Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi! My name is Mitzie. I am NOT a Basset Hound. Let me tell you about Friday afternoon.

We had a little get together. Mom said we were very good dogs. She was setting up her junk sale. (I have no idea what that is.)
As you can see, I am surrounded by Basset Hounds. They are fun but, sometimes they're exhausting.
I know that's not nice to say. This is how I feel, sometimes.

Mom hooked up this Pink Mist thing for us. It cooled us off. All I heard about, was this waddle the bassets attended, last weekend.(See previous post.) Each of them had a different "Favorite Thing" about the Waddle.
They are so confusing!
I didn't go. That's okay, I get enough Basset Hound contact, trust me

Did you know the basset hounds have their own shoppe? I find things, I like there. It's called The Slobber Shoppe.

Here is your chance to Win this:


The Rules

1)You must become a Follower of this blog.
2)If you have ever attended a Waddle, tell me your "favorite thing" about it?
3) This giveaway is open til Midnight, Friday, June 18,2010, EST. The winner will be announced Saturday, June 19,2010.

For More Pink Saturday fun visit Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Save the Date!!! It's a Wedding...The Basset Way!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"There's No Place Like Home" ~ 2010 Waddle

Almost There!!!

Contain your excitement!

I am ready, Lets Go!

The Royal Court Float

Like my hat?

Water please?

Go Yankees!

Come Back for More Waddle Fun!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 There's No Place Like Home Waddle Recap

On behalf of everyone at ABC, we would like to thank everyone that helped and came out supported this year’s waddle! Good weather, lots of fun and great people enjoying the day and a whole bunch of dogs! We were very lucky; the day of the waddle was sunny and warm with threats of rain. It did start to rain just after we starting marching down main street, but very lightly and it cool everything down just a bit….then it stopped and the sun returned. Over all it was a great full of music, food, fun, games, and lots of howling.

Here are the big winners of the 2010 Lucky 7 Raffle!

Grand Prize $500.00 Mark Dingman

1st Prize $300.00 Patricia Petralia

2nd Prize $150.00 Carly Rivas

3rd Prize $125.00 Lisa Lucas

4th Prize $75.00 Dave Scib

5th Prize $50.00 Ellie Shannon

6th Prize $50.00 Dorothy & Robert Fiore

7th Prize $50.00 Jeff Whyland

Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 There's No Place Like Home Waddle

The waddle is upon us! Join us this Saturday at 10am in Chittenango for the Oz-Festival where HUNDREDS of basset hounds will waddle down the yellow brick road of Main St! This years Royal Court will be announced, games will be played, food will be eaten, loot will be sold at the Slobber Shoppe. The parade starts at 2pm. For those staying the weekend, we will be having a Welcome party Friday at the waddle site next to the Chittenango Library.

2010 Waddle

The Pink Saturday Winner!!

The Look of Congratulations!!
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Who was: Donna!

I would love to enter your mommies giveaway....and, my Irish Setter and Japanese Chin (they are great, you would be great friends but the Japanese Chin would HAVE to be in charge) would love this giveaway....

Arrooh Donna!!!
Look for an Email from Mommy!