Monday, March 19, 2012

Breakfast With Bassets

Buffalo Breakfast - Duke and his young friend
ABC held it's Breakfast With Bassets, an off lead event, on March 17th at many locations across NY.  Everyone had a blast and the hounds had a wonderful time.  At the Buffalo breakfast Shelly got to meet with a young girl who is deaf who has been looking forward to meeting Duke again.  Duke, who is deaf also, made quite an impression on the youngster when they met at the last Waddle.  Amazing the connection dogs make with kids with disabilities.  They are such an inspiration to youngsters (and oldsters) alike.

Following is Shelly's link to pictures and videos of the Buffalo Breakfast from Photobucket.  They are all super great fun to view and watch.  Thanks Shelly for posting such wonderful photos!

Frankie, midflight, ran everyone ragged.  He was here while his folks were on vacation and has just gone home to Canada.
At the Albany Breakfast, posted by Michelle.  Thanks for posting Michelle, great picture:

Neil and Sommer posted a great photo album of the Boomtowne Breakfast - thanks to Neil and Sommer!
Boomtowne Breakfast Photo Album

Gertie, ABC's special needs foster and her wonderful foster Dad:

And my personal favorite of the Boomtowne group - this is Wallace isn't it?

Neil also posted a great video of the Boom Towne Breakfast on Facebook:
Boom Towne Breakfast

Potsdam Breakfast, Baby Howard, how cute is he?
Thanks to Lisa for posting pictures of the Potsdam Breakfast!

Sheri's Potsdam Breakfast group photo - thank you Sheri!

Justin's group photo of the Syracuse Breakfast - thank you Justin!

One cute photo Delinda took at the Syracuse Breakfast - thanks Delinda!

Kari's picture of the Binghamton Breakfast - thank you Kari!

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  1. Bunny, you are correct that picture that you like is the one and the only Wallace.

    Sommer took a majority of the pictures that were posted from Boomtowne.