Sunday, March 25, 2012

Basset Hound in NC Kill Shelter

This poor baby is in a kill shelter somewhere in NC - Mary Hallingse asked me to post here as he doesn't have much time.  In case anyone in NC might see this and be able to pull him from the shelter or wants to adopt.

From Coalition for Shelter Pets with No Time:
Keith Malek CrosspostingCoalition for Shelter Pets With No Time

Hi everyone! This beauty is in desperate need of saving! Sadly, I do not know a whole lot about him/her. There is a lady who goes and gets pictures of dogs in need at her local animal shelter in NC. She will not say what shelter because in the past people have bombarded the shelter with calls and she has risked her relationship with the employees there who allow her to come in and do what she does. So...with that being said, is there anyone interested in possibly saving this beauty??? If so, you can contact Nancy at 252 535 1450 or 252 532 3796. Monday IS euth day and the next two days could mean life or death!!

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