Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rescued Southern Bassets

WBIR.com News Coverage

UPDATE:  The Rescued Bassets from Belly Rubs Bassets of TN, Dakota Rescue of TX, Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, & North Texas Basset Rescue are scheduled to arrive at Camp Bow Wow this afternoon at around 4:30pm EST.  Attached is a link to WBIR.com news coverage of the "Basset Undergound Railroad":  http://www.wbir.com/news/article/201645/2/Close-to-20-East-TN-basset-hounds-will-have-new-homes-up-North.

There will be 18 adoptable hounds at the Adopt-A-Thon event today: 13 from the trip up from the South, 3 ABC hounds already in foster care, & 2 new owner relinquishes from this weekend. 3 of the 16 from the South will be headed into foster care for evaluation before they will be up for adoption.

Congratulations to ABC for a wonderful job getting these hounds to loving homes!  Best of luck to the Bassets and their new lucky families! 

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  1. it's a shame that people buy beautiful puppies but when they get bored of them or don't realise what a responsibility it is to own a dog, just like a child they just dump them.
    Thank God these good rescuers take care of them. :-)