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Over 350 Basset Hound related items, many of them exclusive to The Slobber Shoppe and not found anywhere else in the world, make perfect gifts for any dog (and dog lovers).  We are 100% volunteer and all proceeds from the store go to New York's ABC Basset Hound Rescue to help the homeless Basset Hounds in NY.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

ABC Alumni Beaux at the Rainbow Bridge

Beaux, what a handsome guy!
By Laura Johnson

Meet Beaux.

Beaux left his Human and basset sister to go to the rainbow bridge yesterday.

Beaux, who was formerly Bo-Bo, was an ABC Alumni, from 2001.  He was 15.

Phil Dutcher is his human, and will always be his human. His sister, Jasmine is also left behind.

Beaux and Jasmine
I did not write this story to be morbid nor to be sad. I didn't do it to make you feel bad, or to get you to open your wallets. I did this, to show what love can do.

The average life expectancy for a basset hound is 10-12 years.  The life expectancy of a rescue dog can be considerably less, when you factor their pasts.  Beaux lived and loved his human for the majority of his years...his 15 long years.

This is a shining example of what love can do. When Phil would come home after being gone all day, there would be Beaux, with his deep bay and soulful eyes.  He used those eyes to his own full advantage to get Phil to open the cookie jar.  He would greet everyone that came to the house with the same bay and with his sister Jasmine.   Both were shameless in their quest for the belly rub.  I remember being on the floor of his office while we were working on my taxes one year, completely in heaven with Jazzy and Beaux as they competed with each other for my lap space.  I left with a completed tax return, covered in fur and slobber....and with a ridiculous smile on my face.  This experience was right after I had gotten Molly, so it was only a reaffirmation of a blooming basset obsession.

Beaux was a deep soul, and yet a simple one. His love was there for the taking, you only had to be smart enough to accept it.

The love of our rescue hounds is, what I consider, the pinnacle of pure devotion. They give themselves so completely to you...and yet maintain their sense of self.  They are unapologetic in their quest for attention and cookies.  They trot along as if there is nothing to be worried about, as long as they are with you.  When Phil was hard at work in his office, you would find Beaux under his chair.  Making like an area rug, but ready at any moment to get up and "WWWOOOOOOOO" if someone came to the door, or if Phil headed to the kitchen. (Again...cookie jar)

Then you look closer into those eyes and you see that there is a history of pain, like any other living thing on our planet.  They see and suffer like the rest of us, and when you are sad, or in need of love, they dip into that never ending well of love and give it to you until you have enough to carry on. All they ask for in return is a belly rub...and maybe a cookie.

You will be missed Sir Beaux.  Phil posted this on his Facebook page yesterday, and I think it says it all.
With sympathy and prayers to Phil, his family and Jazzy.
" Rough day today; had to say good-bye to my 15 year old Basset - Beaux. He's in doggie heaven now where there are no fences and the cookie jar is bottomless. Love ya Bubb's."

Monday, June 25, 2012

ABC Rescues Rock Agility Trials

"Lucas' Living on the Edge" - Hobbes
The Lucas and Gordon's ABC rescue bassets have been tearing it up at AKC agility trials.  ABC Rescue is so proud of their superstar alumni!  You are all shining examples of what rescued dogs can do.

Yesterday (6/24/12), despite the heat, Hobbes earned his 7th MXP legs (Master Agility Preferred title), and 12 points towards his PACH (Preferred Agility Champion title.)  Those require 10 qualifying scores in AKC's Excellent B classes.  Hobbes has only been participating in Agility since January.  Since then, he's earned his NAP, NJP, OJP, OAP, AXP and AJP titles.  He has 4 QQ's and over 100 points towards his PACH title, needs 3 legs for his MXP (Master Agility Preferred title) and 2 for his MJP (Masters Jumper Preferred) title. Even more exciting, he's cemented his standing as the #2 basset in AKC Agility in the country, and is qualified for the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational in FL in December.  Only the top five of each breed are invited!

Hobbes has achieved all of this before his fourth Birthday!  He is the Lucas' agility superstar - affectionately known as the "Girasset" - basset/giraffe since, as Lisa says, "he's a wee bit on the leggy side."  At only seven weeks old, Hobbes (originally named Oliver) was part of a cruelty case, and was rescued with 4 females and 14 puppies.  He was adopted out, but just one month later, his adoptive family tried to sell him on Craigslist.  Lisa convinced them to return him to Lollypop Farms to evaluate him for ABC rescue.  The Lucas' had just lost their 1.5 year old 'Z', suddenly and unexpectedly, and were still grieving.  Although Lisa had no intention of adding another dog to the Lucas clan, Hobbes wound up going home with her the day he was returned.  Oliver was renamed 'Hobbes' after the tiger in 'Calvin and Hobbes'.  His official name for AKC agility is Lucas's Living on the Edge AXP, AJP, CTL1, CTL2, CTL3-H, CTL3-R, CTL3-F, L1T-PLT (all agility titles.)  Thanks so much to Lisa and her family for rescuing the wonderful Hobbes.
Hobbes, what a handsome guy
The Lucas' also have another superstar in their family - Princess is the #1 Basset Hound in AKC Agility trials in the country (see blog post dated 1/31/2012)!  Princess is also an ABC rescue dog and is officially known as CT-ATCH Lucas's Definitely a Diva PAX MXP3 MJP4 NFP NA NAJ NF NAC TG-N NJC TExST - HIT Hound 2009 CPE Nationals, 2011 AKC Agility Invitational Qualifier.

In addition, the Lucas' family is rounded out with C-ATCH3 CT-ATCH Buford (Basset) CGC RE BN NAJ AXP AJP OFP NJC S-TN-N O-NAC O-TG-N ChWC ChCL ChST ChFH ChSN ChJP ChJU TChWC TChFH TChCL TChJU and Alkemi Austin Healey ST (Austin-Swedish Vallhund) CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H.  Recently Lisa adopted Bosley, an ABC rescue who she has also started training for Agility - Lucas's Back from the Brink (Bosley-Basset).  What an amazing and talented family!  Lisa should write a book about the lives of her 'superstars' although I'm not sure how she'd find the time.

Congratulations to Lisa, Hobbes, Princess, Buford and Austin!  And good luck to Bosley who has some big shoes to fill.  We will be rooting for you at the AKC Agility trials in FL.  Let us know when and where so we can keep in touch!

Rags to Ribbons Diesel and all around beautiful hound!
ABC has another rising star in the AKC Agility trials - Diesel Gustav Gordon, Shelly and Don's superstar agility rescue.  (See blog post from 1/31/2012 to read about Shelly and Diesel's Agility career.)  Diesel has achieved his first AKC Agility Title (NJP) in a perfect novice standard run in 14 seconds under time.  Link to video of Diesel's perfect run.

Diesel practicing his agility in his own backyard!
Happy Diesel with a wonderful family!
Spanky got a chance to meet Diesel at the Basset Blast and was very inspired to walk a little bit faster.  He was happy to note that Diesel hasn't let stardom go to his head - he is still a really great, down-to-earth, all around guy.

Congratulations to Don and Shelly and Diesel!  We look forward to many more successful runs and giving Hobbes a run for his money.

Many thanks to Lisa Lucas and Shelly Gordon for all of the information, pictures and video!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Why I Hate People" a Road Warrior's Perspective

Meagan and Jed
Meagan Downing accompanied Laura Johnson on the trip to TN to rescue the 6 TX Basset Hounds that landed in NY last weekend.  She adopted 'Jumbo' Jed this year from ABC (looks like Jed has found the perfect forever home!)

Jumbo Jed
Following are Meagan's reflections on her recent road trip to TN to rescue the TX 6.  A most awesome blog post.  Thank you Meagan for allowing us to post!  I'm sure it speaks for lots of us.

By Meagan Michele Downing

I hate people.

I am often chastised for using the word ‘hate’ but I actually mean it since my definition of people seems to be vastly different from what seems to be socially acceptable.  It encompasses those who are bigots, racists, who conform to what society says they should be rather than what they really are, and those who are mean to children as well as animals.  By the time I reached the oh so tender age of twenty three, I managed to swath myself in hypothetical armor to protect myself from my fellow homo sapiens.

I have always been awkward.

That kid who could read by the age of six and spent most of her high school years writing rather than worrying about makeup and boys.

Humans make me wary.

I am convinced cats are one day going to attempt to enslave the human race.  Keyword is attempt since they’d be foiled by a laser pointer.  I, for one, may welcome Overlord Mittens until the laser pointer technology is perfected.

Dogs I love.

A dog will never judge you for twenty minute rants that start out about the socio-political climate but somehow end up about how the Tops around the corner stops carrying salt water taffy once the leaves start to fall.  A dog will lay next to you while you’re sick and just want to main line OJ while watching movies from the 1990s. Without arguing about who’s the better actor in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Depp or DiCaprio.  To quote George RR Martin: “A hound will die for you, but never lie to you.  And he'll look you straight in the face.” (A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire.) Loyalty and love they give willingly.

I went on the Tennessee basset transport.  It wasn’t until we reached a rest stop in Pennsylvania that first sadness and then rage took over.  Most of the mission had been devoted to getting there, retrieving the dogs, and returning to New York.  At this rest stop we took just a little time to play with them.  I saw ribs, bad skin, infection, and parasites.  At the same time I saw a pack of dogs that were simply overjoyed that they were in the sun with soft grass under their paws with strange humans.  Rather than cringing away or snapping they wanted to give kisses and play.  In that moment I was their whole world.  Never mind the fact they only knew me for under twenty four hours.

Animal abuse is the face we see most often.  In posts on Facebook and those awful Sarah McLachlan commercials with the depressing song that invokes tears and practically assaults your heart strings. Not that it’s a bad thing.  I expected the dogs would probably snap at me or avoid touch completely. Animal neglect is far worse since it demeans the animal and it can be assumed they were probably never loved.

I am familiar with anger.  I run on it and stress very well, but sadness cripples me.  I convinced myself a long time ago that sadness means you are weak.  Instead of showing it, I learned to hide behind a mask so it could not be exploited.  To never let them see you cry.  I hated that this made me feel sad to the point where I could not put the mask back on.  I hated that it made me feel weak.  I hated that there were people out there who could do this to creatures who only wanted love - who would probably still look up and wag their tails for their negligent masters because they loved them.  I hated myself just a little for not being able to snap back from the sadness in order to function.

But I loved their spirit.

While they frolicked in the sun I saw their new lives beginning.  Remus living among books with a lovely basset sister.  Holly and Yahtzee living out their golden years on soft beds with humans that loved to spoil them and didn’t care if they moved slower or needed special attention.  Seymour with a kid that would hold him tight in the dark to ward off imagined bogeymen.  Norman living in a house with a big back yard to snuffle and occasionally bark at the mail man because that’s how he rolls. And Camilla getting a “Princess” before her name since she is so sweet and will enthrall any human she adopts.  I know these are inaccurate fantasies, but I also know that ABC will place them in homes where they’ll be loved and cared for.

By the time we returned to New York and I got back to my apartment I never wanted to go on another transport.  I marched from our parked car, up the porch stairs in a black mood and wondered why I would put myself through something so emotionally exhausting.  Then I got into my apartment.

Jed barked when he saw me while he tried to head butt his way out of his crate.  I’d been gone forever to him and now I’d returned.  Never mind that Scott had been home to spoil him.  Never mind that it hadn’t been forever but two days.  I opened the crate and instantly Jed started to hop then run circles around me.  I knelt down to greet him properly but ended up on my back with a face covered in drool.  He spent the night on the floor next to my side of the bed instead of on his couch.  Sunday I couldn’t move around the apartment without tripping over him or having a fuzzy head on my thigh while I read, wrote, and watched movies.  When we went for walks he put himself between me and anything he perceived as a threat.  I joked with Scott about how Jed thought his arch nemesis, the black lab across the street, kidnapped me and now it was up to Super Jed to not let it happen again. With his power of the Sonic Headbutt he would shadow his Mommy even if shadowing included almost tripping her in the kitchen.

Scott asked me if Jed’s costume would need a cape.  After a few moments quoting various movies and comic books I realized I frequently create scenarios where my dog is a superhero, and that wouldn’t be possible if he’d never been on a transport to New York.

On my first transport I met the people who’d brought Jed the final leg.  I spent time tracking down his story and his files.  I emailed the woman at the shelter where his journey started and she was simply delighted at the fact he’d been adopted.  I thought of when he walked up to me at Laura’s house as if to say “You’re my human.”  I realized he’d come a long way but his progress wouldn’t have been possible without someone devoting their time and energy to bring him to New York - eventually to me.  They were surprised when I thanked them for taking the time and they just shrugged.  They’d done it because it was the right thing to do.

After reflecting over this I knew I’d go on another transport.  Probably to Tennessee and maybe I’d deliver a rehabilitated basset to their forever home.  I will endure the heart break even though I know the ending will be a happy one.  I will drag myself up my porch stairs, cursing people and myself.

I will open the door and be reminded of why I do it.

I do it because maybe one day I can stop hating people because I see everyone at ABC coming together from different walks of life to save these dogs.  Together they shoulder the heart break when it descends like a storm.

I do it because maybe it can be argued philosophically that a dog with PTSD saved my soul while making me a better human in the process.

I do it because I want someone out there to create memories like my own.

I do it because of Jed.

I do it out of love.

So the end of the story will be a happy one.

Scott, Jed and Meagan

'Buffalo News' Spreads the Word on ABC Basset Rescue

Another wave of Texas bassets transported to NY by ABC has drawn the attention of the media. Today, the daily Buffalo News ran a piece that talks about ABC and profiles a 2-year old basset named Penn, who was found at a truck stop in Arkansas with a second basset that rescuers named Teller.  The story, is yet another success for ABC in the effort to raise awareness about homeless Basset hounds.
Gordon and Katie Perry and fam
The Buffalo News published this wonderful story of ABC's new foster family - Gordon and Katie Perry - and the amazing tale of what eventually was to be their first foster failure.  Penn, now known as Finn (short for Finnigan), was adopted by the Perry's, but only after many twists and turns.  (Finn is such a great new name for Penn - fitting, as the story goes, Finnigan, Begin Again.)   Link to Buffalo News, "Couple knew all along 'good little dog' was a keeper", Tues. 6/19/12.
Penn in his foster home with John and Theresa Morrison
Originally a stray, Penn was found at an Arkansas truck stop and rescued by ABC.  He was fostered by Gordon and Katie.  When he was adopted out, Katie said she cried - he was so well behaved and fit into their family perfectly.  Penn was returned to ABC within one week.  His new family said he was too low energy, so he moved into foster care at the home of John and Theresa Morrison.  When Katie checked the website and found out he had been returned to ABC she talked with Gordon about adopting him.  Gordon agreed and said he would be Katie's Birthday present.  What a perfect birthday gift!  Penn is now Finn and has returned home.

Congratulations to the Perry's and to Finn who is home at last. 

Many thanks to The Buffalo News for telling Finn's tale and for mentioning Shelly and Don's four foster fails as well!

"All Bassets Cherished Basset Rescue continues to bring bassets and basset mixes to this area to be adopted. Six dogs arrived over the weekend from Texas. Foster homes and permanent adoptive homes are always needed. For more information or to offer a temporary or permanent home to a basset hound, go to www.nybassset.org or call Gordon at 656-1760." - Buffalo News, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Norman Recuperating

Norman Recovering on his foster family's couch
Here he is!  Norman is recovering from his surgery in his new foster family's home - thank you for taking in this sweet boy while he undergoes heartworm treatment.  Looks like he is being spoiled which he definitely deserves after such a long, hard road.  His foster Mom, Misty, said he is the sweetest boy.  We hope Norman has a complete and speedy treatment and recovery - good things are ahead!  Enjoy all the pampering you will get in your new foster home.

Web Photos of the TX 6

Interested in adopting one or two of the TX 6?  Fill out an Adoption Application at ABC Basset Rescue.
Two year old Seymour
Ten year old Yatzee
Ten year old Holly
Six year old Camilla
Six year old Norman
Two year old Remus

TX 6 Dodge the Bumps on Road to Recovery

Thanks to Road Warriors - Laura and Meagan for driving these babies all the way to NY!
Arrival at Camp Bow Wow
ABC's transport of the six Texas Bassets arrived safely in NY on Friday evening.  View pictures of their arrival at Camp Bow Wow, Tonawanda here.   They range in age from two to ten years old.  All six are in bad shape, horribly underweight, suffering from flea dermatitis and dental problems, and four of the six are confirmed heartworm positive.  The remaining two need to be tested for heartworm.  Still, they are very happy for human contact and attention - they greet everyone with smiles and wagging tails.  These guys will make wonderful family members, full of love, life and the joy of being alive!  There are 2 six year olds - Norman and Camilla; 2 two year olds - Seymour and Remus; and 2 ten year olds - Yatzee and Holly.  Special thanks to ABC for taking in these sweet seniors - Holly and Yatzee look like wonderful Bassets who love all the attention and TLC they are getting for the first time, and they're looking forward to those special forever homes!

Such a sweet face - don't you want to take him home?
Six year old Norman gave everyone a terrible scare Saturday night with an infected neuter site, and was rushed into emergency surgery at 2AM.  Surgery was risky due to the fact that Norman has heartworms.  Shelly Gordon accompanied poor Norman to the ABC E-vets who removed his infected scrotum, cleaned and scraped his teeth, gave him a bath and de-worming medicines.  He did well through surgery and is now on the road to recovery, a relief for everyone that was very worried about the little guy.  Shelly is Norman's guardian angel for sure.  We love you Shelly, and really wish we could have been there to help!
Norman on Shelly's lap at the E-vet
Norman at the E-vet before emergency surgery.

Norman and his new best buddy and heroine Shelly!
Nicknamed 'Stormin' Norman on the road to recovery.
Please consider donating some of your spare change to help defray the high costs of Norman's emergency surgery and the medical treatment that all six will need at ABC's TX Basset Brigade FirstGiving page.

All six are now in their foster homes and will be fed, loved and cared for until they are ready for adoption.  As so many have commented, they have bright new futures in front of them and will make wonderful family members.  If you take a look at the pictures in the TX Basset Brigade Photo Album you can see their appreciation, even though they are obviously suffering.  They look like they know that there are humans trying to help them for the very first time.  We'd have loved a chance to see the looks on their faces as they were being brought into their foster homes with warm beds and bowls of food - that must have been a very happy surprise.
Two year old Remus at the Morrison's foster home - thanks to John and Theresa for taking in another foster!  The Morrisons have nicknamed him 'Peanut'
Sweet face Holly
How gorgeous is he? 

Ten year old Holly at the Gates' foster home - thanks to Joan and Neil for taking in this sweet senior!  How many does this make for you guys now?! - Holly is the Gates' 7th foster in a year!

Holly is the senior female of the Texas Brigade.  She has already been to the vet to get a much needed bath with medicated shampoo for her poor itchy skin.  She will be back at the vet's tomorrow to determine how to deal with her heartworms and dental issues.   Holly still has a long road ahead of her, but we are sure with the love and support the wonderful Gates family have for her she will thrive.
Even though a life long puppy mill prisoner Yatzee still hams it up for the camera - gotta love Bassets!

Sommer and ten year old Yatzee - thank you Sommer for working the intake of the TX 6!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pics of The Texas Six

Thanks to Laura Johnson, ABC Adoption Coordinator, for rescuing these babies and posting these great first portraits of them along their journey to NY.
These beautiful babies deserve forever homes!

TX 6 Basset Brigade Steps into a Bright Future!

Texas 6 prior to transport to ABC Basset Rescue in NY - that's 10 yr old Yatzee with her head in the bag!
The Basset Brigade is on its way to New York today!  ABC Adoption Coordinator Laura Johnson along with Meagan Michele Downing have picked up the six Texas Troopers in the ABC van and they are safely underway on their long journey to Rochester, NY.  Thanks to The Humane Society of Cedar Creek, Tool, TX and to all of the transporters - Stacy Myers Hague, Menzie Campbell, Bonnie Muellenmeister, Pamela Sneed and everyone along the way that helped them get to Maryville, TN for their rendezvous with the ABC van.  The transport is due to arrive in NY tonight around 7PM.  We wish you safe and pleasant travels with your precious cargo.

You can watch the bassets arrive in Tonawanda, NY at Camp Bow Wow's Webcams at 7pm eastern time!  View Camp Bow Wow's webcam here.

Kudos to Laura Johnson and Meagan Downing - rescuing 6 sweet angels!
ABC Basset Hound Rescue was notified of eight homeless Basset Hounds at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek in Tool, TX.   These were obvious breeding dogs and all were infested with fleas.  Two of the hounds were adopted from the shelter and ABC stepped up to rescue the remaining six.  Stacy Hague who transported the Bassets from flower Mound, TX to Little Rock, AR, cried when she first saw how neglected they were, "So sad but they are still bats and just wag their tails. :)"  They range in age from 1-10 years old.  They are also all heartworm positive and will need treatment for that as well as lots of dental work creating well over $6,000 in vet costs.  Please consider donating whatever you can for the care of these sweet, neglected babies at FirstGiving Basset Brigade.

Aww, it'll be a lucky family that adopts me!
Thanks to ABC, and all of the rescue angels along the way, these six babies are stepping into a bright new future and can leave behind all of their suffering, hunger and neglect.  In no time at all we are sure that ABC will find them wonderful forever homes where they will be fed, loved and spoiled, as all Bassets everywhere should be.  Their luck has just changed for the better.

"I'm going to be a Yankee!"

"Yay!!  I'm on my way Home"
"Can't wait to sleep on my first couch!"
Thanks also to the wonderful foster families who have opened their homes, and hearts, to these homeless guys.  They will be in foster care while receiving their heartworm treatments and all the TLC and belly rubs they need.  Their rescue wouldn't be possible without you!  If you are interested in adopting one of these sweet babies please be sure to visit our website and fill out the adoption application with a comment that you are interested in one of these hounds and Laura will follow up with you.  Fill out ABC's Adoption Application.

"So nice to take a comfy nap after our baths!"