Monday, June 4, 2012

Larry's Search for Home and Family

Larry, a very good boy indeed!
Larry is a very handsome eight year old boy looking for his forever home!  His foster family said Larry is totally housebroken and lets them know when he wants to go outside.  He knows how to use the doggie door. He has not displayed any food aggression.  He is very well behaved and does not even counter surf - even when he had the opportunity!  Bacon was left in reach and he didn't go for it!  A very well behaved Basset indeed!  He does not like his nails done and that is the only problem his foster family has experienced with him.  Of course, we've never met a Basset who is ok with having their nails clipped, so this isn't at all unusual.  Other than that, besides being an absolutely beautiful boy, he is the quintessential gentleman with no significant issues.  Larry lives with another Basset and a Beagle in his foster home and is dog friendly also.  If you have room in your heart and home and are looking for a mature, perfectly behaved Basset Hound please consider adopting Larry!  He has lots of life and love to give that perfect family.

To apply to adopt Larry fill out ABC's Adoption Application.  If you find you can't adopt right now you can help Larry, or any other homeless ABC Bassets, by becoming a Virtual Foster Home. 

When you become a Virtual Foster Home (VFH), you will be financially contributing to your virtual foster dog's care while he/she awaits their forever home. This can be as little as $5 a month, or a one time donation of any amount. This money will be used towards veterinary care for our homeless bassets. When you Virtually Foster a basset, your name and city will appear next to their picture on our website.   Go to our dedicated, secure Virtual Foster Home website to sign up.


  1. Correction! My fault because so many dogs have been going out I think I made a boo-boo when I sent this to Bunny! Larry is not adopted yet (Although we are working on it!) TOBEY is going to Massachusetts, not Larry!

    And I would take the mercedes for a spin first...then donate it! :)


  2. Lol, I fixed the post to show Tobey adopted! Folks if you are interested in adopting Larry get your applications in today!

  3. I tested Larry this weekend with the garbage being with in his reach. He has was left alone a few hours in the camper and never touched it or a single thing. He has shown to be slightly annoyed with strange dogs by showing his teeth but I have not allowed it to progress further than that. After a while he will just ignore the other dog. He spent the weekend with a 100 lab mix who is also not the friendliest and there were not fights. Foster Mom.