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Tara's Story of Daisy and Lucky's Rescue

Every day I check the Craig’s List postings and send out cautionary e-mails to those listing their dogs as free to good home. One of the postings caught my attention: It mentioned two seniors looking to be re-homed for free; a Basset Hound & a Miniature Dachshund. I sent my usual e-mail offering my help in re-homing them (I receive thank you phone calls to e-mail responses telling me where to go!) and I received a response from their owner.

He told me he had broken up with his long term partner and could not keep the dogs any longer. I was trying to arrange transportation to their adopter in Pensacola, Florida and it was taking the longest time. He told me they both were current on their shots and were in great health. I finally set up the flight with Pilots N Paws so they could be flown to Pensacola on Monday, February 13th. I drove to Ft. Lauderdale to pick them up on Sunday the 12th, and arrived at the house where they were being kept. The house was in a middle class neighborhood of tiny little 2 bedroom houses, which wasn’t bad; but what was to come shocked me to my core.

The owner kept me waiting in front of the house for about a half an hour. I heard him inside moving a cage around making noise and Daisy barking. When they finally emerged from the house (which was vacant by the way) he started apologizing for Daisy’s toenails being so long. They appeared not to have been cut for months. They were literally millimeters away from growing into the pads on her paws. He also started making excuses for her eyes, which were FILLED with green goop. Happy-Go-Little Lucky came running out to investigate me and the situation. His medical issues were all internal.

All I wanted to do was to pick up the dogs and get them out of there. The guy gave me their food & water bowls, complete with dried roach feces caked on them. They smelled awful and Daisy just howled the entire way home. Only when I arrived at home to give both of them a bath, did I realize the extent of their suffering.

I noticed the obvious medical issues with Daisy’s eyes & toenails, but when I looked into her ears I almost became physically ill. What I initially thought was a row of ticks, turned out to be dirt and earwax buildup. Her ears were full of yeast and infection. She was having trouble seeing because of the infection in her eyes. As I felt her underside, I felt three huge tumors; Mammary tumors. They were as large as golf balls and she had scratched them raw. They were bleeding...She had pressure callouses on her little back legs where she had been in a crate or on a hard floor for an extended period of time.

Lucky’s medical issues weren’t as obvious. He urinated frequently and his testicles were sore to the touch. I knew he probably had issues with his prostate because of the symptoms he was displaying, but since I’m not a Vet; I sprang into action.

I contacted the pilot to cancel their flight. I could not, in good conscience, send these dogs anywhere in this condition. I contacted the adopter to let her know they would not be coming right away, which was a blessing in disguise; she ended up not being able to take them after all.

I sat down on my bed and broke down in tears…wondering who could let their dogs suffer like this for so long?

I contacted a Vet who came highly recommended. Dr. Arun at Summit Blvd. Animal Hospital did a miraculous job nursing these sweet dogs back to health.

Their appointment was for Tuesday, February 14th at 8:00am. I took them both in after not sleeping all night long. Daisy did nothing but howl and whine, even after I gave her baby aspirin and Benadryl…she was in agony; poor little girl.

Dr. Arun called me around noon to give me the diagnosis for them both. Half way through the conversation, I had to sit down. I became dizzy and nauseous from his description of their problems. This is what I wrote right after receiving that phone call:

Dr. Arun told me that he'd never seen animals so neglected in a civilized country. One usually sees these problems in homeless animals from third world countries. Here are some of the things I can remember he told me:

Lucky: Miniature Dachshund:
Has stage 4 Periodontal disease. He needs an emergency dental and removal of infected teeth. While he is under anesthesia, Dr. Arun will perform the neuter. He does not remove the entire testicle, but does a closed neuter (small incision/less bleeding/less traumatic.) He has an enlarged prostate, has not had his shots/needs a senior blood screen, heartworm blood test and will need antibiotics (after the dental & surgery) & heartworm preventative.

Dr. Arun believes the enlarged prostate is due to him not being neutered but will make sure nothing else is going on with his "manly" organs.

Daisy: Basset Hound:
A hot mess. She has so many problems, I lost track but they were ALL preventable. If the owner had taken the time to address them as they became problematic, she wouldn't have been made to suffer all these years.

Daisy's eyes have abnormal pressure within them (Ocular Hypertension). This may be due to the untreated URI that has been present for a long period of time. Dr. Arun will perform a special test on her eyes to rule out glaucoma, but he believes the problem stems from the infection present in her eyes from the URI.

Three bleeding Mammary tumors - not due to diet deficiencies, but actual growths that should have been removed years ago. Dr. Arun is doing an x-ray to determine the best and least invasive way to remove them without further traumatizing her. They have not metastasized elsewhere (they were caught in time).

She has stage 3 Periodontal disease and needs a dental cleaning

She has a perforated eardrum due to all the wax build-up which caused pressure. Dr. Arun will do a deep cleaning and examine the eardrum more closely. He will make sure she has no more pain.

She has a severe skin infection. Inside the folds of her little chest, and belly (from scratching the mammary tumors). The pressure callous is infected. Her teeth are infected and need to be removed.

He asked me to come by the Animal Hospital so he could go over the charges with me. I could hardly concentrate on anything else the entire day. When I arrived at the Vet Hospital, I was ushered into an examination room. Dr. Arun came in with a five page estimate of charges and the total for their treatment: $7,300.00. He told me he would treat them because they were rescues, for $3,000.00. I had NO IDEA how I was going to pay $3,000.00 for their treatment, but I was determined to find a way.

I went home and turned to my animal rescue network on Facebook. I started a Chipin and sat in front of the computer for at least six hours a day, sharing the Chipin link and praying people would help. They did! I was able to raise the money in a little less than two weeks and they were off to surgery.

Lucky had all of his teeth pulled except the front ones and lost part of his manhood! Lucky also has a hole in the roof of his mouth leading to his sinus cavity caused by untreated infection in his rotten teeth. He had to take a flap of skin & tissue from his gums to cover the hole in what is called a “flap” procedure. The hole reopened a week later and he had to undergo another surgery to re-cover the hole.

Daisy had a Mastectomy and had her teeth cleaned. She didn’t lose as many teeth as Lucky did, but she doesn’t have a full set! Dr. Arun did the Ocular pressure test and the result was normal. He deep flushed her ears and made sure her eardrums weren’t perforated from the pressure of the earwax, dirt and the inflammation due to the untreated infection. She had skin infections from being in a moist environment.

Little by little, they improved with love, vet care and rest. They are wonderful, loving dogs and a piece of my heart left with them that evening that Jennifer picked them up to begin their journey to their new home. I still become teary-eyed when I see them in their new home being loved, clean and happy. I have learned a lot through this incredible journey, lessons that will last a lifetime… I thank God I was able to help them when I did, I don’t believe they would have survived much longer in that condition.

Thanks to their new adoptive parents, the Nowicki family! They appear to have just taken over (at least the couch). Please keep me updated with pictures from time to time and when I come up to visit (I have family in the Batavia/LeRoy area) this fall or winter, I’d like to drop by to see them. They will be a part of my heart forever.

Daisy and Lucky - Rescued by Angels

Lucky and Daisy At The Airport
This is just about the most amazing dog rescue story you are ever going to read.  There are simply no words to do it justice.  The hours of work, money, heartache, tears and joy involved by so many people to save Lucky and Daisy's lives are awe-inspiring and humbling.  Tara LoCastro is a rescuer extraordinaire in FL who works with an internet network of support and various rescuers across the South to rehome homeless dogs.  She is not wealthy and lives on a single income.  Her home is always overflowing with rescues.  She is frustrated often, cries often, empties her bank account often, and saves, literally, hundreds of lives.  Quite simply, she is an angel.  In the case of Daisy and Lucky she was a miracle worker. 

Many, many people helped to save Lucky and Daisy.  Both hounds needed extensive medical treatment to save their lives, not to mention getting them to the point of becoming adoptable.  Without all of the donations to raise the $3,000 in vet bills none of this would have been possible.  Without a vet - the wonderful Dr. Arun - who accepted a rescuer fee for his medical services, Daisy and Lucky would have died.  Without the many people who transported Daisy and Lucky - from West Palm Beach, FL all the way to Buffalo, NY - they would not have made it to their wonderful forever home.  Tara coordinated this, in her free time, while doing the same for many other animals.  It's absolutely awe-inspiring, heartbreaking, humbling - and, finally, joyous and wonderful - to see Daisy and Lucky in a loving home.  If you ever have a few extra dollars or cents please consider one of Tara's chip ins for rescue at Tara LoCastro FaceBook Page.  They are so deserving of our help. 

So, here is a link to Tara's tale of Daisy and Lucky's Rescue.   I am also posting Tara's Story as a separate entry on the Blog for those of you not on Facebook. It is definitely worth the time it takes to read!

In research for this article I've lost track of the many names involved in rescuing Daisy and Lucky but did come across the following FB post from Shelly Nowicki Gordon's page.  All we can say to all those not mentioned is thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping to save these sweet hounds! 

"Thanks to everyone who helped getting Daisy & Lucky from West Palm Beach, FL to Buffalo, NY! Tara LoCastro, Jennifer Douillette, Sommer Slavin, Cyn Mobley, Bob Richardson & Wendie L Prince.  And to all the other volunteers who helped transport them the last 2 days. Special thank you to the folks all over this country that donated to Tara's "chip in" page to help these two receive the vet care they so badly needed. And thanks to my mom and dad, Linda & Ray Nowicki for giving these dogs a second chance at a happy healthy life!!"
Daisy after her 1st bath!
Lucky and Daisy had many things going against them.  First of all, they are seniors.  Lucky, the male Dachshund, is 12 and Daisy, the female Basset Hound, is 9 years old. 

Second, they are a bonded pair, together since they were puppies.  Lucky cares for and watches over Daisy like a hawk, and Daisy is devoted to Lucky.  When they were separated at the vet hospital for their surgeries Daisy ran around the hospital howling for Lucky.  They probably would not have survived being separated, so everyone agonized over trying to keep them together. 

Third, and worst of all, their medical care was neglected to the point of abuse.  Both of their medical situations were grave.  Through her network of support Tara found Dr. Arun, of Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach FL.  Dr. Arun must be another angel!  He gave Tara the most unbelievable discount that has probably ever been given for medical services.  The original low estimate for their necessary care was $7,300 - that is a $4,300 discount!  These dogs would have died within weeks had they not been rescued and given emergency vet care.  Dr. Arun did this because he was appalled at their condition.  He told Tara he had never seen animals so neglected in a civilized country and that you only see problems like this in homeless animals from third world countries. 

Here is a photo album Tara put together of Daisy and Lucky's medical problems. Just a warning - this is NOT for squeamish stomachs, but it helps to show the extent of the problems Tara was dealing with - Daisy and Lucky's Medical Photos.   Had these wonderful hounds remained in the home they were in they would both have died, sooner rather than later.  Both were in pain and suffering.  Had the owners turned them over to a kill shelter, as they threatened to do, Daisy and Lucky would have been euthanized on the spot.  And the chance of the overburdened rescues in the South being able to find one home for two dogs with these medical issues was nil.

Finally, the chip in was met for their medical care and Daisy and Lucky were relieved of their pain and discomfort.  Several potential adopters in the South fell through and ABC stepped up to include them in the March Southern transport from TN to NY (see 'March Southern Rescue Adventure' story dated 3/23 on the blog).  Shelly took Daisy and Lucky's sad story to her Mom and Dad, Linda and Ray Nowicki - wonderful folks who immediately said they would adopt them both! 

The next great hurdle was getting Daisy and Lucky to the transport location in Marysville, TN for the March 23 transport date.  Enter more angels, flying ones this time.  Pilots N Paws stepped up to fly Lucky and Daisy from West Palm Beach to Georgia!  One very special couple, Rose Kute and her husband Sam, then drove them on the nine hour drive from GA to TN to meet the Southern transport. 

Lucky and Daisy's pictures are posted on the Pilots N Paws webpage (another very wonderful organization that is deserving of any of your spare change!)  The pilot, Jeff, flew 4 dogs that day on their journey to new forever homes.  Thank you so much Pilots N Paws!

Daisy and Lucky with their pilot Jeff!
Daisy being boarded
Lucky being boarded
ABC Southern Transport Van in TN, Next Stop NY!
The ABC transport left TN on Thursday afternoon, driven by yet another angel, Bob Richardson and ABC volunteers, and arrived in Buffalo NY on Saturday afternoon (an impossibly short time to travel all those miles) where Daisy and Lucky met their new Mom and Dad!  It is amazing to see these 2 running with wagging tails to meet their happy new parents.  Here is a video that Shelly took of her Mom and Dad meeting Daisy and Lucky for the first time - Linda and Ray Nowicki meet their new furkids!  Look at those tails wag - it's as if they knew they were going home!

Daisy and Lucky are doing well in their new home.  Many thanks to ABC, Shelly and the Nowicki's for giving these two wonderful hounds a loving home where they can live out their remaining years in comfort and love.  We all wish them many happy, healthy years to enjoy!

Big thank you to Shelly for posting pictures of Daisy and Lucky in their new home.  They look very comfortable and happy - like they have always been there.  What a wonderful ending to such a harrowing rescue.  Thank you to Tara and the many 'angels' who helped save Daisy and Lucky.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Please keep us updated.

Shelly's Daisy and Lucky Photo Album (15 photos).

All comfy in their new home
After all that travel getting some much needed rest
Taking in the NY sights and smells
For Tara

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Basset George Calls 999 in UK

This is George who was choking on a phone cord and called 999 in the UK
George is a 2-year old Basset Hound who got into trouble while alone in the house in West Yorkshire, UK.  He tried to eat the telephone cord and started choking on it.  Somehow he managed to dial - check out the phone they have, it's a rotary phone - 999 (emergency in the UK) and the police just heard the sounds of choking so they hurried over to the address, broke down the door and rescued George.  His folks said they were surprised he managed to dial 999 since he's not that bright and usually just likes to eat socks.  At least we know George is smarter than your average bear, anyway he is really handsome.  Stay away from phone cords George!

Here is a link to the story in the UK "Sun" by Alastair Taylor (Mar 30th) Choking Basset Calls 999.  Just amazing what Bassets can do when they really want to.

April 28 Spring Basset Blast!

Saturday, April 28, 2012 Noon-6pm

Only 1 month away!  Join us for the biggest indoor basset event in the country and a fun filled day with your bassets offlead!  Video of the 2011 Basset Blast - ABC Basset Rescue 2012 Basset Blast.

Events include:
  • Games & Contests
  • Silent auctions & raffles
  • The Slobber Shoppe & other vendors
  • Coronation of The Royal Court
  • Memorial Service
  • Basset Fashion Show
  • Activity Stations for you and your basset
ABC Basset Hound Rescue is selling raffle tickets...$5 each or 3 for $10. Top prize is a 1 week time share anywhere in the Continental US PLUS $500 cash...or...$1k cash!! 6 other cash prizes also! Help the bassets...ABC has spent a staggering $9,000 on vet bills in Jan/Feb alone! Shelly can mail them to you if you are interested in selling or purchasing some.  Please email Shelly Gordon at merchandise@nybasset.org.  The drawing is at the event on April 28th and you do not have to be present to win. 

ABC is also holding a Best Basset Hound Photo contest!  You can submit a picture in .jpg format to this email, lauramarksjohnson@aol.com.  Then go to ABC's website at, www.nybasset.org/donations/donate.asp to pay a 10.00 entry fee, and in the space provided type "PHOTO CONTEST."   At the Spring Basset Blast the favorite Basset Hound Photos will get dollar bill votes. Who ever has the most votes gets 50% of the fees.  Also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.  So get out there and take some GREAT BASSET HOUND PICTURES!!

Don't forget to preregister if you are planning to attend this great event at: http://www.nybasset.org/Spring_Basset_Blast.html
Thank you for helping us raise money to support ABC Basset Hound Rescue. This group is wonderful at rescuing homeless hounds, vetting them and finding them loving homes.

Please help us to continue to save these great hounds. Whatever you can give truly goes a long way!
Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scarlett and Snickers in their Foster Home

Scarlett and Snickers right after being picked up from the TN transport
Scarlett and Snickers on their way to their new foster home of Jennifer Carmichael Fruehauf.  The pretty red and white basset is Lady who seems to be enjoying her new girlfriends.

Jennifer posted the following on her beautiful new fosters:

"...they are BOTH lovers and doing very well with all of the changes. They have met so many new people, since they began their journey in Tennessee, but they just see it as another face to kiss, big or small, children, adults or other dogs!! They will be going to the vet tomorrow to get on the road to recovery, so that they can go HOME. That is all these two beautiful girls want is a home full of love. Until they find their forever home, we will be here to give them lots of attention, belly rubs and cuddling ♥

...these two LOVERS are looking for a home TOGETHER. They saw the vet last night and took the first step to a long, healthy life. They will be ready to go to a forever home, just as soon as we are sure that we got rid of that pesky Heartworm. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during their treatment. I know that someone out there has room in their home and heart for these two beautiful girls!!"

Couch potatoes 5 yr old Taryn with Scarlett and Snickers

That looks very comfy!
Many thanks to the Fruehauf's for fostering these beautiful girls.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Basset Hound in NC Kill Shelter

This poor baby is in a kill shelter somewhere in NC - Mary Hallingse asked me to post here as he doesn't have much time.  In case anyone in NC might see this and be able to pull him from the shelter or wants to adopt.

From Coalition for Shelter Pets with No Time:
Keith Malek CrosspostingCoalition for Shelter Pets With No Time

Hi everyone! This beauty is in desperate need of saving! Sadly, I do not know a whole lot about him/her. There is a lady who goes and gets pictures of dogs in need at her local animal shelter in NC. She will not say what shelter because in the past people have bombarded the shelter with calls and she has risked her relationship with the employees there who allow her to come in and do what she does. So...with that being said, is there anyone interested in possibly saving this beauty??? If so, you can contact Nancy at 252 535 1450 or 252 532 3796. Monday IS euth day and the next two days could mean life or death!!

Southern Hounds Arrive in NY!

Buford and Snickers, happy to be home!
Bob Richardson and the seven Southern Bassets and one Dachshund, Lucky, arrived at Camp Bow Wow, Tonawanda safely yesterday after their long journey from TN.  What a beautiful bunch of dogs!  Thanks so much to ABC, Belly Rubs Rescue, Basset Buddies Rescue and every one that worked so hard to get these sweet dogs to forever homes.  A big thanks to our boardmember and intake coordinator, Sommer Slavin! She again coordinated this transport and intake of seven absolutely amazing basset hounds (and a doxie)!  Four dogs are already in their forever homes, not even 24 hours after being in NY!  Thank you, Sommer!!

Daisy, the nine year old Basset and her best friend Lucky, a twelve year old Dachshund were adopted by the Nowicki's, Shelly's folks.  They travelled all the way from West Palm Beach, FL.  See Pilots N Paws photo of Daisy and Lucky with their own private pilot on the blog yesterday.  What wonderful folks to give these loving seniors such a happy forever home, after the years of neglect they have suffered.  Looks like it was love at first sight.

Lucky and Daisy already claimed their spots in their new happy home!
Lola and Billy Bob were also adopted and are already in their new homes.  So that leaves Buford, Artis, Scarlett and Snickers still up for adoption.  Better hurry and get your adoption application in.  They are likely to be adopted by the time I hit 'Publish'!  What an amazing job by all the rescues and individuals involved in saving this amazing group of hounds.  We'll post individual pictures and stories as we get them.  ABC posted this great picture album of the hounds upon their arrival at Camp Bow Wow, Tonawanda, who again gave the dogs overnight accomodations and helped with the adoptions this morning.  View the pictures of the Bassets at The End of a Very Long Trip Home.

Having fun after that long trip!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pilots N Paws Photo of Daisy and Lucky

Aroooohh!  On our way Home!
Great photo of Daisy and Lucky from Pilots N Paws who got them started on their long journey to NY.  They are due to arrive this weekend at their new forever home.  Thanks so much to ABC for transporting this bonded pair and to Shelly's Mom and Dad for adopting these 2 seniors.  We can't wait to meet them!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet the New ABC New York Basset Hounds

Bob Richardson has arrived safely in TN and took this great video of his 8 new passengers Meet ABC's new Additions.  Thanks Bob for sending us this great introduction.

Daisy & Lucky, the senior Basset Hound and Dachshund, bonded pair.  They are being adopted by Shelly's Mom & Dad! 

Billy Bob and Buford, Artis, Scarlet, Snickers and Lola are also in the group.  We will post their photos here as soon as they arrive, along with Daisy and Lucky's sad story and wonderful rescued adoption tale.

Shelly let us know that Bob called her from the road 'somewhere in Kentucky.'  He said this car raced up next to the van, beeping their horn and waving. Bob looked over and the guy was wearing an ABC Basset Rescue T-shirt!!!  How awesome is that!  ABC's fame has spread nationwide!

Great job ABC on rescuing these beautiful hounds.  We wish safe travels and a pleasant journey to the remainder of the transport and can't wait to meet these guys in NY.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Southern Basset Rescue Adventure

Bob Richardson arrival in NY on New Year's Day after driving through the night (and in bad weather) with 5 TX puppy mill hounds and 1 Basset from OH. 
Bob Richardson is headed back to Tennessee to rescue seven basset hounds and one dachshund to help them find their forever homes!   These hounds are being brought in from Belly Rubs Basset Rescue and Bassets and Buddies Rescue, whose foster homes are all full in the South.  They are due to arrive in NY on Saturday.  Check out the ABC website to view Basset Hounds available for adoption Available Basset Hounds.   Pictures and descriptions of the Basset Hounds being transported from the South are available on FaceBook Southern Bassets Rescued.  We will post their pictures here as well.  If you have room on your couch and in your heart for a beautiful hound check them out and fill out an adoption application at ABC Adoption Application.

Special thanks to Bob and ABC for the wonderful work you are doing for homeless hounds, who are so deserving of a loving home.  We wish you safe travels and a successful journey!

A donation to All Bassets Cherished through Bob Richardson's Firstgiving Page is a super way to thank him for the all of the driving he is doing to bring these homeless guys to new forever homes!  On New Year's Eve, Bob and his fellow ABC volunteers, drove to Nashville, TN to pick up five scared and mistreated Basset Hounds from a puppy mill in Texas.  They drove through the night to get them to the foster homes that ABC had for them.  Bob says it was "Truly one of the best days I've ever had!!"

Please help us to continue to save these great hounds!   Whatever you can give truly goes a long way.  You can also make a donation on ABC's website ABC Donations Page.  Thank you so much for whatever you can give!

Jed is Home!

Jed is a three year old male who was brought into ABC from a shelter and has just been adopted.  Congratulations to Jed and his new family and special thanks to Laura, Molly and their family who provided him with a wonderful foster home.  Thank you ABC for rescuing this sweet boy.

Here is a great picture of Jed relaxing with Laura and Molly before travelling to his forever home.
Morning Snuggles are so great!

Jed relaxing in his new home

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dallas Adopted!

Dallas in her new forever home. Ashley, Dallas' new Mom, posted this wonderful picture on FB.  She said Dallas is such a lovebug and settling in just fine in her new home.  Thank you Ashley for adopting Dallas!
Dallas was one of the 5 Basset Hounds that ABC rescued and transported all the way from Boerne, Texas on New Year's Eve.  (See blog stories 1/1/2012 - "Texas Bassets Arrive in NY" and 12/28/2011 - "Bassets Rescued".)  She is 8 years old and the breeders that closed down had planned to breed her one more time!  Dallas went to her new home after the Rochester Breakfast with Bassets event.  Thank you ABC for rescuing this sweet girl from yet another pregnancy, to her wonderful foster home and to Ashley who gave her a new forever home!  Congratulations to your family on your new addition and may you have many happy, healthy years to enjoy with Dallas!  Keep us posted on her new life and we will post her pictures here on the blog.

Dallas upon her arrival in NY from Texas

Breakfast With Bassets

Buffalo Breakfast - Duke and his young friend
ABC held it's Breakfast With Bassets, an off lead event, on March 17th at many locations across NY.  Everyone had a blast and the hounds had a wonderful time.  At the Buffalo breakfast Shelly got to meet with a young girl who is deaf who has been looking forward to meeting Duke again.  Duke, who is deaf also, made quite an impression on the youngster when they met at the last Waddle.  Amazing the connection dogs make with kids with disabilities.  They are such an inspiration to youngsters (and oldsters) alike.

Following is Shelly's link to pictures and videos of the Buffalo Breakfast from Photobucket.  They are all super great fun to view and watch.  Thanks Shelly for posting such wonderful photos!

Frankie, midflight, ran everyone ragged.  He was here while his folks were on vacation and has just gone home to Canada.
At the Albany Breakfast, posted by Michelle.  Thanks for posting Michelle, great picture:

Neil and Sommer posted a great photo album of the Boomtowne Breakfast - thanks to Neil and Sommer!
Boomtowne Breakfast Photo Album

Gertie, ABC's special needs foster and her wonderful foster Dad:

And my personal favorite of the Boomtowne group - this is Wallace isn't it?

Neil also posted a great video of the Boom Towne Breakfast on Facebook:
Boom Towne Breakfast

Potsdam Breakfast, Baby Howard, how cute is he?
Thanks to Lisa for posting pictures of the Potsdam Breakfast!

Sheri's Potsdam Breakfast group photo - thank you Sheri!

Justin's group photo of the Syracuse Breakfast - thank you Justin!

One cute photo Delinda took at the Syracuse Breakfast - thanks Delinda!

Kari's picture of the Binghamton Breakfast - thank you Kari!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Addendum to Houston's Story

The perfect footnote to Houston's Journey Home
Here is a picture of Houston at the end of his very long journey from Texas in his new forever home.  Happy to be home! (Houston's Home blog story from 3/4/2012)

Diesel and Shelly Win 1st Place Novice Agility Trial

Diesel looks great sporting the team's 1st Place Novice JWW award
Congratulations to Shelly and her rescue dog Diesel on their new 1st place ribbon! They also received another ribbon for Q'ing (we assume that means qualifying but after looking for a while still can't confirm!) Diesel and Shelly achieved first place in the AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) class in the agility trial last week.  We are all so proud of Shelly and Diesel.  You guys are both on your way to supah-stardom!

Shelly said the really great part, well second to winning those beautiful ribbons of course, was when the judge asked who Diesel's breeder was and Shelly got to say 'He's an ABC Rescue dog'!

It's Fun to Follow Mom's Cues!
Here's is a Facebook video link to Diesel and Shelly's JWW run.  It's very entertaining, almost looks like they are dancing together.  So perfect!  Wonder what Diesel got for treats that night.

You can also read about Diesel and another ABC alumni, Princess and Lisa's agility achievements in the 1/31/2012 blog post, "Rags to Ribbons".  With so few basset hounds participating in agility it's amazing that TWO of our ABC alumni are on their way to stardom.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Houston is Home!

Think I'm going to love this place!

Remember Houston? (He's the red and white basset in the foreground).  Houston has been adopted and travelled to his new forever home yesterday.  He is pictured here with his new brothers, Oscar and Riley, waiting for treats.  He was one of the 5 Basset Hounds that ABC rescued and transported all the way from Boerne, Texas on New Year's Eve.  It is truly amazing how much better he looks today. (His brothers are really good looking houndies too!)  Houston's foster family posted a really cool progress report you can read on the blog dated January 6.

Picture of Houston on his arrival in NY
Special thanks to ABC for rescuing this sweet boy, to his wonderful foster home and to his new forever family who adopted him into a loving home.  May you have many happy years together.  Be happy in your new home Houston!

Riding in style into a bright new future!  Neil Gates, one of the drivers who transported Houston from TN to NY, also drove him on a leg of the transport to his forever home!  Houston must think Neil is his private chauffeur.