Sunday, November 29, 2009

2am Update

All of the dogs have arrived safely at Boom Towne. After their long journey, they were all eager to get out and explore. After everyone (volunteers and dogs) get a good nights sleep, tomorrow we will be evaluating the dogs and begin to get them used to people. Some are already lovers, wagging their tails and loving the rubbing. Others don't even know to pick up a cookie and wont even come near you. It will be a long road ahead for some of these dogs, but hopefully they will all have happy homes for the Howlidays! Here is a sneak peak at the dogs. Keep checking the blog for more updates and pictures!

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 14

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 15

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 22

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 23

Home For Howlidays Rescue - 36


  1. Good Morning ABC !! Thank you all so much for all you are doing for these sweet Bassets & for keeping us here at home in the loop !!! Please take care of yourselves too !! Hugs From N.J.

  2. ABC, God bless you for saving these beautiful victims from their cruel fate. I had tears of excitement last night when I saw the van doors open on the cam. Having owned a rescued puppy mill momma myself, I know the long road you have ahead, but the rewards are so great!
    Helen in Alabama

  3. This is such a wonderful story and a truly important rescue. Somehow I hope this story reaches the media to let everyone know the basset's story and the generous time commitment made by the saintly volunteers. Bless all of you.
    Diane from Webster, NY

  4. Truly touched that ABC took on the large effort to rehab and place the bassets into GOOD homes. It makes me sick to think that people treat these wonderful dogs so badly at first. My wife and I have 3 bassets, they ALL deserve good homes with wonderful comfy couches and beds to enjoy. You all at ABC should be commended for your work and all of us should give to this special cause!
    Joe & Andrea Fenwick Island, DE

  5. Amazing work! We have adopted a Missouri dog and he is amazing. Thank you so much for giving them a second chance!