Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on GEM from Paws of Texas Rescue

Unfortunately, Gem's puppies did not survive.  The vet said it was likely due to lack of care before she was rescued and went into foster care with Paws of Texas Rescue.  Despite Paws best efforts the pups weren't strong enough to make it.  Paws of TX Rescue next focus for her is dental cleaning which, as you can see from her photo is badly needed. She will likely lose most of her back teeth.

Our condolences and sympathy are with Paws of Texas and Gem.  Everyone here in the Northeast was rooting for her pups.  We know that Paws of TX Rescue did all they could to help Gem have a healthy pregnancy. But now, with everyone's help, Gem can get healthy and find a loving forever home.

Paws of Texas Rescue would like to have her spay and dental done at the same time so she only goes under anesthesia once but this will cost about $400. They can't do it with out help.  Please help Paws of Texas raise funds for Gem and share her story.  Donations can be made on their website pawsoftexasrescue.com.  Here's the link for Gem's chipin for spay and dental. Please share this with everyone you know. The more people that see this the quicker we could raise money for her care. Thank you! http://pawsoftexasrescue.chipin.com/gems-dental-and-spay

Please keep Gem and her wonderful rescuers in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. ALL puppy mills should be closed down. Gem is a perfect example of the inhumane treatment that these poor defenseless animals get. I am sure that Gem's puppies would of survived had she had the proper care early on, her teeth don't help much either. All the owners, breeders and people who support puppy mills should be jailed and treated in the same manner that these dogs are treated. I will not go into a pet store that sells puppies because I know that their parents do not have the best life, and by the time the puppies are 6 weeks old their mothers are probally thrown into a pen with male dogs to start the process all over again. and for what? MONEY AND GREED