Monday, June 29, 2009

$3 Shipping Sale at The Slobber Shoppe

It only happens twice a year... ABC's Semi-Annual Shipping Sale! From now until July 8, 2009, your entire purchase shipped within the Continental US will ship for a flat rate of $3!

Start your holiday shopping early, stock up on greeting cards, or buy yourself something nice!

We have over 300 items available, items you won't find anywhere else!

Let the shopping begin....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More waddle highlights!

Congratulations to Mary Elliott, our relinquish coordinator, who was named "Volunteer of the Year"! Mary acquired the golden basset statue for the year. Thanks to Mary for all of her hard work and dedication.

Our top prize winner for the "Lucky 7" Raffle was Joe Kula. Joe and his wife, Kathy, have adopted 2 bassets from ABC and bought their winning ticket at Buffalo's "Breakfast with Bassets" last month. Kathy has already promised part of her winnings back to ABC! Congratulations Joe & Kathy!

Foster homes were reunited with their past fosters, tears of joy were shed when we saw Maggie meeting her new mom for the first time. Tears of sadness when we watched 15 people whose dogs have passed away get a paw pin and rainbow bridge print.

ABC would like to thank everyone who attended the waddle, sponsored our waddlers, donated to the auction, bought shirts and bought and sold raffle tickets. Without this support, we could not continue our mission of saving homeless basset hounds!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Waddle Recap

June 6th was ABC's 2009 "There's No Place Like a Forever Home" Waddle and it was a success! Over 200 people and 220 basset hounds came to waddle down Main St, Chittenango. The weather was perfect, 3 bassets were adopted, several new foster homes came on board, and we raised a ton of money to continue helping homeless hounds!

The Royal Court was crowned. Congratulations to Princess Maggie Mae Burlew a former BHRG basset, Prince Potsie of the Happy Days Crew, Queen Eeyore Gordon and King Barney McGivern one of the Arkansas 11 puppy mill dogs!

Of all the howlers present, best howl went to Duke Gordon!

Quite a few hounds were in costume, but the best were Benny the Scarecrow, Sophie as Dorothy, and Leo as the Yellow Brick Road.

Record breaking sales at the Slobber Shoppe!

And of course, hundreds of bassets marching in a parade.

Including a few that barely finished the race!

And three hounds found their Forever Homes at the waddle!

Check out more pictures here:

SAVE THE DATE: The 2010 There's No Place Like a Forever Home Waddle will be on June 5th.

Monday, June 8, 2009

UPDATE: The Happy Days Crew

Recently, ABC rescued a group of Bassets from an Iowa puppymill, dubbed the Happy Days Crew. Thanks to help of foster homes and donations, these five bassets, Joanie, Fonzie, Marion, Jenny, and Potsie, have all found homes!


Fonzie had his forever home waiting for him when he arrived in New York.

Joanie found her forever home at the Waddle and will be arriving at her new home any day now. 

Marion got a new sibling when she found her forever home in Syracuse.

Jenny found a happy home with a past ABC adopter. 

Potsie, who was crowned Prince at this years Waddle, was a foster failure. It really is the best kind of failure there is!

Keep on reading for more stories of ABC's happy hounds!