Friday, May 22, 2015

Liza's story

Liza's story 

Liza was found in Niagara Falls, NY by the SPCA. She was tied to a pipe by an extension cord in an alley. She was muzzled and laying in filth for an undetermined amount of time. The picture the rescuers took at the time of her rescue will evoke lots of different emotions from sadness to pure rage in any person looking at it. 

She was taken to the SPCA facility where they gave her a physical exam and they patched up her tail which had been injured seemingly by the debris in the alley. They waited for Liza's family to arrive to take her home. When he family never showed up to claim her, ABC was contact to take her into foster care. 

Once she arrived into her foster home she instantly come around. She loves exploring the yard, counter surfing and playing with her foster brother and sister. She even looks to be happy and smiling.

ABC doesn't normally take in "long-legged" hounds (aka coonhounds), but how could we say no to this dog in need. We knew she needed a special foster home and a group of people who would care for her as she deserved while her perfect "forever family" was found. 

Currently, Liza is still recovering but will be up for adoption just as soon as her tail is completely healed. 

If you would like to adopt Liza, please fill out an adoption application at www.nybasset.org
If you would like to help with the cost of Liza's medical bills you an make a donation at www.liveloverescue.org

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Brotherly Basset Love

Cletus and Flash are celebrating this Valentine's day together and showing their unwaverly brotherly love. The brothers came to ABC as children of divorce, left by their family who couldn't afford them or want to take care of them anymore.
This pair of hounds have had all kinds of life experiences when they travelled to ABC from GA in June of 2014. They learned about the NY weather and spent some time in a home with a small human, but soon found themselves back with ABC.

Cletus is the quiet, gentle soul while Flash can be more boisterous when he feels like it. Flash loves to be petted and if he things there's a chance someone will pet him he flops down and rolls over to encourage a belly rub. Paper products are something that need to be kept away from this pair as they enjoy chewing up books, tissues and any papers they can find. Toilet paper is used to decorate the house for the family. Funny as that sounds, they really don't care for garbage or counter cruising very much. What we can guarantee is that from enjoying children to playing to helping their foster mom prepare meals to lounging on the couch...they are never far from one another.
Do you have room in your heart and your home for these brothers this Valentines Day?

Find out more on these brothers and how to adopt here: http://nybasset.org/adoptions/available-bassets/flash-cletus/