Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet the Available Basset Hounds

Below are the currently available basset hounds at Boom Towne and a little bit about them. Don't ask who named them or why, just look at the adorable faces. They are all females and mostly outgoing, very good natured dogs. They will all need major potty-training work.

For everyone interested in adoption, please fill out the adoption application and wait for our adoption coordinator to contact you. Please do not visit Boom Towne on your own - you will not be allowed to meet the basset hounds until one of our adoption volunteers has made an appointment for you to come in and meet the dogs while an adoption volunteer is present.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of raising $8,000 to spay/neuter, vet, and help all 30+ of the dogs we are bringing Home for the Howlidays! Visit our fundraising page and click GIVE NOW.

Hillside Choir/Cheri - 6
Hillside Choir/Cheri is a very easy going, nice girl.
Hillside Choir

Charm - 6
Charm is a spunky girl who's been nicknamed "Little Miss Humpsalot" so she has a little bit of manners to learn, but she isn't pushy about it and is more than happy to get off when you ask her.

Boo Boo - 5
Boo Boo is not a ghost, but a friendly easy going girl.
Boo Boo

Kea - 6
Kea is a little bit timid when you approach her from standing up, but once you are petting her she is happy for all the rubbing.

Lemon Drop - almost 7
Lemon Drop is the only lemon of the crew and needs to lose a few pounds. She's very easy going.
Lemon Drop

Holly and Noelle - approximately 8 months
Holly and Noelle are the holiday puppies! These two are well under a year old, but pretty big and full of spunk and energy. They love to play. Noelle has a bit more energy and is more dominant than Holly. Holly is happy to lay down with her head in your lap.

Cotton Top - almost 10
Cotton Top is the old lady of the gang. She has a growth on her bottom and very few teeth left, but she loves being scratched.
Cotton Top

Sir Lady Rozcow - 5.5
Sir Lady Rozcow is a bit of a boss and is possessive of toys, but gets along pretty well with all of the others. She is quite a barker.
Sir Lady Rozcow

Honey Bunny - 3
Honey Bunny is the most timid of the bunch, but she is very interested at the same time. Every time she comes up to you, she comes a little closer and eventually sits down for some loving. She isn't afraid to use her voice.
Honey Bunny

Kandy Kisses - 6.5
Kandy Kisses is rolly polly and loves her belly rubs more than any of the bunch! Once another dog starts barking, she's sure to join in.
Kandy Kisses

Marshmallow - 3
If only I could pick favorites... Marshmallow has a beautiful face and is very sweet, coy, and completely loving and lovable.

Abigail - 7
Abigail isn't a puppy, but boy does she play like one! She was the only one who could keep up with Holly and Noelle running around with toys.

Quad Paws (aka Selena) - 5.5
Quad Paws does have four paws, just like all other dogs, so the people at Boom Towne have been calling her Selena. She is a very petite girl who has very unusual coloring. She is mostly a very light brown, but has a dusting of black over her back. She is incredibly excited when she gets attention and loves to be scratched just about anywhere.
Quad Paws (aka Selena)


  1. I just brought Abigail home for the holidays, and to keep of course. So far she is adjusting to her new brother and sister (both dachshunds)they aren't sure what to think of their new big sister just yet. We had an hour drive to get home and after the first few minutes she layed right down and went to sleep, I am sure the rest of the day won't be quite that smooth, but we will manage. Looking forward to the adventure. Thanks for allowing us this opportunity. The Corrigan family.

  2. Thanks for giving us an update on Abigail! We are so happy she is doing well - she is a spunky girl and I'm sure will love the company to play with. Good luck and Happy Howlidays!