  Clara is the sweetest, most loving dog.  She has impeccable house manners, takes direction well, walks well on a lead and is very intelligent.  She is also very affectionate and loving even in the midst of the confusion and grief of losing the only home she has ever known.  I find it weird that here we all are praying, begging for one more year, one more month or even one more day with our senior dogs and then folks just give them up because they are slowing down, or developing illnesses like Clara.  It's also strange that they can live with a dog for ten years and not understand the trauma the dog goes through when being re homed, not to mention the fear and horror of going to live in a cage in a shelter - even if it is 'no kill.'  One thing I do know - you will go a very long way before finding another like her.

Clara is beautiful!
All of our dogs have taught us valuable life lessons.  We learned more from them than they ever learned from us.  They certainly knew more than we did.  We learned about commitment.  It's not just something we do when it's convenient or desirable.  A dog is committed to his family always, every day, all the time, in good times and bad.  They learn our rules, protect our houses and belongings, provide us with comfort and love and will die to protect us.  I learned a lot from all of our dogs but one of the most 'eye opening' things I learned was from Spanky.  When we first took him in as a foster he was devastated.  He would pick up his favorite toy and go to the door.  I knew he was saying, "it's been fun...I really like you guys...but I do have to get back to my family now...you see I have an important job there...they won't be ok without me."  For a while he was depressed.  I thought it was just his feeling of being betrayed and abandoned, but now I know it was more than that - he was angry at me for not taking him 'home.'  I used to try and explain to him that our home was better than the shelter he would have gone to, but of course he didn't understand that.  As time went on he adjusted, as will Clara, and he is now totally committed to us.  And, unless we die before he does, he is home...forever.  It just takes time, patience and love but the rewards are priceless.

Clara has only been here a few days now but she is adjusting quite well overall.  She has had some bad moments, especially waking up in a strange house in the middle of night, shaking and crying. We sit with her and pet her and she goes right back to sleep.  She is such an amazing dog.  There really are no words to describe how wonderful she is.  She follows me around the house and lays down wherever I'm working.  She is interested in everything we do.  She responds to every attention she gets and she lays with her head on Spanky's back.  Every time you say her name her tail wags and wags.  We are all in love, especially Spanky.  Don keeps telling him this is his mail order bride and singing 'Spanky and Clara sittin' in a tree'...

Clara is adjusting to her foster home
Her owners only told ABC about the diabetes and blindness but when they brought her to Shelly's house to relinquish her she came with a host of other problems, most notable is the large, hanging tumor you can see in her intake picture.  ABC was told she was 'overweight' when in fact she is quite emaciated and starving all of the time.  After learning that her Birthday was on the 10th I started making her Bowzer cake around 5pm.  (Clara eats her dinner at 7pm - diabetics need to keep to a strict schedule for meals since we need to give insulin at regular intervals.)  She pushed her bowl across the room to where I was working and when I told her, 'No, Clara, dinner is at 7 - not 5pm', she picked up the bowl and deposited it on my foot.  She has been on a regular, commercial dog food diet so we are hoping to improve her condition with a good diabetic dog food.

We are doing everything we can to help Clara adjust.  We celebrated her Birthday a little early since she has to see the vet on her actual Birthday.  She really enjoyed everything including a trip to Petsmart for gifts, her Bowzer cake (Spanky enjoyed that too), her diabetic treats and the Happy Birthday recording sung to her by a Corgi group.  The only thing she really didn't like was wearing the Birthday hat - Clara HATES hats!  We couldn't even keep it on her head long enough for the picture.  But she ran around like a puppy opening up gifts.  She truly enjoyed the entire day and it was heartwarming to see her so happy. 

Clara, wait until we finish singing Happy Birthday!  You will burn your nose!

Only thing Clara hates - hats!

Spanky and Clara enjoying Bowzer Birthday Cake
Clara is a joy to have in our home and we are grateful to ABC for rescuing her and allowing us to foster her.  Clara sends snooter kisses to all at ABC and especially to Shelly, her own special guardian angel (AND ABC's new President!), who, literally, saved her life.  Thanks also to all of those wonderful volunteers (Bob Richardson, Tom Rodwell, Justin Beabes, Steve Cook and especially Patti Donahue who had to wait for us because we missed the exit!) who took time out of their Sunday to transport Clara, along with the beautiful Ruby, the long, long way downstate.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you so much to everyone on FaceBook who offered support, encouragement, love and sympathy to Clara.  To Clara's new Auntie Toni who is sending her Birthday gifts, to Mary for the Bowzer Cake recipe and to all who offered donations for her care.  The outpouring of love and support is quite simply unbelievable.

I read many of the comments to Clara - Melinda C Monhart Capers' posted, "Rest assured, you are now surrounded by the baddest of basset Aunties who kick ass and take no names....AMEN."  Yep, AMEN to that!

Deb Smith Gittens', "WELCOME CLARA! Your wagons are circling! Countless people love you already." 

It's comforting and inspiring to know that in the midst of all the cruelty in the world there really are lots of caring, loving people on the planet.  I told Clara all about you rescue angels out there and she seemed to understand.  Clara whispered to me to tell everyone she is eternally grateful to you all.  And she sends snooter kisses - Clara loves kissing people!

Thanks to ABC for taking Clara in and funding her medical care. Thank Dog for ABC Rescue! Clara is so sweet and loving and wonderful she deserves the best and she got it! Please consider donating some of your spare change to help ABC fund medical care for Clara and other homeless hounds like her. Go to ABC Basset Rescue of NY to make a donation or become a virtual foster parent.  It is truly a joy to be able to help Clara. 

Oh...and did I mention...Spanky is in love.

Can I have another piece of cake...please!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The story of Cozzie, The Mexican Basset Angel

Best Friends Fiona (aka Amarilla) and Cozzie
Remember Amarilla, one of the Texas 5 who was adopted by Karen and Dave and renamed Fiona? We asked about the story of Karen's other rescued pups and especially about Cozzie who became Fiona's BFF and teacher in adapting to her new forever home. Although Cozzie is not a Basset Hound the tale of her rescue is truly amazing and as Fiona's mentor, sidekick and BFF we bestow honorary Basset Hound status on this wonderful girl. She is so beautiful and looks so sweet - thank you Karen for saving her precious life. And special thanks to Cozzie herself for welcoming Fiona and taking her under wing.

Following is the awesome story of Cozzie's rescue in Cozumel, Mexico as told by her awesome Mom, Karen. Thank you so much for allowing us to publish this very inspiring story.  We are so sorry for your loss of Fred and your senior cat.  We know how it feels but they have certainly left you a wonderful 'legacy.'  Please do continue to share stories of Cozzie, Fiona, Pumper and Ethel - they are all such beautiful girls and look so happy in their wonderful home!

"It all started at the end of 2011. We lost our dear boy, Fred to cancer in November. He was 12 1/2 years old. He was our first basset hound. Although we had 2 other hounds, Ethel and Pumper, we still felt the emptiness of Fred's absence. I wasn't sure that we were ready for another basset yet, but a friend was showing me pics of bassets on Petfinder.com and that was it!! I felt we had the opportunity to help a hound in need.

I was in contact with Tri-state Basset Rescue, but there weren't any good matches for us, as we also had older cats, and needed a dog that wouldn't chase them. At some point, I came across ABC Rescue and I saw the story about the Texas 5, so I contacted them right away. I spoke with Mr. Rodwell, and he informed me that there were a lot of applicants to adopt these babies, and that I probably would not be able to get one of them. I must admit I was a bit saddened, but I figured the right basset will come our way at the right time.

Cozzie's first night at home with Pumper (left) and Ethel (middle)
In the meantime, we went to Cozumel, Mexico for vacation. About 5 days into the vacation, after a day of scuba diving, we stopped at a so-called horse stable. It was four sticks in the dirt, with a horse attached to each stick. There was a man that was shoeing a horse, so we got out of the car to watch. There she was this tiny, little pup, lethargic, filled-with ticks, and grease all over her head. I was asking the man for water for her, and he said, "Don't worry, I take care of puppy". I felt it very difficult to leave her, but what could we do. We were in another country, and had no idea of the laws about pets. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I really didn't think she would make it through the night.

The next day, we went diving, and there was a woman, Beth, who went diving with us the previous day. She is an American, who lives most of the year on Cozumel. She volunteers for the Cozumel Humane Society. She said, "Oh you can get that puppy, I will help you!  You can take that puppy home to New York if you want, it's not a big deal!" I couldn't believe it!! Now I thought it would be rough convincing Dave, but he was like, "that little dog will be no trouble at all", (who knew how big she would get hahaha) even if we got one of the Texas 5. I could hardly wait to get off that boat and we knew her name would be Cozzie.

After that day's diving, Beth went to the stable on her scooter and asked the man if she could take the puppy, and he just let her have her. We followed behind and she handed me this poor pathetic little puppy. Now we have the puppy, what are we to do!!!! This poor baby vomited in the car, someone was feeding her stew with onions.

We had previous plans, with the dive master, Eduardo, Beth and some of their friends to meet for an authentic Mexican meal, so the puppy went with us. At that dinner, Eduardo called his veterinarian, Dr. David Omar of Veterinaria Cozumel, and made arrangements for him to open his office to meet with us. Eduardo escorted us, first to get us to the place and second to translate. Cozzie was only 4 pounds, approximately 5 weeks old. She had worms, ticks, fleas and was dehydrated. He gave her fluids, and had to keep her there. We were leaving in 2 days, but Cozzie would not be well enough to travel.

So Beth had given us information about the Humane Society of Cozumel Island. Teresa, another volunteer, informed us that a friend of hers would be flying to Newark the following week and could transport Cozzie for us. So in return, we gladly escorted a puppy to her new family at our connecting flight in Atlanta. Everyone who helped us, continued to do so after we left. Dr Omar was sending me updates, in broken English, but I could understand everything he sent. Beth went to see her as well as Eduardo. Each sending me emails and/or facebook messages about our little girl. It was so great to have such caring people, treat this little helpless puppy, who would certainly have faced death if it wasn't for them. We are humbly indebted to them.

We left on a Monday. By Saturday, a wonderful woman, Nelda, escorted our precious cargo from Cozumel. We met her at the airport. Cozzie just needed her shots and signature of the vet to get through customs.

We got Cozzie home on January 14th, and not even 2 weeks later, we were contacted by ABC Basset Rescue about Amarilla (renamed Fiona). We took Cozzie and our niece Rachel to Albany on February 5th to get our new girl.

Cozzie Sandwich!
We've added a kitten to the mix (we lost our 17 year old cat between getting each pup).

Thank you so much for showing interest in these girls lives. They are such a joy!!!  We love them!


Bowzer's Birthday Cake Recipe

From The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs:

1 lb. of cooked ground turkey or chicken (ground steak - no fat)
2 carrots diced
1 cup of cooked brown rice
1 ten oz. package of frozen spinach, thawed & squeezed dry
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (we use extra light olive oil per Mary's suggestion)
1 egg slightly beaten
2 hard cooked eggs sliced 

Place turkey, carrots, spinach, brown rice, oil and raw egg in large bowl
Put half the mixture in a greased and wax paper lined 9 inch cake pan
Layer hard cooked eggs over mixture, then top with the remaining mixture
Bake in 350 degree oven for 45-50 minutes or until done

Remove from oven, let rest for 5 minutes, then using a large spatula remove from pan.  Drain off any grease and let stand 15 minutes before frosting ..with mash potatoes ..or just a few dollops on top ..
you can also double the recipe, make 2 whole 9 inch pans and use mash potatoes in the middle

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bella's New Year's Thank You to ABC

Queen Bella, The Beautiful!
Bella along with her Mom and Dad (Peggy & Mike) send Happy New Year Greetings and a sincere Thank You to ABC.  On intake Bella was described as a very affectionate young dog with lots of energy who loves to go for walks and play with her toys.  Sincere thanks to Peggy and Mike for providing both Bella and Quincey with such a wonderful forever home.

"It will be a year on December 31st (2011) that we were able to adopt Bella.   We now call her Belle.   She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She loves every member of the family and greets us with true joy when we come home from school and work.  She truly enjoys being the only dog because she is a Queen.  She loves playing in her backyard and lets the neighborhood know she is there.   She is the 2nd Basset we had adopted from ABC.   We had Quincey for 7 1/2 years till he passed away last November at the age of 13 1/2.   Never thought we could love another one as much as we loved Quincey. But we were wrong...We absolutely adore her.   We have been truly lucky to have gotten two great dogs.   Hopefully many more homeless bassets will find their forever homes."

Peggy & Mike Monahan and Family

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Seymour's Tale - A Very Happy New Year!

Seymour NOW in his new home, such a handsome boy!
Seymour was a 2 year old member of the Texas 6 ABC rescued from a neglectful breeder in Tool, TX on June 16th, 2012.  The transport was a huge success and widely covered by the local news media.  All six were terribly malnourished and infested with fleas and worms.  Stacy Hague who transported the Bassets from Flower Mound, TX to Little Rock, AR, cried when she first saw how neglected they were, "So sad but they are still bats and just wag their tails. :)" 
Seymour in TX waiting for the ABC transport in June (his caption read 'Some lucky family is waiting for me!')
Weighing in at less than 30 lbs, 2 year-old Seymour (a.k.a. “Little One”) suffered some joint and muscle atrophy due to being caged all of his life in an enclosure akin to a rabbit cage.  ABC's intake description of him depicts a sweet little guy who loved attention, "He is playful and enjoys wrestling with the other dogs in his foster home. He tries to play with the cats too, but they’re usually too grumpy to play. Seymour is crate-trained, and he is almost house-broken. He gets stiff when he has been sitting a while, and his elbow gives him grief, but otherwise he is a healthy and happy boy."
Seymour's dream came true at ABC's August Adoption Event where he was adopted by Kandy and Randy Glasbergen.

Looks like Love at First Sight!
Kandy and Randy wrote the following wonderful update on Seymour's life now:

"I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for allowing Seymour into our hearts and home. When I first read about the heartworm, flea infested, mistreated Bassets coming to ABC Rescue in June of this year, I followed their story with interest and sadness. I wondered how people could treat dogs like they were a piece of furniture and never love them, but abuse them by keeping them underfed, underloved and caged 24/7. When the adoption event was being promoted through Facebook and I saw that Seymour was available, I did something very uncharacteristic of me, I inquired about him and then sent his picture to my husband and told him that this was our next Basset Hound. I have told my husband and family members that two Basset's were enough for our family (we have Maxine--age 3 and Tootsie--age 4). I was adamant that I would not be a very happy camper if my husband decided to bring another Basset into the house. Something about Seymour's eyes and the way he looked in his photo spoke to me--he was looking for me and I had to make him mine.

Seymour Goes Home!

We were told to come to the event early because there were other people that had inquired about him. I had no idea that going to the event that day meant that we could bring him home the same day. We arrived, he arrived with his foster family and it was love at first sight. He rode on my lap on the 2 1/2 hour drive home (see photo) and has made himself at home with his Basset and Cockapoo sisters. He came to us with front leg issues and back issues due to being confined in a too small cage, but he has proved his athletic ability by running through the house, up his ramp, jumping on the coffee table and down again.

Seymour is very loved and gives love back to us every day. At night, when watching television, he lays beside me or my husband just to be close to us. We love him ~ Thank you so much ABC Basset Rescue!"

By Karen and Randy Glasbergen
Congratulations to sweet Seymour, Karen and Randy (and to Maxine and Tootsie also for taking Seymour under their wings in his new home.)  Thanks so much for the pictures and update and especially for giving Seymour such a wonderful home after such a rocky beginning.  We wish you many happy, joyful years with sweet Seymour!