Friday, November 30, 2012

The Howlidays are Coming!

The Howlidays are almost here!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Stormin' Norman's Amazing Transformation into Theodore

'Stormin' Norman's After Picture - what a handsome guy he is now!
In June of this year, ABC Basset Hound Rescue was notified about 6 Basset Hounds at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek in Tool, Texas. Four of them were found running loose and the other 2 were  turned over to the police department by the owners. These were obvious breeding dogs and all were  in bad shape, horribly underweight, suffering from flea dermatitis and worms, dental problems, and most were heartworm positive.  Still, they were very happy for human contact and attention, and greeted everyone with smiles and wagging tails.  (You just have to love Basset Hounds!)

Norman at the E-Vet with Shelly Gordon
Norman's journey was perhaps harder than most - he had an infected neuter site and was rushed into emergency surgery at 2AM on the night of his arrival in NY.   Surgery was risky due to the fact that Norman was heartworm positive and severely malnourished. Shelly Gordon accompanied poor Norman to the ABC E-vets who removed his infected scrotum, cleaned and scraped his teeth, gave him a bath and deworming medicines.  He did well through surgery and thanks to the awesome work of ABC and a wonderful foster home and Mom, Misty, he is now fully recovered. 

'Stormin' Norman rides into a bright new future!
As the perfect 'happy ending' to Norman's transformation he was adopted into the wonderful forever home of Toni Caiazzo and her family.  Congratulations and thanks for giving Norman a home of his own.  Toni posted on FB that they had changed his name to Theodore.  Toni posted, "His name when we adopted him was Norman...but my very first basset was named Norman, and we wanted him to have his own unique identity in my basset clan. So we named him Theodore...Theo for short! He is my sweet boy...we just love him!!! Thank you ABC Basset Hound Rescue of NY - you are angels on this earth!!!" 

The name Theodore seems to suit him perfectly and it's fitting he has a beautiful new name for a wonderful new life.  Way to go Theo!  Congratulations and take good care of your folks!

Thank you to Toni for sharing these wonderful pics of how beautiful Theo looks now.  He is such a handsome boy and it sounds like he has grown into a wonderful family member and companion.

Norman's Before Picture

Shelly with Norman during his recovery
From Toni Caiazzo, Theo's new forever Mom:
"I wanted to let you know that Norman aka Theo is up to 61.8 pounds! And he steals hearts wherever he goes - the photographer loved him, and the vet just adored him! He is such a talker too - really funny! He's da bomb - please let the group know for me, thanks!"

Theo Now!
Thanks to Erinn O' Donnell-Aloi at A Fresh Focus Photography for Theo's wonderful Now pictures - very beautiful photos!
As Laura Johnson noted we've all heard the 'rescue critics' ask why rescue?  There are so many pets that go unaided - you will never change the overall picture.  Well, here's the answer - Norman, and his fellow rescues' lives are changed and saved.  And, of course, the love and companionship they give to their families is simply priceless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ABC Basset Rescue December Lottery

ABC Basset Rescue is selling raffle tickets for $5 and it is for the entire month of December. Winning numbers are chosen by NYS daily lottery drawing and you receive $50 if yours is the winning number. We have numbers ranging from 000-999. Get your birthday, badge number, dog's anniversary, etc!

Hundreds of numbers are left! Tickets are $5 and checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 272
Buffalo, NY 14225