Friday, November 13, 2009

ABC to the Rescue!

Coming soon to New York: 34 hounds waiting for a new home.

Recently, ABC was contacted by Hounds Haven Basset Rescue in Iowa. One puppy miller in Iowa is being busted and has 11 bassets to save in the process. A breeder in Missouri is giving up breeding and has 8 dogs to surrender. Hounds Haven can't handle those numbers in their foster homes, but they called ABC, the basset rescue who can! On November 28th, most of these dogs will be making their way to New York.

At the same time, ABC was also contacted by Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue who needed help. Another breeder in Missouri is giving up her 15 female basset hounds. ABC has also agreed to help OMBR with these dogs, who will be making their way to New York in early December.

Within the next week, all 34 of these dogs will be spayed/neutered and fully vetted before they make their way up to New York. Because 34 foster homes are hard to come by, ABC has made a deal with a local kennel, Boom Towne Canine Center in Farmington, NY, to house and feed the dogs at a significantly reduced rate. But all of this still costs money. This is the BIGGEST rescue ABC has ever done and we need your help! Please visit our new Firstgiving page to help ABC bring all these dogs Home for the Howlidays!

More information on the individual dogs will be available in the coming weeks. Please keep reading the blog and keep checking nybasset.org. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please read about our adoption process and fill out the adoption application. We will have an adoption event at Boom Towne Canine Center once all of the dogs have settled in where pre-approved adopters may be able to bring home their new hounds.

For now, here is a little sneak peak of the new arrivals. Before turning over her dogs, this Iowa breeder tried to sell three puppies, but couldn't find any buyers. Instead, they were put in a pen and treated like livestock, without any human interaction. These 3 puppies, along with 8 other dogs (ages 1-5 years) are in the pictures below. These 11 have already been removed from this situation and brought to a vet for complete health care where they will be spoiled by vet techs, doctors, and Hounds Haven volunteers before making their way to New York.


  1. thank for helping these dogs who otherwise would have spent their life in a mill unloved.

  2. Is there anywhere people in the midwest can go to find into if we'd like to help with transport and/or lodging, etc?

  3. To Anonymous:
    Thanks for asking! Someone has volunteered to drive the first 19 dogs on 11/28 straight to the kennel in Farmington, NY so we don't need help with the first batch. We are still waiting for the next 15 to be brought to the vet. Then we will figure out how they are getting to New York, whether another very generous person donates a whole weekend to get the dogs to us or we start a transport hand off. Keep checking here for updates.

  4. I live 1/2 mile from Boom Towne. I have 2 rescue bassets now, can we go to visit them and spend time with them?


  5. Phil,

    We are definitely looking for volunteers to help us unload all of the dogs at Boom Towne on 11/28, to go visit with the dogs during the week during their stay at Boom Towne, and to help with our adoption event. This way we can evaluate their personalities and find the perfect family for each dog at the event.

    Are you an active ABC volunteer? If you are, you should have already gotten an email about what we are looking for volunteers to do. If you aren't an ABC volunteer yet, please go here to fill out our volunteer application. Someone will contact you within a couple of days and put you on our emailing list.

    You can also email me off list for more information about helping us at Boom Towne: arielschlamm@gmail.com