Sunday, April 15, 2012

Transport brings Southern Basset Hounds to NY

Southern Basset Hound Transport this Weekend!
Four more Basset Hounds are becoming New Yorker's this weekend!  ABC is transporting Lizzie, Claude, Bernie and Penn from Arkansas.  (As soon as we know the names of our 2-legged escorts we'll add them as well.)  These four will be available for adoption to preapproved homes at the Spring Basset Blast to be held at the Fair and Expo Center in Henrietta, NY on April 28.  What lucky families will get to adopt these beautiful Bassets?!!  You can view a description of all Bassets available for adoption, along with their backgrounds, at ABC Basset Hounds available for adoption.  Just click on their pictures for their backgrounds.  Kudos to ABC for bringing in four more ABC alumni and congratulations to the lucky hounds and new families in NY!  Special thanks to ABC for saving these beautiful hounds.  We wish the transport a safe and pleasant journey.

Thanks so much to the ABC drivers transporting these Angels!
2-yr old Penn sure is an angelic boy!
2-yr old Bernie is a handsome guy!
4-yr old Claude is a Big Boy, a great addition to any couch!
4-yr old Beautiful Lizzie, such a feminine little girl!

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  1. Very cute hounds! The woman that got the transport together, Joan Nickum, deserves a huge round of applause. She is pawsome and pushed her many contacts into action to make this transport happen. She is a master at what she does! Thanks Joan!