Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ABC Adoption Event Pictures: 100% Adopted!

View the beautiful photo album of ABC's Adoption Event. I'm also posting pictures here of the adopted hounds and their new families as several friends had difficulty opening the Kodak slideshow.  http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/creativeapps/slideShow/Main.jsp?sourceId=533754321803&cm_mmc=Share-_-Personal-_-Email-_-Sharee-_-Images&_requestid=174179

Also, in case you haven't read it here is a link to the excellent Buffalo News.com article (published 1/23/2012) covering the successful Adoption Event: "Mission Accomplished for Local Rescue Group" by Staff Reporter Anne Neville:

Adoption #1 Love At First Sight - Handsome Cooper and his new folks!
Picture of Cooper in his new home in his new bed!  Now that looks comfy!

Adoption #2 Handsome Copper from Belly Rubs Rescue of TN and his proud new family!
Adoption #3 Handsome Simon and his new folks!  Picture Perfect!

Adoption #4 Handsome Alton and his new human, Zach! Zach works at Camp Bow Wow - Alton will be at camp everyday!

Adoption #5 Beautiful Allie of Dakota Rescue of TX and her proud new folks! Allie was rescued from the Montgomery City Shelter by Dakota Rescue.
Allie relaxing at Dakota Ranch before her long trip to TN to meet the ABC transport!
Adoption #6 Handsome Wallace - Proud of his new Mom & Pop!
Adoption #7 Handsome Watson and his new folks, ready to go HOME!
Adoption #8 Beautiful Cleopatra (Cleo) and her proud new Mom and Dad!  Cleo was rescued from a kill shelter by Belly Rubs Rescue of TN.

Adoption #9 Beautiful Carol Ann poses with a happy new family!  Carol Ann was a favorite at the Dakota Ranch.

Adoption #10 Handsome Bufford and his proud new Mom!  Bufford will also be at Camp Bow Wow everyday!

Adoption #11 Beautiful Bootsie and her new Dad!  Now that's true Love!

Adoption #12 Wonderful Winnie and her new human! Watch out son, Winnie's foster Mom said she loves video games - thinks they are delicious!

Adoption #13 Handsome wonderful Quincy and his proud new Mom!

Frodo relaxing at the Dakota Ranch before his long trip to TN to meet the ABC transport!
Adoption #14 Handsome Frodo and his new Mom and Dad! Frodo was another favorite at the Dakota Ranch.

Adoption #15 Beautiful Eggy, short for EggHead (new name they are trying is Maggie) and her proud new Mom! Eggy will be going to school with her Mom, a teacher.

Adoption #16 Handsome Iggy and his proud new parents!

Iggy at the Dakota Ranch relaxing before his long trip to TN to meet the ABC transport.

Adoption #17 Beautiful Vidalia found a new Mom and looks ready to go Home!
Adoption #18 Handsome and happy Chester and his new folks, the owners of Camp Bow Wow!  Chester also gets to spend every day playing at Camp with his new sister, Lily!
Handsome JR in Foster Care until he is healthy.  He will go to a new forever home soon!

Great pic of JR
Frankie (on the left) went into foster care until healthy - his adoption is pending!

Handsome Frankie!

Handsome Curtis from Belly Rubs Rescue is also in foster care.  I'm sure he will go on to his forever home soon too!

Bassets at the Dakota Ranch pond getting their feet wet before their long trip North.
Handsome Frankie and his new furever Mom and Dad who came all the way from Canada to adopt him!


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  1. I have adopted two wonderful boys from ABC-one is still with us-the second one crossed the bridge last March. If only humans could be adopted with such love