Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet the Wonderful Mr. Fenway!

Sweet Fenway - named for Boston's famous Fenway Park!
Any baseball fans out there?  Then this is the Basset for you!  Handsome Fenway is looking for that perfect forever home.  His name fits him well as he is an active (approximate) 3 year old, but he has a very sweet demeanor and loves to please his humans.  He is very loving and has a big, beautiful smile when he is happy.  Actually, he would make the perfect companion for any active sports, hiking or just going for long walks.  He wants to be with his people and will share in whatever activities you enjoy.  He does have a high energy level, and will need exercising twice a day to keep him well behaved.

Fenway - perfect figure of a Basset Hound - sexiest dog of the year?
Fenway spent the beginning of his life neglected to roam the neighborhood so he hasn't had much time to learn to be a well behaved member of a household, but he loves to please and his foster Mom is working very hard training him to get him ready to be the perfect family companion.  He responds well to vocal reprimands and understands 'No'.  Unlike most Bassets, he does not bark (hardly) at all, but has a big, beautiful hound dog voice when he does.  Fenway is fully vetted, and healthy.  He came to us a dirty mess, but he cleans up nice!  He is crate trained, and house trained. He has no food aggression and is calm around his food bowl.  This boy is a true hound and loves his walks, nose to the ground, but has a tendency to pull when he sees something of interest so a harness is recommended for walking him.  He really enjoys riding in the car and makes the perfect backseat companion.  Fenway would do best in an active home - children would be great, with no extended time left alone (4 hours at most).  After being neglected for such a large part of his life, Fenway loves human company.  If left on his own for long periods negative behaviors may resurface.  Crating and / or doggie daycare are a must in this situation so we don't set him up for failure in his new home.  He would do better with either a 24 hour human companion or another dog to play with so he is not lonely.  He gets along well with other dogs. 

Mr. Fenway would do best in a calm environment, with patient and supportive love.  With time, once he gains some trust and confidence, he will cherish you and your family forever!  He will become a loving, loyal member of some very lucky family.  To adopt Fenway fill out  this form at ABC's adoption application.  You can view Fenway and his background at ABC available Bassets.

Dreaming of his forever home - is it yours?


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scarlett and Snickers Ready for Adoption!

Scarlett, 5-yr old Taryn and Snickers in their foster home
If you are an empty nester pining away because you missed adopting the love bugs Annie and Dexter, pine no more!  Snickers and Scarlett have successfully completed their heart worm treatment and are now healthy and looking for that special forever home!  (Original blog post on Scarlett and Snickers dated 3/25/12.)

Beautiful Scarlett - oh those eyes!
These are two very sweet, loving, five year old girls. They are quite the bonded pair and are looking for a home together where they can spend the rest of their lives giving you love, companionship and devotion.  They are quite the well behaved basset ladies who love their playtime as much as their downtime.

Beautiful Snickers - what a gorgeous portrait!

Duncan and Snickers (on the right) at Camp Bow Wow upon their arrival in NY
Thanks so much to Belly Rubs for their rescue and to ABC for transporting them to their foster home AND for treating their heart worm.  Special thanks to the Fruehauf's for fostering them in a loving home and nursing them through their treatment.  Of her beautiful fosters Jennifer Carmichael Fruehauf says:  "...they are BOTH lovers and doing very well with all of the changes. They have met so many new people, since they began their journey in Tennessee, but they just see it as another face to kiss, big or small, children, adults or other dogs!! ... That is all these two beautiful girls want is a home full of love. Until they find their forever home, we will be here to give them lots of attention, belly rubs and cuddling ♥"

Snickers, Lady (the Fruehauf's Queen of the house) and Scarlett on their way to their foster home.  Making new friends already!
We know that someone out there has room in their home and heart for these two beautiful girls!!  To apply to adopt these beautiful girls and fill your home and heart up with a double dose of Basset love fill out an ABC Adoption Application here.  You can view Scarlett and Snickers on the Available Bassets section of the ABC Basset Rescue of NY website.  Apply to adopt them today!

Scarlett and Snickers with Foster Dad Dan

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Official - Welcome Home Herman Gittens!

Handsome Herman during his transport from TN
Herman has officially been adopted by the Gittens' clan!  Everyone in the Gittens family fell in love with sweet Herman, hounds and humans alike.  Six year old Herman was fostered by Kathy Kontrim in TN and brought to NY on the transport that brought nine hounds to the Basset Blast on April 28.  Steve and Deb Gittens drove that transport themselves and fell in love with Herman on the trip (see 'Herman - Foster Failure?' blog story from May 2).  Steve and Deb brought Herman home from the blast as a foster, although everyone seemed to know he was going to be a keeper.
Herman upon his arrival in NY

Herman in Kathy's foster home
Kathy Kontrim who fostered Herman in TN said it was really hard to let him go on the day she put him on the transport bound for NY.  But she said she knew something wonderful was waiting for him in the Empire State and she was right!  Thanks so much to Kathy for fostering sweet Herman - his new life would not have been possible without you!

Deb, Hoot and Herman at the Basset Blast
Herman, Hattie and Gertie eating breakfast with Dad
Deb said Herman was 'magical' and everyone talks about his soulful eyes.  She said the other dogs - Hattie (ABC alumni), Gertie (ABC foster) and beautiful little Mia all love Herman.  Steve said the 'Missus' wouldn't part with him and Deb said Steve would never let him go.  Ah well...guess that's why they call it a 'foster failure'.  Herman probably knew what he was doing all along - Bassets are so much smarter than people sometimes. 

Deb and Steve Gittens at the Basset Blast - Basset Angels!
Congratulations to the Gittens clan on their newest addition.  We wish you many happy, healthy years with Herman!  Keep us posted with pics - he is such a beautiful boy!  Congratulations Herman on picking a wonderful family for your forever home.  Enjoy your new home and watch over your family.

Herman watching for his new Dad!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Spanky!

Spanky celebrates his 11th Birthday!
Spanky celebrated his 11th Birthday on May 23!   He is sending special thanks, hugs and snooter kisses to everyone at ABC that took him in when he was homeless.  He had just turned nine when his family gave him up.  He was homeless, sick, depressed and, had ABC not been there for him, he would have been turned into a shelter and euthanized.  Thanks to ABC and the miracle work of the Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center that saved his life, Spanky is now stabilized on his diabetic medications, well adjusted and, most importantly, happy.  Thank you to ABC for letting us adopt him.  He was our first foster and failure - we are 0 for 1 - but we hope to foster again soon.  Spanky is very sweet and loves all animals and people - he is a true blessing in our lives and fills every day with joy. 

We are so grateful that he got to enjoy such a wonderful birthday.  He loved everything...well mostly he loved his ground turkey cake and steak dinner!  Since Spanky is diabetic we had to find a cake that he could actually eat.  Special thanks to Auntie Mary Hallingse who searched her dog recipe books and found this wonderful ground turkey, rice and carrot cake that Spanky loved - he had some for breakfast this morning too! (We loved it too!)  Aunt Mary also sent us this great video of the Corgis singing Happy Birthday to Spanky.  It's amazing, they really sing and Spanky was fascinated and listened to the entire song.  This was a very special gift for Spanky as he is blind.  Thank you Mary for taking the time to make Spanky's birthday so wonderful - time must be in short supply in a household with...what is it...seven hounds!  Mary couldn't be here in person but she most certainly was in spirit!

We are so grateful for Spanky's life.  Happy Birthday sweet boy and may there be many, many more birthdays to enjoy!

Spanky's favorite hangout - the Ossining Riverfront

Monday, May 21, 2012

Claude - ABC's Newest Foster Fail!

Claude has found the perfect last name - Gordon!
It's official - the Gordon's have adopted their most recent foster Basset, Claude.  He is now Claude Gordon!  Congratulations on their newest addition!

Claude arrived on the last transport from TN which brought nine Southern Basset hounds to NY in search of their forever homes at the ABC Spring Basset Blast on April 28.  Shelly and Don Gordon brought Claude home from the Blast as their newest foster and he fit right into their family of rescued Bassets.

The Gordons are very special people who work tirelessly for ABC and homeless Basset Hounds.  Shelly is Vice-Chairman and Webmaster of ABC and the Gordon's run the wonderful Slobber Shoppe - proceeds support ABC's homeless hounds.

Don and Shelly Gordon
The Gordon Bassets at the beach - l.to r. Beloved Dudley ATB, Dukey, Diesel and Eeyore
Claude has approved his new home with two new brothers and a very sweet sister.
Eeyore's 6th Birthday Pawty!
Duke's 6th Birthday Pawty!  Lucky houndies or what?
Sweet Eeyore visiting with nursing home residents!
Shelly and Agility Star Diesel!
As soon as Claude became the Gordon's foster child everyone insisted that he was a 'keeper'.  Shelly said they had not planned on adopting another rescue after Dudley passed away, "but Claude...chose us."  Congratulations Claude on fulfilling your dream of finding the perfect forever home!  A wish we have for all Bassets and homeless dogs everywhere.  With deep appreciation for all the Gordon's do for ABC we wish you all many joyful, healthy years with Claude.  He will work right along with you to help his homeless brothers and sisters.

Duke, Claude, Eeyore and Diesel - a perfect picture!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Austin Update

Austin's First Day with Tracey and Kevin
Austin seems to be doing very well in his new home with Tracey, Kevin and his new sister Caley!

Tracey celebrated Caley's Birthday with a beautiful vegetable cake with blue icing for Austin and his first two Birthdays!

Pup-Pie from Petsmart
We have to check this out for Spanky's 11th birthday party - hopefully he can have some too.

Austin's sister Calliope on her rescue day.  Such a sweet baby picture!
View the FB video of Austin and Caley.   We are happy to see Austin is enjoying his new life!  Thanks to Tracey and Kevin for keeping us updated on Austin's progress and sharing these great pictures!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"The Vegas Knockout" at The Slobber Shoppe

Tom Schreck's new book, "The Vegas Knockout" has just been released (Tom Schreck.)  Don't wait in line for it, shop The Slobber Shoppe online where all proceeds support the homeless Basset Hounds of NY.  This new release is the next chapter in the greatly anticipated continuing saga of Duffy Dombrowski and his obstinate Basset Hound, Al.  The two travel to Las Vegas for Duffy to become the sparring partner of the Russian heavyweight contender, Boris Rusakov.  Must read for your summer reading list! 

Don't forget to view Tom's great blog post here - "Why ABC's Spring Basset Blast is so Important", dated April 23.

You can view all of Tom's books at The Slobber Shoppe:
"Out Cold"

"Duffy to the Rescue"
"On The Ropes"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Austin Finds Home and Family!

Austin and his new sister, Caley (Calliope) Jane, aka Nugget!
Congratulations to Austin and his new forever family - Tracey and Kevin Woodruff Brown!  Austin is one handsome hound, with a beautiful blue right eye!  He was one of the 5 Basset Hounds that ABC rescued and transported all the way from Boerne, Texas on New Year's Eve.  He had a cherry left eye that was surgically corrected before making his long journey North with the New Year's Eve transport.  As you will remember, the TX transport brought these Bassets from a breeder where they had little or no interaction with humans.  It takes people with extraordinary patience and skill to socialize such dogs for a family environment.  Austin has been a very shy and scared, but sweet two-year old.  Kathy and Pete Roberts, Austin's foster family had a week of anxiety when he got loose from their fenced yard but with lots of searching and coaxing they got him safely back again.  Austin made great strides in coming out of his shell at his foster home but there was still a long way to go to get him ready for adoption.

Austin on his arrival in NY
Tracey and Kevin adopted Austin understanding his special needs and have undertaken an extraordinary program to integrate him into their 'pack'.  This would make a great guide for anyone trying to home anxious Bassets.  It keys in to the dog's natural pack instincts on his level, instead of that of humans.  They spent their wedding anniversary getting their home 'Austin ready' - new beds, new bones, new treats, new bowls, fence "Austin proofed"... looking forward to their new addition with great excitement.  When he arrived Tracey said it was love at first sight and although Austin doesn't know it yet, he will come to love her just as much!

Tracey describes Austin's arrival at his new home as traumatic.  In their backyard he shivered and tried to hide from his new family in the tall grass.  He appeared indifferent to his sister Caley's interest in him but Tracey could see him watching her very closely.  This first night Austin wouldn't eat dinner so Tracey and Kevin bribed him with a little peanut butter on a Ritz cracker so he wouldn't go to sleep on an empty stomach.  Mostly he just seemed exhausted.

That first night they all 'camped' in the living room to give Austin a sense of pack security.  Such a great idea!  With soft classical music in the background and Febreeze Scent Story blowing flower smells over him, Austin could finally rest. Caley slept next to him, (on their new chaise-style bolster bed) all night, sweet Basset that she is.  She seemed to understand Austin's need for a friend in a strange place.  Tracey watched him closely and said he slept hard for at least part of that night.

In the morning Kevin had to carry him outside, but once there he did his 'business' in the yard like a good boy!  Tracey really wanted him to eat in the morning so, as she says, she played 'dirty' using bits of American cheese sprinkled over his kibble.  He ate all three meals Tracey set out for him (think his fasting days are maybe over.)

The next night, while Tracey pretended to be asleep (very sneaky this Tracey) Austin sniffed her and then poked her in the eye with his nose (pretty smart these Bassets).  That made Tracey blink and laugh which sent Austin back to his bed to contemplate this new development.  After thinking through his Basset thoughts he finally went and got a toy and brought it back to his bed. Then he got a bone and brought it back to the bed. Chewed on the bone for five minutes. Finally, he worked up the courage to explore the house.  Tracey said it took him about half an hour but he did it!

The next day in the yard with his sister, Caley, Austin actually ran over to her, wagging his tail and bowed at her in play.  Sounds like small things but Tracey and Kevin appreciate each and every milestone Austin passes on his way to becoming a beloved member of their family.

Tracey posted with excitement when she took Austin a bowl of water and he thumped his tail once at her.  So excited over such little things.  A trainer once told me training dogs is all about drama, make big, enthusiastic gestures over the everyday little things and you'll have a friend for life.  Tracey noted, "This is NOT the dog we both saw on Sunday.  Running in the yard, he actually looked different...different body language, difference face...a whole different puppy is hiding behind that fear and I saw it for 15 seconds!"

Tracey and Kevin said they had been prepared for a long haul socializing Austin.  They knew it might be months or even a year before he began to interact with them.  Austin is making great strides already and I'd bet that in a much shorter period than that he will be a loving, loyal family member.  Tracey and Kevin are very special people indeed! 

Beautiful boy with a bright, new future!
Thanks to ABC for rescuing Austin, for his patient foster folks, the Roberts', who prepared him for his adoptive home and especially to Tracey, Kevin (and last, but certainly not least, Calliope) for going the 'extra mile' to ensure Austin is comfortable and happy in his new home!  Please keep us updated on Austin's progress.  This is extremely useful stuff for families that are trying to home Bassets who have never been socialized to humans.

p.s.  Tracey posted today, "Last night, we gave him his 'Welcome Home Austin' dinner. Strip steak cooked medium. I had no idea it should have been fillet medium-rare. I am surprised he managed to eat at all, but he is very polite. It must have really offended his refined palate!"  Did we mention that Austin is going to also be spoiled royally!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Annie and Dexter Search for Forever Home

Annie and Dexter
Annie and Dexter are a beautiful, bonded pair looking for their special forever home.  Any empty nesters out there looking for the perfect pair to fill your home up with joy and laughter?  These two really fit the bill! 

Go to ABC's website Adoption Application to apply to adopt Annie and Dexter.

From ABC's Available Bassets page:

Dexter is a great dog.  He is very well behaved.  He is quiet, but has a BIG, fun personality.  He is very intelligent, listens well and is housebroken. Dexter is obsessed with his sister, Annie.  He spends his day looking after her.  He is great with other dogs and loves his dog treats.  He is a very handsome guy with a silky smooth coat and the cutest face, with soft brown eyes. 

Annie is just the sweetest Basset there ever was.  She loves to snuggle and lay in your lap on the couch.  She loves her belly rubs more than anything... except her brother Dexter.  Annie and Dexter are inseparable. They love each other and do everything together.  Annie is shy at first, but warms up and is very loving.  She is housebroken and very well behaved.  She and Dexter are both very quiet in the house.  She will bark when she gets excited outside (but who doesn't?).  She listens well and gets along well with other dogs.  Annie has a very expressive face with eyes that will melt your heart. She is small and has a soft, smooth coat.

These two MUST stay together. They just love each other. They are great with other dogs, housebroken, up to date on shots. They had heart-worm, but are now cured. They would do best in a house that is more on the quiet side. They love attention, but aren't big on loud noises. They need some leash training for their walks. Ideally, a fenced yard is best. Make sure you have a big box of dog treats ready because they love their cookies and snacks!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reflections on Basset Rescue

Laura and Molly!
Reflections on Basset Rescue

By Laura Johnson and Molly McButter

I usually don’t write things like this but I had to share a bit of an epiphany that came to me at the Basset Blast.

I won the Volunteer of the Year/Golden Basset Award this year. Aside from my general loathing of awards, I didn’t feel I deserved it. I felt I was cheating because I get so much joy out of helping the dogs that anything more than that is just over kill. But it is nice to be thanked. (So, thanks! J )

As I was accepting the award, I looked out at the crowd. I said a few words, and to be honest I didn’t know what the hell I said. Then it hit me…THIS gathering, THIS moment is important. Look at all the families, with their fur-kids and regular kids. You could feel the positive energy radiating off the room. It hit me like a truck.

Why do we do this? Why do we bank thousands of miles, make thousands of calls, and generally get our homes trashed for a dog?

Rescue is something that is like an addiction. You save one and you can’t get enough. When that dog comes to you, dirty, flea bitten and half starved, you feel angry. You feel sad, and you feel a sense of urgency. You take them in your arms, and cry for them. You grieve for their suffering. And you know what they do? Wag their tails and lick your face. The simplicity of their love and the absolute nature of their devotion constantly astound me.

So you bathe them, get them to the vet, feed them and heal some of the unseen wounds. You replace carpets and mop floors in the quest to get them to potty outside. You love them as unconditionally as they love you. And the worst and best part of it all is sending them off with their new family. It is bitter sweet, and it breaks my heart a little every time. But I do it again, and again.

Then you get to an event where we all come together. You see the dogs that came to you broken, lost and neglected. Females used as meal tickets and males left to roam and fend for themselves. Hounds dumped because they were no longer useful. Here they are, in one place. They are fat, well bathed and decked out in outfits. They are spoiled, and treated better than the humans do for themselves. When one remembers you…and comes running…and licks your face…my heart would burst with joy if it wasn’t in my chest.

I remember all my babies, because that is what they are to me. They have a piece of my existence that will forever be theirs. When I find a family that has a hole only a hound can fill, and they thank me for getting them their new companion, I feel like a fraud. I get more out of caring for them then you will ever know. I squirrel away moments like this to wrap myself in when I am faced with the horror and pain in the world. (And I see a lot of it)

The best part is that I know the others in the rescue feel the same way. It is like a group secret that everyone associated with the rescue shares. Gary, with his never ending sense of humor and calming grace; Sommer and her constant drive to do more, help more. Andrea, who manages to keep 1000 things in the air at once, and doesn’t break a sweat. And Shelly, who spends countless hours giving us the resources we need to continue. Their spouses and significant others and families too, giving up time, and money and energy. The other people close to us that step up and get it done, without so much as a ripple in the pond, until they are dog-tired. (Pardon the pun but I couldn’t help myself.)

Then there are the hundreds of people that support us. That Facebook the crap out of everything, blog and photograph and share. Those that send donations, buy things through the Slobber Shoppe and come to the events. The Volunteers that give up their fun time to lend a hand, and the management of all of it that gets done so effortlessly, even though we know it’s not.

I wish I could thank you all for your help. There are others, so many others. We fuel the fires in our souls with the love of hounds. And all these people remind me that the fires are burning strong.

But I want to thank the hounds; the Bassets that give us a reason to be here. Thank you for not giving up on us humans; forgiving us despite how ugly we are and how cruel we can be. Thank you for giving us one more chance to help you. Thank you for accepting our love, and returning it ten fold. Thank you for never giving up hope. And we will never stop giving you a reason to hope, if we can help it.

Laura “Big Red” Johnson
Mommy to Molly McButter

Andrea presenting the Golden Basset Award to Laura for Volunteer of the Year - Congratulations Laura!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Herman Foster Failure ??

The Gittens' Clan - sweet Hattie, handsome Herman (2nd from left), angelic Gertie and the beautiful Mia.  This is just a perfect picture!
Herman is being fostered by Deb and Steve Gittens, who also foster the sweet girl Gertie for ABC.  Here is a very cool post from BellyRubs Basset Rescue FB page by Kathy Kontrim who fostered Herman in TN before his transport to ABC's Spring Basset Blast:

..."Here is a picture of my sweet foster boy in his new digs with his new sibs (he is 2nd from the left). On Sunday the ABC Basset Rescue coordinator told me that Herman did not get adopted at their Spring Bash. I was absolutely crushed! (I cried, actually.)  How could someone not pick him? However, the coordinator also told me that the couple that ran the the transport (Steve and Deb Gittens) really bonded with Herman.  After the event, they took him home - they hadn’t planned on that!  I got a note from Steve yesterday telling me how much he adored Herman. He said that he initially paid so much attention to him en-route because Herman is so strong and he was afraid he might bolt.  During their journey north Herman just cleaved to Steve.  Even off leash, at Saturday’s event, he was Steve’s shadow.  So Steve and Deb took Herman home and in Steve’s words…'I don’t think he is going anywhere. They call it a foster failure. I can’t wait to get him out on the boat with me.'  When I got Steve’s note I cried again. Discarded in Arkansas, loved in New York and in states in between!  Good Boy Herman!  I can’t wait to see him on the water!"
Steve and Herman (the hound next to him)
Steve commented, "As a child my family always had dogs. At age 15 I rescued a puppy that had distemper. I worked to pay for the trial medication and he survived. I named him Herman. Need I say more !!!!"

Thanks so much to the Gittens' for making that long journey to bring these Southern Bassets to the Blast to find their forever homes and for sharing their home with Herman.  Let us know when this foster failure is official!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Basset Blast a Huge Success!

Elvis Hastings Crowned 2012 Duke at the Spring Basset Blast
ABC's Spring Basset Blast was a very successful event with the best attendance in humans (302 people) and hounds (209 dogs) ABC has ever had!  ABC's FaceBook page has wonderful photos of the event at SBB Photos 1 and SBB Photos 2.  Shelly Gordon also put together a Photobucket Album of the SBB.  Thanks Shelly for posting all these great photos!

From the Southern transport from TN and GA, which just arrived in Rochester on Friday night, four Bassets found their forever homes - Bernie, Lizzie, Claudius and Marla.  Penn was also adopted, a sweet boy from the last transport, as well as Ernie who was adopted by the Cote's.  We got to meet the Cote's and visit with Ernie.  It was amazing, he was so happy and seemed like he'd been with their family forever!  Congratulations to all of the adoptive families on their new additions!  We wish you many happy, healthy years together!  The remaining Southern hounds were placed in foster homes until their forever homes are found.
Penn and his lucky new forever family!
Bernie and Lizzie Adopted!
Claudius and his new forever Dad!
Congratulations to Marla and her new forever family!
Ernie Adopted by the Cote's, lying down at Dad's feet.  Seemed like he'd been with them forever.
Deb and Steve Gittens drove to TN to drive the Southern rescues to NY.  On their way to the Blast they ran into a lady who blogs for Wild Rose Farm.  She was captivated by the story of the Southern transport and the Blast event.  She wrote this cool blog post about meeting up with the ABC van.  View blog at Wild Rose Farm: Bound for the Basset Blast.
Steve Gittens watering the hounds during the transport.
There were many amazing rescue stories.  Chet (Cote) and Ruby (Hallingse) were brother and sister Bassets from a puppy mill rescue in which ABC took in 34 hounds.  They met up at the Blast along with their Mom, Hattie, for a happy reunion! 
Chet was one of Hattie's first litter of puppies and crowned King at the Blast
Ruby and Nina with Chris

King Chet resting his head on his Mom's back
The day was packed with great vendors, games and activities for the hounds, and tons of vendors selling unique and wonderful hound and human wares that you won't find anywhere else.  A Silent Auction was held with the most amazing baskets.  Dollar Raffles and the great Vacation Get-Away Raffle (lucky winners they were.)  There was even a paw-reader, for those hounds that could sit still long enough to have their paws read.  All to raise money for homeless and abused Basset Hounds.  There was also the Adoption and Foster Event, Coronation of the Royal Court, and a very touching Memorial Service for those hounds that passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and much more.
Howling Hound Contest

The Slobber Shoppe

Great Job to the Nowicki-Gordon team!  Thank you for toting so many wonderful things to the Blast!  Hope you made lots of dough for the hounds!
There was a fashion show that featured some really creative and beautiful costumes.
Ruby Noel and Nina Panina (Hallingse) strutting their beautiful costumes!
Bella (Wojtaszczyk) as Fairy Princess.  Bella was also crowned Queen!
The Royal Court and their human attendants!

King Chet (Cote) Coronation
Queen Bella (Wojtaszczyk) Coronation

Daisy, Lucky & Spike with Dad Nowicki
Duncan raised $40 with his 'Dollar Coat'
Duke and Sommer color coordinated their outfits
Eeyore and Diesel Gordon

Laura Johnson - Volunteer of the Year Award!
Thank You to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the Blast!
It was a wonderful event for all and the Bassets all had a Blast!  It was great for us and Spanky to be able to meet all these great hounds and their folks in person.  Spanky walked around nonstop, enjoying all of the pets and belly rubs.  He also attended the pizza party get together before the event which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He got to meet sweet Eeyore who he fell instantly in love with and even received a little kiss from her which sent him into seventh heaven.  Duke actually let me pet him...well, a little anyway.  We all fell in love with the famous Diesel (Gordon).  We are already counting the days to the 2013 Basset Blast!

Special thanks to CPR Metro.org who let us use their livestream feed to cover the event.  Video of the event can be viewed at CPR Metro Livestream 1 and CPR Metro Livestream 2.  We learned a lot from the technical problems we had and hopefully will have the glitches worked out next time.  Stay tuned for additional pictures and videos still to be downloaded!
Sweet Eeyore, Spanky's new love