Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet The Basset Hounds - ABC Adoption Event

ABC Basset Hound Rescue is off again to rescue two vans full of homeless Basset Hounds in TN this week for the ABC Adoption Event on August 12.  The event will be held at Camp Bow Wow, Rochester, NY from 11am to 1pm.  ABC has teamed up with some of our Southern rescue friends to transport fifteen homeless Bassets North to find forever homes.  You can view the dogs being transported at ABC Basset Hound Rescue Adoption Event.  ABC Bassets already in foster care will also be at the event and can be viewed at All Bassets Cherished web page.  If you think you see the next love of your life here or on our website please be sure to fill out an adoption application prior to the event at www.nybasset.org
Following are some of the Bassets due to arrive in NY on August 12 and what we have of their stories:

Eight month old Gump
Gump is currently in ABC foster care and is doing very well.  He gets along great with other dogs and small children.  He is a beautiful Basset puppy and if you are looking for a young, wonderful addition to your family Gump is your guy!
CLEO & COY:  Brother and sister were shelter pulls after their owner relinquished them.  The owner purchased them from a breeder four years ago.  They are four years old and get along great with humans and dogs alike. 


Mike and Molly - the M&M Bassets - are brother and sister eight year olds.  They lost their home when their humans passed away and they were turned into a shelter.  If you are looking for a pair of perfectly behaved, low key, sweethearts then Mike & Molly are for you! 
Hang in there houndies - rescue vans driven by ABC volunteers are on their way to the Rescue!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Eeyore!

Claude and Eeyore at her 9th Birthday Pawty!
Shelly and Don Gordon's sweet Eeyore turned 9 this week!  The nursing home where Eeyore works  as therapy dog threw her a great birthday party.  Claude got to participate in the festivities too.  What a great picture of their happy faces - E knows this is all for her!

Shelly, Eeyore and a very beautiful, yummy Birthday cake
Eeyore has captivated the hearts of the nursing home staff and residents
Therapy dogs provide not only a much needed break from the routine of the nursing home but also the love and affection that only a Basset can give.  Eeyore is already a pro as therapy dog.

E patiently waits for her Birthday treat
One of the residents has her son drive in from Vermont every week to take her to buy snacks for  Eeyore's visits.  It is wonderful to be so appreciated and E's visits provide something every week for the residents to look forward to.  It is also a great activity for Mom and Son to get out of the nursing home to go shopping.  Shelly is a great Mom to take the time out of her busy schedule and share sweet Eeyore with the nursing home staff and residents.

Happy Birthday Eeyore!  Spanky sends snooters to you and wishes he could have been there with you to celebrate!  He said to tell you he will bring a special gift for you in September at DroolFest - he thought of flowers but decided you might like some snacks instead.  We wish you and your family a wonderful year and many more Happy Birthdays to come!

Eeyore getting the best gift of all!
Handsome Claude got pets too!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update from Annie and Dexter's Family

Annie and Dexter Riding in Style
Newlywed couple, Anne and Jimmy Himes sent us a wonderful update and pictures of Annie and Dexter in their new home.  What a great way to start a life together - giving a bonded pair of Basset Hounds a forever home and family!  Many thanks especially for allowing these two to remain together - they are so devoted to one another.  It is so good to hear they are doing great in their new home and filling your lives with love and laughter! 

Following is Anne and Jimmy's letter to Adoption Coordinator, Laura Johnson:

"We wanted to get in touch to let you both know that Annie and Dexter are doing really well here. They fit so well in our family, I don't know what we did without them. 

We recently signed them up for the off leash dog parks in Monroe County, and they have really been loving the new park at Ellison. Dexter loves to meet other dogs, and although sometimes Annie gets a little scared of the other dogs, and of new people, she is learning to socialize there. She isn't velcro'd to our side the whole time there, and has actually gone up to people on her own. Everyone tells her how beautiful she is and how handsome her brother is. :) After several days of going to the park in a row, we didn't go to the dog park today, and Annie sat right by my car this evening, refusing to go for a walk--I think she was hoping to go meet some more friends. 

Looks like Annie plans to drive herself to the dog park!
Although we can't wait to have a fenced in yard at home, we are waiting until we can purchase the empty lot next to our house (city lots are so small). In the meantime, one of the great things about having these two, is going for walks all the time, and getting to meet the neighbors. We didn't know how many other dog owners (and dog lovers) we lived near, but it's great! The hounds recently got to meet two beagles who live nearby. They seemed especially excited to meet other hounds. As Kevin had mentioned, Annie and Dex weren't used to walking on leashes, but they're doing well with them. We have a harness for Dexter, and that certainly makes it easier to walk with him.

And at home, they are just awesome. We have two constant snugglers, who even love us after we give them a bath (oh the indignity of being plopped in the tub). They were waking us up very early in the morning (3:30 was too early), until we moved their dog bed into our room. Now they sleep in, and sometimes have to be lured out of bed in the morning for breakfast. Dexter gives Annie so many sweet kisses, and we are lucky enough to get some to. He seems to think it's his job to take care of us now.
Annie and Dex at play in their new home.
They're very good at the house during the day, but it's quite hard to leave them to go to work in the morning. We tell them that we have to so we can afford the 'biscuit budget.'  One day, Jimmy took them to visit me at work. In one of the attached pictures, you can see that Annie was ready to get to work herself!
Annie hard at work
They are just so fantastic! We can't believe anyone would give them up, but are soooo grateful that ABC rescued them, that Kevin fostered them, that Laura coordinated the adoption, and that they came to us.
We hope to see you at some ABC events in the future."
By Anne and Jimmy Himes
Thanks so much to Anne and Jimmy for sharing this story and pictures with us.  Take good care of your new humans Annie and Dex - you've found a pair of really wonderful humans! 
This proves the point that two Bassets are double the joy!  ABC still has two pairs of bonded Basset Hounds looking for their forever home.  Check out their descriptions and pictures on the ABC website.  If you are considering adopting Scarlett and Snickers or Wynne and Cherry fill out an ABC Adoption Application here.
Cherry and Wynne
Laura and Scott Johnson were originally fostering Cherry and Wynne and they now have moved on to Chris Brothers' home for further socialization.  Laura said they were getting "too
comfortable" ...hmm, sounds like foster Mom and Pop were getting too comfortable too.  About Cherry and Wynne Laura says, "Contrary to popular belief, a bonded pair is not more work or too much to handle. Especially not these guys! They keep each other company, and entertained. And since they are smaller than the average basset hound, it really is like having only one, with double the personality!"
Scarlett and Snickers still searching for that perfect forever home.

Congratulations to Diesel Gustav Gordon!

Diesel's New AKC Agility Trial Certificate!
We just had to post congratulations to Diesel Gustav Gordon on his new certificate.  And to Shelly and Don too on their superstar agility rescue. (See blog post from 1/31/2012 to read about Shelly and Diesel's Agility career.)   Diesel has achieved his first AKC Agility Title (NJP) in a perfect novice standard run in 14 seconds under time.  Link to Diesel's famous run, it's great fun to watch.  Way to go Diesel, looks like you have found the perfect career along with the perfect family.  You are a shining example for rescue dogs everywhere! 

Looks like he's just having fun!
We can't wait to see what wonderful things Shelly and Don have in store for Dukie and their newest addition Claude!

Remus is Going Home!

Remus (aka Peanut) on his way to his forever home!
Two year old Remus of the Texas 6 transport has been adopted!  Many thanks to ABC for rescuing Remus from a Texas breeder who released his dogs and for transporting six Bassets to Buffalo, NY.  Thanks, yet again, to the Morrisons for providing this little guy with a temporary foster home he so desperately needed.  This was probably the first time ever that Remus was in a home and part of a family.  John and Theresa renamed him Peanut.   The change in Peanut's appearance was dramatic - he just blossomed in his foster home.
Remus upon his arrival at Camp Bow Wow, NY

Peanut and Cooper Morrison
Peanut has a beautiful sister Basset, Holly, in his new home.  Thanks to Charlie for providing this handsome boy with a forever family and the start of a new, wonderful life for Peanut.  Thank you Holly for welcoming Peanut into her home and showing him the ropes - he will still have tons to learn.  He's probably seen a lot of suffering in his short life and your love will give him the life he deserves.  Congratulations Peanut and take good care of your new family!  We hope you have many happy years to enjoy each other.  Stay tuned - we've heard that Charlie and Theresa, Peanut's foster Mom, will be guest blogging here about Peanut's adventures!
Peanut and Holly, already in love!
Peanut and his new forever Dad, Charlie!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Oliver's Dream for Home Comes True!

Congratulations to Oliver and his new forever family.  Thank you Amanda and Andrew for making this little boy's dreams come true! 

Sweet little Oliver has been in foster care since January 11th.  He is two years old and was thankfully rescued from a kill shelter in Virginia on his very last day.  Thank you ABC for saving this sweet boy's life and to his foster family for giving Oliver the temporary home he so desperately needed!

Handsome Oliver finds home and family!
Oliver is described as a real character with a beautiful bay voice and his intake writeup describes him as a real 'thinker'.   Amanda, Oliver's new Mom, said he is very well behaved and the very BEST DOG EVER!   Upon arriving at his new home, his new family introduced him to the ferrets and bunnies in the household and Oliver was afraid of the baby bunny!  I'm sure Oliver would say that's not 'fear' just absolute respect for his new brothers and sisters.  He was not too afraid though, he was wagging his tail the whole time.  Although his new Mom and Dad bought him a brand new doggie bed Oliver has already taken to sleeping in their bed, a true Basset Hound personality.  Another match made in heaven by ABC Adoption Coordinator, Laura Johnson.

We know you will take really good care of your new family Oliver and congratulations on finding that very special forever home.  Don't forget to post pictures of the handsome Oliver and his new home life - we will add them to the blog post.  We pray you have many happy years with Oliver!

Congratulatons to Larry and his new Family!

Gentle Hound Larry in his new forever home!
Larry's dream for a forever home has come true thanks to Aaron Witkowicz and family!  We are so happy to hear this gentlemanly older hound finally has a family to call his own.  Aaron said they fell in love with Larry right away.  He sends special thanks to Chris Brothers who has taken such good care of Larry in his foster home and made his transition to his forever home go smoothly.  Spanky sends snooter kisses and special congratulations also - he adopted us when he was nine.  Claude Gordon adopted his family at eight and Shelly commented that there is no love like that of an older dog.  That is really true!

Congratulations to Aaron and Larry!  Way to go Larry, take good care of your new family.  Looks like you picked the perfect place to call home!  We wish you all many happy, healthy years to enjoy.
(See Larry's Search for his Forever Home on the blog 6/4/12.)