Saturday, December 26, 2009

Success is the best present

Over the past week, nearly all of the Missouri dogs that were staying at Boom Towne have been adopted out. Those that haven't are currently in foster homes until they are clear of some health issues. Getting as many of the 30+ bassets adopted out in time for the holidays was the best present all of us with ABC could wish for. ABC would like to thank everyone involved with this successful undertaking of rescuing these dogs including: the ABC board, all of the coordinators and volunteers who put in many many hours with the dogs, our adopters who are taking over the lovely task of taking care of these dogs, everyone who donated to the cause, and everyone readings this blog. Happy Holidays!


  1. Thank you ABC. Madison has been with us less than a month and is already SPOILED. I can't believe how quickly she turned from a skittish, nervous dog to an affectionate, playful cuddlebug!! She and Lucy are best of friends and currently sleeping together on the couch in my office. She is truly the best Christmas gift for my family this year! Christy Brown aka Madison's MOM